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Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin – Product Style 2

The best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin, Product Style 2: amzps.com This Amazon WordPress plugin allows you to quickly generate completely customized affiliate advertisements and comparison charts by using Amazon Product Advertising API directly through your WordPress blog. Typically, ad information will have to be manually obtained from Amazon, but Product Style 2 will generate all of this information for you. It will even locally save product images to optimize them for search engine rankings – this plugin has a track record of top ten and even number one Google rankings for many different affiliate sites. In addition to creating image or text affiliate ads with this plugin, you’ll also be able to automatically generate product information to be displayed next to the advertisements. This product information creates an affiliate ad that is actually useful for website visitors, which results in higher CTR and more commissions. Unlike other plugins that automatically generate Amazon affiliate ads for WordPress blogs, Product Style 2 encourages unique content with a creative way to use Amazon Product Advertising API. Instead of creating the exact same ad as all other affiliates, Product Style actually lets you pick and choose the product information you want to display with your affiliate ads. You can also edit this information and even rearrange it to suit your needs. Since you can customize the way ads are created with this plugin, the plugin will actually remember an


Web Design Dublin-WordPress Training and Websites for Small Business

WebDesignDublin.org Get your FREE 7 part course about building a great website for your business and FREE ebook about the legal issues of doing business online.WebDesignDublin offers a wide range of training courses in website creation,social media,email marketing,affiliate marketing,search engine optimisation and many more.Our courses cater for complete beginners to more experienced users and focus on the many aspects of building a web presence and profile for your business.Courses include the WordPress for beginners course or the more advanced course ranging from 1 to full 1 day intensive course in using WordPress to create great seo optimized websites.


WordPress Training | How To Build Websites with WordPress

wordpresstrainingonline.com WordPress Training | How To Build Websites with WordPress In this WordPress training tutorial I will discuss how to build websites fast with WordPress free blog publishing software. If you’re tired of spending all your time and money on expensive web designers, then watch this video. I have made it easy for you to build your own custom, professionally branded WordPress website (blog) fast. This wordpress training video is only one of many wordpress tutorials that I have created to help you successfully build your own custom wordpress blog. If you want to save THOUSANDS of dollars in unnecessary web design expense, build a totally custom WordPress blog layout in less than three hours and learn custom web design skills that will enable you to update and customize your wordpress blog site in the future without having to call a web designer, then Learn more about… Rich Jaeger’s WordPress Custom Web Design Course wordpresstrainingonline.com Thesis | WordPress SEO Theme (Top Recommendation) thesistheme.eglobalentrepreneurs.com More expert WordPress training tutorials on how to build WordPress blogs (websites) coming soon.