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WordPress Tutorial – How to Make a Static Page Your Home Page & Hide Double Home Page Link

NOTE: More tutorials at mcbuzz.wordpress.com This beginner-level WordPress Tutorial by Mark McLaren of McBuzz Communications shows how to make a “static” WordPress page your Home page (also called a “front page”), and how to hide the second Home page link that sometimes appears in your site navigation when you make that static page a Home page. By default, a WordPress website displays the blog page on the home front page. For example, when you go to the Business Blogging 101 website at mcbuzz.wordpress.com you see blog posts with the most recent post at the top of the page and earlier posts below that. WordPress allows you to select a different page as your home page, so that you can display more traditional content like information about yourself or your business. You can also create another page to use as your blog page, with a link to that page in your site navigation. Watch this tutorial to see how to do this. One problem you may run into when you make a static page your home page is that the link to that page now appears in the main site navigation, so that you have two links to the same page – usually the page called “Home”. The second part of this tutorial shows how to remove one of those links from your site navigation so that visitors to your site are not confused by the duplicate link.


How to Create WordPress Theme. Divine Elemente Workflow

Divine Elemente (www.divine-project.com) is a Photoshop plugin which is intended for PSD to WordPress conversion. This short 5-minute video gives the information about Divine Elemente and its work – (0:10) Installation, – (0:35) New PSD template creation, – (2:15) WordPress theme publishing, etc. If you are new to Divine Elemente, you should watch this video first. What’s the difference between this video and the previous one? This video is with the real human voice 😉


How to easily edit your WordPress theme without scripting

A video tutorial on how to edit and change your current WordPress theme without doing a single bit of scripting (which is nice for the lazy people out there like me!) Tutorial for downloading FireFTP: dsblog.orangehorizon.net Psdtuts (Photoshop tutorials): psd.tutsplus.com All you need is a way to recieve and send files to your site (I use the free FireFTP add-on for Firefox), any picture-editing application (I use Photoshop), and an ability to search for images on Google!


How To Create a WordPress Theme In Under 10 Minutes – Artisteer Review

Artisteer Download Page www.josephbison.com Also check out Optimize Press for WordPress www.youtube.com In this video you will see how Artisteer works and how simple it is to create or customization wordpress theme fast. Check out my site for more information on wp themes custom. www.josephbison.com With Artisteer YOU immediately become a Web design expert, editing and slicing graphics, coding XHTML and CSS, and creating Web Design Templates, Joomla templates, Drupal themes, WordPress themes, DotNetNuke skins, and Blogger templates all in minutes, without Photoshop or Dreamweaver, and no technical skills. check out Optimize press great for creating full blown websites www.josephbison.com wordpress theme designs – video playlist www.youtube.com with artisteer wordpress theme development you are able to design , create any wordpress theme tutorials are not needed as it is so easy to use. I would like to thank michelle macphearson chris pirillo John Chow For there videos that have helped me to work better online


Transparent Watermark Free Plugin for WordPress by MyWebsiteAdvisor

Click the link below to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you Receive our Updates! www.youtube.com Brief description of a free WordPress plugin just released by MyWebsiteAdvisor.com. This plugin automatically adds a watermark to all images uploaded to WordPress website, using a PNG watermark image with transparency. More Info Here: mywebsiteadvisor.com Live Examples Here: hurstdigitalcreations.com – All of the images have been watermarked using this plugin that I created. Plugin on WordPress.org: wordpress.org