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41 How to Recruit Affiliates

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´╗┐Recruiting Affiliates: Part 2

You should understand that many affiliates have been doing this for some time and they know exactly what they want or don’t want. The kind of plan you choose to use when paying your affiliates will decide, in many instances, who will join with you and who won’t. There are three main plan categories for you to choose between. Furthermore, there are tiers. We’ll begin with the plans, and then continue onto a talk about tiers.

Pay-per-click, or PPC, plans are the type of programs you may have heard mentioned most often. This kind of affiliate plan, as well as the other choices, is performance based. The way it works is easy. A visitor to a website notices a banner ad or another kind link to a site. He or she clicks on that link. Every click is worth a certain amount of money to the web master of that site. While this is a wonderful plan, there has been some worry recently about “click fraud”, which means clicks are being made with the only purpose being to generate more money for the host site.

Pay-per-sale, or PPS, plans enable greater discretion. With this type of plan the seller only pays the affiliate if a sale is made. Whatever the commission rate is, the seller pays according to the price of the item sold.

Pay-per-lead, or PPL, is the last kind of commission plan. With this arrangement the seller will pay the commission to the affiliate whenever a lead is created. This can result from either directed traffic that visits the seller’s site and registers for something, or is a lead based on a pre-determined criterion.

Now let’s discuss tiers. Tiers work in an easy to understand manner. It all boils down to referrals. Let’s pretend you set up 2 tiers. The first tier is affiliates who approached you directly. They will earn commission on both the traffic they generate and on the traffic generated by their referrals. The second tier consists of affiliates who were sent to you by another affiliate. These affiliates earn commission on their referred visitors, and the first tier affiliate also earns a lower commission, without having to do any work.

These are the main choices you have regarding setting up an affiliate plan. You can iron out the details whatever way suits you best. Keep in mind that the primary question is whether or not your plan will be competitive enough to make affiliates want to join.

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All about a keyword rich domain

A good domain name will get you a good page rank. It’s always a good idea to register domain names with keywords that you are planning to target. For example, if you are selling toys online, then it would be better for you to register buytoysonline.com

In the above case, When people type in the keyword “buy toys online”, there is a high chance that – your site will be popping out in the first page of search results.

After you register a domain name – in a manner like we have explained above, you can start getting content for the site. Even in the articles that you are gonna publish in your site, keywords are important. Doing so, can get you in the first page of search results in most of the search engines including Google.

Create as many content pages in your site as possible and link between the pages at appropriate places. You may link to the keywords that you are targeting. It would be helping the link juice in your site to flow throughout the entire site.

After creating content pages in your site, you may create some free blogs and write content related to your niche on those sites also. The advantage of doing this is that – in the middle of the articles, you’ll be able to put links to your original site. This can get traffic and also increase the number of backlinks to your original site. When linking to your original site, give hyperlinks to the keywords that you are targeting – and they should point to pages in your original site(the one you’re gonna promote). For example, if you are planning to sell toys, then link to the words “buy toys online” or something like that. And the link should point to pages in your original site.

After that, you may also try some SEO tricks and methods to increase the PR of your newly created site. You can attempt blog commenting, article marketing in sites like ezinearticles, and social submission and social networking as well.

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All about blogging

Blogging can bring in a lot of money in your pockets. But many people don’t succeed in this, since they are impatient. You should be having the patience in you – to wait and see the results. Money may not be coming the very first month of your blogging. Depending on your skills, it will take some time. First of all, you should make a plan of what you are going to achieve. Your target should be something achievable. Its good to dream big, but don’t target big – start targeting things that you would be easily achieving.

You can start with one blog, and then go on increasing the count when you get used to it. Your first blog should be easy for you to update many times a day. And for updating a blog many times a day, you should be an expert in that field. Think a bit – you will be surely an expert in something. Some people blog – even about blogging. That’s because they are experts in blogging. Just like that, there will be some topic about which you would be easily making a lot of posts each day.

As mentioned above it’s important to select a niche about which you would be able to publish many posts per day. After you find such a niche, create a blog about it and start blogging. If you don’t have any funds with you to register and host a domain name, then you can go with a free sub domain under wordpress or blogspot. After a month, you should be with at least 50 posts. But this is not at all mandatory. It’s up to you, to decide the number of posts. But if you are gonna start it the best way, then go for – 50 articles per month. The more, the better. By this time, your site will be indexed in Google. You can promote the site using your own tricks and methods. And once, you have posts in your blog, you can start bringing traffic to it. I hope you know how to do that.

Once you get traffic in your first blog, you can slowly go on increasing the number of blogs that you update daily. The new blogs that you create will also be getting traffic, if you put a link to those blogs from your first blog. And if you are thinking of making some money out of these blogs, then you can start selling ad space, banners and links on your blog. A blog with traffic can make a lot of money. So, that’s it about blogging, if you are serious about making money online through blogging, then go for it.

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How to Promote Your Blog

There are tons of methods to promote your blog and you shouldn’t limit yourself to only a few of these methods because to ensure a successful blog you need to utilize all of them. If you’re new to blogging then you don’t need to worry about using all the methods listed below right away but as time allows you should start implementing the methods listed below. Everyone says content is king, which is true because you’ll need awesome content in order to keep your visitors but without promoting your blog properly nobody will find your content that you’ve spent time writing. This is why I believe promotion is just as vital as the content you write because without people reading the content there is no point in writing it. I think many new bloggers get lost in the hype of writing killer content and then lose their way once they realize they have no traffic coming to the blog. You should make sure you have a good ten to twenty posts of solid content before promoting your blog, but once you hit that number of posts you need to start promoting right away, and frankly I begin using some of the methods below right from the get-go. The methods and techniques I list below will all be beneficial to your blog and you should work on implementing them as soon as possible.

Social Bookmarking

Bloggers have the ability to utilize social bookmarking everyday and if you want traffic you need to use them. I use them everyday when I post to my blogs and it doesn’t take long at all. There are hundreds of these social bookmarking sites to use, but since time is an issue for bloggers you should only use a handful of them on a daily basis. I typically use StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Propeller and BlogsVine which only takes me about three minutes a day to submit my posts to. I’ve gotten over a thousand unique visitors some days from social bookmarking sites and you always get traffic coming from the sites for the life of your blog which is why I love using this method. It takes a few minutes a day to ensure that you get some daily traffic coming from these sites and although some people say that the traffic isn’t targeted I know for a fact that I’ve had some sales from social bookmarking in the past.

Article Marketing

Not only do bloggers need to write posts for their blog, but they also need to distribute articles across the internet so that people can find their blog. There are thousands of websites where you can post articles to and there are lots of great lists on the internet. If you only use one directory to submit your articles to then make sure it’s EzineArticles as they bring the most traffic to your blog. You simply write a 250+ word article and add your links at the bottom and submit it to the site. They have some guidelines which you need to follow, but there simple and can be found on their website. If you have time you should really be submitting articles on a daily basis to different directories. You shouldn’t limit yourself to only EzineArticles but if time only allows you to use one directory then use that one. If you have time though then submit articles to new directories each day. Typically I try submitting one article to EzineArticles and one article to another directory. I always switch the second directory around everyday so that I’m gaining links and exposure on different sites.

Buying Links & Blog Posts

Bloggers often buy links and blog posts to boost their search engine rankings and to gain exposure. Buying these types of advertising is beneficial as long as you’re buying the links on sites or blogs that don’t have tons of links and appear like a link farm. If you can find good sites and blogs to buy posts or links on then you should analyze the blog and see if it’s worth it. If the blog has a high page rank and a good authority in Google then buying a link or blog post would be great for boosting your search engine rankings which is ideal. Depending on how well the blog or site is known on the internet will reflect the cost, but you can find many great deals on the internet for links and blog posts. The main thing here is to remember to only buy links and posts on relevant sites or blogs meaning on the same topic as your blog, and you also need to ensure that the site or blog you’re buying a link or post on isn’t full of links.

There are still tons of other methods you can use to promote your blog but following these simple techniques will ensure you maintain a steady stream of traffic to your blog. Once you get into a routine of completing all of the above then you can start looking for other methods of promotion which can be anything that draws traffic to your blog. You need to get creative with your techniques to see maximum benefit and the more you do that your competitor doesn’t, the better chance you have of becoming more successful.


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Tips For Improving Your Web Traffic

Tips for improving your web traffic
Everybody wants to improve the traffic and the revenue. I would like to share with you some important things –that are basic– that you should have in mind in order you can improve your web traffic. It is good that you have in mind that everything you can do to improve your web traffic you have to do it. Why? It is simple. Traffic is the most significant result for you before the dirty work is done. In SEO you must decide if do yourself the dirty work or paying for that. Let’s now to see some basic things you must to know about web traffic.

-Optimize your website or blog: It is good that you understand how important is to optimize your website properly describing meta descriptions, titles and  keywords. Also you should use these keywords in your web content in a way it really work for search engines. Something you should have in mind is that there are some elements that can affect your web site is indexed by Google Bot.  For instance, you should avoid the presence of complex frames as well as flash elements mainly in the top of your website.

-Always list your site in directories: Listing your site in directories you can send a ton of traffic to your website. No matter what kind of content you are promoting, just try to use those article directories having a high ranking and everything is going to be very well. List your website in directories –website directories– that you you can also reach a good ranking in search engines.

-Submit your site in search engines: There are people thinking it is not important submit your site in search engine. In my personal opinion I think it is good that you submit your site or blog in Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. The reason why I believe that is because they sometimes reject submission if you don’t comply with all the requisites they require. But if you never submit your site you’ll never know if you qualify. It is good do the double job –submitting your site to search engines while you optimize your site for the moment crawlers intend to index your website.

-Buy links to your website: Something good for your website is purchasing links. I really like this method because you will get high quality link in a very short period of time. This is basically something very good for you.