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Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins That Make Your Blog Badass

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins That Make Your Blog Badass

What is the best wordpress plugin? If you guys are brand new to the idea of blogging, a wordpress plugin is simply just an add-on that you can put into your blog. There are all sorts of various plugins at your disposal. But only a really handful of wordpress plugins are actually USEFUL to converting more of your readers into buyers, email opt-ins or loyal readers.

So what are they?

Let us get into the thick of it as they say… Now these are not just fluff stuff that will slow your blog down. These are actually the #1 things that can grow traffic to your blog and make your blog 200-500% better than where it currently sits if you’re flying-solo without any at all.

Time to dive in!

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins

1.  Facebook Share

This was the original facebook share button. A lot of blogs have gone away with this blog in favor for the “”like”” button on the blog. I say BOTH are important. Here is why the old facebook share button makes our little best plugins list.

It allows social proof to be seen a lot quicker and more dramatically displayed. As we know, readers are more enticed if they see that a lot of people are sharing an article or a piece of content. So by having that at the top, allows us to display the number of how many times we have been shared on facebook. Also the “”like”” plugin ruins a lot of the head space in your blog. Which is why I include it at the bottom of my blog versus the top.

The FB share button is still super effective and highly recommended!

2. Tweetmeme

This plugin is pretty much exactly the same as facebook share. The only obvious difference is that it is for twitter not for facebook! I am not a HUGE fan of twitter as any of you who follow me already know. I rarely use it, though I should, but a lot our readers do use twitter and absolutely love it. So allow them to spread the love across their 140-character-long diaries.

3. Facebook Like Button

I love the Like button, I include it at the end  of every blog post. The cool thing is it will tell you everyone who liked it, and sometimes it’ll be someone the reader is friends with or respects if they are heavy in your niche. Which causes them to respect you and your content even more, and make it more likely to share your stuff with the world.

4. Commentluv

Let us be honest. Majority of people reading a blog, especially in the make money niches and network marketing niches, have something they want to sell too. To reward these people for commenting on our blogs, we become a “”Dofollow”” blog and allow their latest blog post to appear on our own blog. This allows them to do a little bit better advertising of their content when they comment to enrich our own.

I love commentluv, cause it builds really good backlink juice, which for you SEO nuts is awesome.

I actually have people hiring and outsourcing people to come and comment on this blog. No idea how many, but I am sure the fact I have commentluv is a big reason why! (Other than my AMAZING content!)

5. All In One SEO Pack

Even though it is constantly wanting to update itself which is semi-annoying, this is an awesome plugin for SEO junkies and any real-time blogger. Because it allows you to put in all the SEO info you need at one go. Put it in and you’re done.

This is a requirement if you want be successful with SEO on a blog as far as I am concerned, and really easy to use.

6. Google Analyticator

This plugin is a behind-the-scenes deal, but basically using this tool you can quick updates on traffic coming to your blog. What is even cooler is going into the back office they have and you can see exactly where everyone is coming from. Whether predominantly from facebook, or from the search engines. Of course, the biggest traffic source you want is called “”Direct””.

Meaning people actually just come on the internet and type in your blog into the address bar! Because those are the people who are loyal fans and like what you have to say.

Other useful information are things like understanding bounce rates, and the most frequented pages on your blog. Don’t get lost in the numbers, but do understand what they are saying about your blog so you can adjust and optimize everything.

7. Google XML Sitemaps

Also a powerful SEO plugin. This automatically creates a sitemap on your blog which helps with SEO. Basically the sitemap organizes everything more neatly and makes the Google spiders and gods go through your content and index it quicker and better. (Which means higher rankings on the search engines)

8. WP Ezinearticles

I really like this, no idea how helpful it TRULY is, but I believe it is worth to have on your blog even if you’re not big into article marketing. Basically what it does is creates a little box in your wordpress “”Add new post”” section. When you are done writing your post, you can click the “”submit”” button and it will automatically send your blog post to Ezinearticles as a submitted article all in the span of a few seconds.

Saves a lot of hassle if you enjoy submitting articles like me.

9. ThatMLMBeat Beat It Button

I just started using this myself, it is a plugin similar to tweetmeme only instead of twitter it shares your content on ThatMLMBeat. A website community focused on blogging specifically in the mlm/network marketing and internet marketing niches. Everytime someone clicks on it, your post will get bumped up into the top and front page of their community.

Which is pretty awesome targeted traffic for most of us in this niche! You do need a ThatMLMBeat account, but that’s for free unless you want the premium. Highly recommend it.

10. SSG Google WordPress Audio Player

I LOVE this thing. This is one of my favorite wordpress plugins, if not THE BEST wordpress plugn on this list in my opinion.

You see, I hate doing videos but I love doing audios. (You know got that hot Alaskan silky voice haha) and doing interviews. I actually have a small library of interviews with many six-figure income earners in our profession I have been waiting to whip out and never had a chance to till I found my hosting solution. See I was messing with Amazons3 and all this other crap I couldn’t figure out, till my friend Brandon Connell told me about this plugin.

It hosts all of your audio on your blog for free and it will also embed an actual audio player inside your blog post instead of your reader having to open up a new window for your audio (for free). Super useful.

Advice on the Best WordPress Plugins…

Please do not look at this as a definitive list. I love blogging, but it is a constantly changing and evolving world. There is new plugins coming out all the time. And some plugins I know of that I use that I didn’t mention here (but will soon in another post) used for different purposes. These are the basics, the stuff I believe every network marketing blog if not at least blog itself should have.

The greatest piece of advice I can give you on using and finding the best wordpress plugins is network with other active bloggers. Constantly be on the search for them. Developers are always coming out with new and cool things that you can use. So keep your eyes OPEN.

That way you will ALWAYS have the best wordpress plugins on your blog, and make your audience very happy and giddy to promote you all over the internet-worlds that-be. Goodluck and good wordpress plugin hunting/installing.


Steps to Dominating a Niche with Blogs

Steps to Dominating a Niche with Blogs If you want to dominate a niche on the internet with blogs nowadays it’s completely possible and although it will require a lot work the payoff is huge. Not many webmasters or companies can say that they dominate there niche and it’s very difficult to do, but with the right planning you could do it. The first thing you need to do is choose your niche, which should be something you enjoy and are familiar with. Don’t choose a niche that is overcrowded with webmasters though because then ranking your blogs with become a lot more difficult and in some cases nearly impossible. You don’t want to compete against any big companies for search engine rankings, because most of the time there budget is a lot larger then your budget is and you don’t need that hassle. Once you a narrow down a niche that isn’t very competitive then you need to begin planning out your exact plan so that you can simply follow through on the plan. Also don’t expect to be dominating a niche in a week either as it takes time and hard work. The number one reason why webmasters don’t succeed is because they give up without allowing their websites enough time to establish themselves and earn money. Step One The first thing that you need to do is establish an authority blog, which should cover the entire niche. Your niche should be small enough that you can have an authority blog ranking for many of the terms in the niche. You should spend a couple months establishing this blog before moving much deeper into your network of blogs. Once you have some traffic and rankings then you can begin to expand. Step Two Once you have your authority blog established then you need to know break down your niche into anywhere from three to ten categories. You’ll know create a blog for each of those categories and begin adding content to them as much as possible in the beginning. Content is important on blogs and you need as much of it as possible so never think you’re writing too much. The traffic you get from these blogs should be targeted and could earn you some good money. Step Three In this step you’ll be creating small blogs that simply consist of only a few pages a piece. These blogs will be used to promote the different products in your niche. These are the small websites that you’ll be sending your blog traffic to in order to convert them into customers. Blogs can build up great search engine traffic and this is the best traffic to sell products to which is why you should send all your blog traffic to these websites. As these blogs age you’ll also begin getting traffic from search engines for the keywords you targeted. As you can see if you follow these three simple steps then you’ll be able to dominate a niche within one year pending the competition isn’t to stiff. You’ll need to of course spend long hours building links and traffic to the blogs in order to have any success, but if you do the work then the money will follow. Nothing is handed to you on a silver platter in the online world so always be willing to work for what you need or else find a typically 9-5 job now before you waste anymore time online.



How to Add Banners to a WordPress Website

How to Add Banners to a WordPress Website

Being able to monitze your website is the ultimate goal for your website.

Making Money!

My first advice is to be careful with making it all about making money. If you are building a blog it is important to remember that its about the content, not about the ads. I would highly recommend that you focus on building great content and traffic before you even consider adding any type of advertisement on your site.

The main reason why you don’t want to add ads to your site is you simply don’t have any traffic, so why even have ads if there is no one to click. The best advice I can give you is to focus on building solid content and driving traffic to that page.

Once you have a ton of traffic which you have built value with, begin slowly adding banners, Google ads, etc. I have seen to many new bloggers start to throw ads all over there site, hiding their awesome content. The visitors is there for your content not the banners, always remember that.

Now that is out of the way, you have a ton of traffic and your ready to add a banner to your site. Be tasteful, don’t turn your site into a banner crazy site that could turn your visitor away in 1 second flat. I only have one banner on my site with only my strongest affiliate… Keep it clean and simple.

You will find in this WordPress Quick Tip a very simple plug-in which will allow you to add ads to your site. It’s very simple and easy to do.


Seopressor WordPress Plugin Review!

You Want SEOPressor Plugin To Boost My Website To The First Page of Search Engines? Check Reviews: seobomblinks.com Check official site: 0.mk [Tags] Seopressor Seopressor WordPress Seopressor WordPress Plugin Seopressor WordPress Plugin Review!


5 Gotta Have WordPress Plugins

5 Gotta-Have WordPress Plugins

Right here is my top-five list of must-have WordPress Plugins. All of these are free plugins, helping to make them even better!

1) All-in-One SEO Pack–This plugin helps your Search engine optimization right out of the box, without any configuration. To improve your on-page SEO, the plugin allows you to add title, description and keywords to make your posts more internet search engine friendly, but it is not a requirement.

2) WP-Super Cache–A caching plugin is really a requirement with Google’s new focus on page load speed. WP-Super Cache enables logged in users to disable caching, important if you’re trying to do some editing on your site minus the pages constantly caching. It also allows mobile support and greatly speeds up page load times..

3) StatPress Reloaded–Offers you site statistics instantly. StatPress explains exactly where your traffic is arriving from; it shows you the amount of daily page views, referrers, IP addresses, user agents (bots) and much more. A great addition to AWStats from the hosting company.

4) SEO Smart Links–SEO Smart Links increases your internal linking structure, an essential element of SEO. To configure this plugin, you add a list of keywords, and whenever one of these is brought up in an additional post, SEO Smart Links immediately links to it. You can also specify a URL which is linked to specific keywords, if you decide to want to link to an affiliate offer, this is a fast and simple way to do so.

5) WordPress Database Backup–It’s very vital that you have made an up-to-date backup of your site in the event anything goes very wrong, or your blog is hacked. This plugin will e-mail you backups on a regular schedule, or else you can have them saved to your server. There are lots of additional fantastic plugins for WordPress absolutely do deserve mention, but I’d rather not make your eyes glaze over completely right now.


WordPress Social Bookmarking

Wordpress Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking has become very well known and many bloggers already understand how they can benefit from the use of social bookmarking sites, but then there are many who are clueless when it comes to finding and understanding the techniques to market there blogs. One of the best methods to market your blog is through the use of social bookmarking sites which can be found all across the internet, with more then 500 of them now it’s not hard to find a few. Many of them don’t attract much traffic and also don’t have much use which is why most people stress only to use the important ones. Now I also believe this is true, especially when you’re using your own time. I usually submit to about ten social bookmarking sites after every one of my posts to build backlinks and traffic and it definitely helps. Now if I were to be paying for the social bookmarks then I usually try finding someone who will submit to one hundred of the sites because then I will gain many backlinks in the process.

A lot of the social bookmarking sites offer do-follow backlinks which means they count to the search engines and the page rank juice will push to your domain. This can help increase your page rank and also helps give you backlinks in the search engines. Some of the bookmarking sites don’t offer do-follow links though and instead they give no-follow links which don’t offer any benefit in the search engines. You’ll still get traffic from these sites though which is why a handful of them have remained popular. Ideally you should submit to a minimum of five social bookmarking sites daily for your blog posts and I would recommend you to use.

– StumbleUpon
– Digg
– Reddit
– Propeller
– Del.icio.us

These five are among the most popular options for social bookmarking and millions of people use the sites. They rank very well in the search engines and can help you get higher search engine rankings and traffic. With such good benefits for blog owners it’s a surprise to me that not everyone is utilizing the social bookmarking marketing technique. Now I understand it’s time consuming but when you can benefit from higher traffic and more backlinks in the search engines its hard not to use the twenty minutes daily to submit your posts to these wonderful sites.

If you’re looking to achieve a higher amount of traffic to your blog then there aren’t many other superior methods when compared to social bookmarking and you should take the time to get registered with some of the popular sites and start bookmarking your posts. Once you become familiar with the submission process it also becomes a lot quicker for you to be able to submit posts and within a few weeks it will seem routine to submit your posts and you won’t even notice it.


WordPress Marketing

Wordpress Marketing

Blogging nowadays is a lot more then just jotting down your opinions and feelings onto a webpage in hopes of people finding it. Now you can take your blogs fate and rest it in your marketing skills and tactics. Every month there are new social networks being opened up for bloggers to interact with each other and to help each other with traffic. Many networks offer traffic trading programs for bloggers which can benefit your blog tremendously depending on which you choose. Sites like EntreCard and MyBlogLog are top picks for these types of programs. Besides traffic trading you can also market your blog using social bookmarking sites or social networking sites. Websites like Digg and Propeller allow you to submit each blog post to there website to receive a backlink and also traffic. People can vote for your post on whether they like it or not and you can receive very nice amounts of traffic from these sites if you have good content. Youtube is becoming huge lately to and many bloggers are using the Youtube platform to voice there opinions on topics relating to their blog topic. This helps them generate traffic to the blog and with millions of people using Youtube each day bloggers are beginning to adapt to marketing through video.

As you can see there are almost unlimited options when thinking of how to market your blog. Forums can be a great place to interact with people and the signature line can house your blog URL which will over time attract clicks and traffic. When you’re marketing your WordPress blog you should make sure that you try utilizing all the possible options that you can and make sure to get your link out there. Becoming active on other blogs is one way to do this and you should comment on the blogs in your niche that have traffic to get your name and blog out there. Often after you comment for a week or two straight the blog owner will take notice to you and may even offer you a link exchange. The more you get yourself and your blog out into the market the better chance you’ll have at obtaining traffic.

Article submissions are popular also when marketing your blog and especially in the beginning stages of your blog. Submitting to websites like EzineArticles can not only boost your traffic but it can help to get your blog indexed in the search engines. When you utilize article marketing make sure you include deep links into your articles and not just the homepage. Deeplinks are actually more important then homepage links and the more deeplinks you can get the more search engine traffic you’ll receive. It takes months to rank in the search engines but once you do the traffic will be worth it. Once you obtain the rankings in the search engines that you wanted you’ll need to continue marketing to keep those rankings.

Blogs have been known to help people get search engine traffic due to the many plug-ins available, and frankly it’s simple for anyone to do. Longtail keywords are easily attainable using WordPress and you shouldn’t have problems getting traffic from your longtail keywords. The most important part of your marketing when using WordPress is your keyword selection. You want to make sure that you’re targeting highly searched terms but with the least amount of competition. Using programs like Wordtracker will help you find keywords and keyword phrases for you to optimize on your blog.

Make sure you also use all the great plug-ins that will help you with the SEO of your blog and overall help your marketing efforts. There is plug-ins for choosing your search engine title, keywords and description which is a mandatory plug-in in my opinion and will help you rank for the terms you want to rank for. There is many more plug-ins you can utilize but I won’t go into great detail about them right now.