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WordPress NextGEN Gallery Plugin Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the WordPress NextGEN Gallery Plugin. Make sure to watch in HD full screen for best quality. Brought to you by MateMedia – Your Partner on The Web – matemedia.com. Join us on Facebook at http Join us on Twitter at bit.ly


41 How to Recruit Affiliates

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´╗┐Recruiting Affiliates: Part 2

You should understand that many affiliates have been doing this for some time and they know exactly what they want or don’t want. The kind of plan you choose to use when paying your affiliates will decide, in many instances, who will join with you and who won’t. There are three main plan categories for you to choose between. Furthermore, there are tiers. We’ll begin with the plans, and then continue onto a talk about tiers.

Pay-per-click, or PPC, plans are the type of programs you may have heard mentioned most often. This kind of affiliate plan, as well as the other choices, is performance based. The way it works is easy. A visitor to a website notices a banner ad or another kind link to a site. He or she clicks on that link. Every click is worth a certain amount of money to the web master of that site. While this is a wonderful plan, there has been some worry recently about “click fraud”, which means clicks are being made with the only purpose being to generate more money for the host site.

Pay-per-sale, or PPS, plans enable greater discretion. With this type of plan the seller only pays the affiliate if a sale is made. Whatever the commission rate is, the seller pays according to the price of the item sold.

Pay-per-lead, or PPL, is the last kind of commission plan. With this arrangement the seller will pay the commission to the affiliate whenever a lead is created. This can result from either directed traffic that visits the seller’s site and registers for something, or is a lead based on a pre-determined criterion.

Now let’s discuss tiers. Tiers work in an easy to understand manner. It all boils down to referrals. Let’s pretend you set up 2 tiers. The first tier is affiliates who approached you directly. They will earn commission on both the traffic they generate and on the traffic generated by their referrals. The second tier consists of affiliates who were sent to you by another affiliate. These affiliates earn commission on their referred visitors, and the first tier affiliate also earns a lower commission, without having to do any work.

These are the main choices you have regarding setting up an affiliate plan. You can iron out the details whatever way suits you best. Keep in mind that the primary question is whether or not your plan will be competitive enough to make affiliates want to join.

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AnythingSlider for WordPress Plugin Tutorial

Get the plugin here: bit.ly The plugin will work on all WordPress installs, but since all themes are different,you will need to style it to make it fit into your theme. The plugins creates a post_meta_box on your wordpress post edit page so you can select which image to use in the slider. This video shows how to add images to the content slider and tweak the CSS to make it fit. If you want a Free Premium WordPress theme with the AnythingSlider already installed, go to mattdunlap.org to get it. The theme is the same one I’m using for my blog.


WordPress Tip of the Day | GFYDMember.com

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