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How To Create a WordPress Theme In Under 10 Minutes – Artisteer Review

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How To Design A WordPress Website

How To Design A WordPress Website

It is not hard to find out how to design a WordPress website. All of the instructions you need are in the program. All you have to do is follow them. The easiest way I have found is with WordPress Express.

WordPress Express makes learning how to design a WordPress website very simple and fast. There are only a few prompts in the program. You will have to get a domain name yourself, but other than web hosting, that is all the program requires to get the site up. Depending on your content, you will have hundreds of templates and color schemes to choose from. Please note that you will have to supply all the content for your site. This program only helps you put the site up, not filling in the pages you create.

As I was saying, there are hundreds of choices. You can pick out layouts and color schemes that compliment your banners and graphics, or pick something very simple that does not have a lot of space you need to fill in. It also had something for everyone. It doesn’t matter which product you are building the site for, you will be able to customize it to suit anything you can think of.

Learning how to design a WordPress website is very fast. Depending on which program, but with Express it’s a matter of five of six easy steps. You type in the domain name, pick out your layout, review your choices, and create. Nothing to it at all and the page looks great. It is has some suggestions under the layout choices to help you decide which would be better. Some of these are tailor-made for certain functions, and some are made to just be user-friendly. For your first page I would recommend a simple layout. This gives you a chance to get use to customizing before you get into something more complex.

There are tutorials available on how to design a WordPress website. Many of these include tips that will make the most of your pages. I would highly recommend them since not all of us can think of everything the first time we try something.


How To Create A WordPress Website

How To Create A WordPress Website There are a lot of people learning how to create a WordPress website. It is one of the most popular content management systems. It has literally been downloaded over twelve million times off the internet. With so many people using the program you have to wonder; just how easy it is? Very, very easy. Beginners are learning how to create a WordPress website and getting there very first one up the same day. The process only takes a few short minutes, and has all the prompts for you to do the creating. There are even some tutorials out there for you to use to add in plug-ins to the site. While the standard version has been used so much, and by all sorts of people; the easiest I have used is the WordPress Express. This version literally takes the learning out of how to create a WordPress website. There are only three basic steps to the process, but you will need a domain name ahead of time, and web hosting. How To Create A WordPress Website.

All you basically have to do is pick a name for your site, pick the template you want to use and review those, then just create. It’s that easy, and that fast. You can then go and customize your site within minutes and get it set up the way you want it to. You don’t have to worry about being stuck with the template you picked either. How To Create A WordPress Website.

The new versions of this program allow you to change the colors, themes, and templates even after you have created them. The MU version (multi-user) also allows you to control more than one site from the same dashboard. No matter which version you use, WordPress is something that even beginners can do with ease and a sense of accomplishment. Any program with WordPress is set up to be user-friendly, and they deliver on that. Think about it; over twelve million downloads means that people are using this and liking it. How To Create A WordPress Website


Become a WordPress Pro

Become a WordPress Pro

WordPress is my website platform of choice nowadays. I find it extremely easy to use and with so many templates or themes to choose from and I do not need to ever hire a web designer.

Add a few SEO plugins and you really have a powerful website. Yes, I said website. I use WordPress as a blogging platform and also as a website.

What I try to do is look through the thousands of templates until I find a theme that looks more like a static site. Then I go into the CSS and customize is just a little to make the theme a little different then the original.

When I want to add content I usually use the page feature. I add my content to a page instead of a post. Maybe each of my sites will have ten or 15 content pages. Then I go into the Options>Reading panel in the Administration area and change one of my pages to a static front page. And presto. I have a nice static website.

Now, if I want to also add a blog on the site, I will just post normally and I have a combination website and blog all rolled into one. The really nice advantage is that I can update anything instantly and I don’t need a html editor. I like this feature because I travel a lot and sometimes use other computers instead of my own. With WordPress I always have a way to update my web sites fast and easy.

For those that don’t know how to set up a WordPress site it is very easy. All you need to do is go to your cPanel of your website. Scroll to the bottom and select the smiling icon called “”fantastico””.

Select WordPress from the navigation bar on the left and then select install. Fill in the data fields which consist of your administration name and password, the name of your website and a short description. All this can be changed in the WordPress Admin Panel once the site is live. Click the install WordPress button and you have your very own WordPress site.

Now all you need to do is add some content and you will have a great professional looking website that would have taking you a lot longer to build if you had to do it in html and especially if you are not skilled with coding.


Publishing On The Web With The Thesis WordPress Theme1

Publishing On The Web With The Thesis WordPress Theme

Publishing on the web has never been easier, thanks to the WordPress CMS. WordPress is blogging software used to create a website or blog. WordPress is a very easy to use, open source, publishing system, freely obtained from WordPress.ORG. One of the main attractions of WordPress is that it is absolutely free. In less than five minutes, anyone can be publishing on the web, building html websites, generating online income, or simply expressing their point of view.

The WordPress CMS (Content Management Software), which is software designed to easily allow the creation, distribution, and management of content for websites, is currently in version 3.0. It is a feature-rich piece of blogging software that is very easy to use and has a template driven design. This means that WordPress uses templates to generate the pages of a website, dynamically. Every WordPress installation includes a file editor that can be used to edit these templates, and other files, in a standardized environment.

The WordPress CMS is compatible with thousands of themes. Most of these themes are free, though there are many so-called Premium themes for sale, such as the Thesis WordPress theme. The Thesis WordPress theme is my theme of choice and almost every website that I create uses it. The Thesis WordPress theme is one of many professionally designed themes that go several steps beyond what you get in a free theme. There are tons of great free themes, including the Twenty Ten theme, which is the current default for the WordPress CMS.

Publishing on the web with a premium theme, such as the Thesis WordPress theme, gives several distinct advantages over the free themes. The WordPress CMS itself comes with an outstanding support community, however, support communities for premium themes are usually better able to help with theme specific problems. With the thousands of free themes, finding help for the particular theme you are using has the chance of being problematic.

With publishing on the web made this easy, it is small wonder why WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging software. There are literally millions of websites that utilize the WordPress CMS, and the rate is growing at an astonishing rate. More and more, professional web designers are turning to WordPress for their clients. The rapid development, power, flexibility, search engine optimization, and extreme ease of use, permits designers to reduce time to go from initial consultation to live, online website in a fraction of what it used to take. The WordPress CMS is definitely the way to build a website.


Help With WordPress

Help With WordPress

Depending on the type of help with WordPress you’re looking for, there are many different options. Let’s take a look at the various options, based on the situation.

If you’re having specific problems with plugins, templates or errors with your WordPress installation itself, then the first stop should be the forums at WordPress.org. Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of other users are constantly posting and sharing tips, helping each other solve similar problems.

Searching the forums can sometimes be a daunting task, but there are some ways of doing a more effective search. If you’re experiencing trouble with a plugin, try going to the plugin directory FIRST, then look for a link in the sidebar (under the big download button) called “”Forum posts”” — clicking this will take you directly to a list of posts regarding that plugin. Do this
before trying a general search on the Forums homepage. The reason is that doing a search there will give you results from ALL of the forums which can be very distracting as you will have to sort through a lot of posts that don’t match your issue.

The same procedure can also be done when looking at a template listing inside the template directory. It’s a much faster way of finding the help you need. Sometimes template developers have their own sites with forums for troubleshooting issues with their themes, so try looking in Appearances > Themes for a link to the developer’s site for help. This is usually the best approach so that you don’t have to wade through forum posts that don’t match your topic exactly.

Additionally, when making a post in the forums (only after you can’t find someone else with the same problem) make sure you write an appropriate tag such as the plugin or template name, or the specific section inside the WordPress administration. This can make a big difference whether or not other users find your post or not.

In addition to searching at WordPress.org for solutions, you can also find help with WordPress in the form of tutorials on sites like YouTube or HubPages.com. These sites are full of video and text tutorials that can train you on virtually every aspect of using the WordPress CMS. Chances are someone has written a tutorial on the exact topic you’re looking for, so search those sites and you’ll become a WordPress pro in no time!


Related Ads WordPress Plugin Demo

The Related Ads Plugin allows you to put targeted ads, html or javascript on any wordpress post or page. You create your own ad groups and ads and then set keyword tags for each ad. The plugin then displays your targeted ads via widget, shortcode or php include in your templates using the tags of the post, or custom tag of pages. Download free at: relatedadsplugin.com


How To Make A WordPress Website

How To Make A WordPress Website

There are tons of software programs out there now that will help you; learning how to make a WordPress website is fairly easy and quick. This program is designed to be simple, and it lives up to that.

There are no HTML codes to learn, and no confusing software to use for getting your pages online. WordPress is set up to have hundreds of templates for you to choose from. Once you get the one you like, it may take a couple minutes for it to be on the web. After it is up, you can then go back and customize your site. It’s a simple matter of pasting the information you want into the spots open in your template. There is no confusion about it. You simply put what you want where.

There are other aspects to learning how to make a WordPress website. You can add in pages and posts. You can also create your follow-up sequence. The most important step though, is using the keyword tool. This is not part of the software packages, but it’s a step you should take, and there are free keyword tools out there that you can use. You are going to want to do this before you create the site.

Why keyword? You are going to want to target your website to the best phrase for your niche. Please remember that the most searched word phrase is not always the best. If you do that, chances are you page will end up somewhere at the back of the list. You want to pick something with 5000 searches or less. This allows you to have a better chance for placing on the first page when your phrase is searched through a search engine. You will want to use the same keyword phrase for the home page content of your website, as well as at least one article. This will allow you to tie everything in together and get the traffic you want.

Let’s face it, traffic means nothing if they don’t buy anything. With the targeted keyword phrase you are appealing to people already looking for your type of product, and because of that are more likely to buy something.

After you get the keyword, use it for buying your domain name. You will need this to set up the site. You may also need web hosting, though that depends on whether you are set up as a member where you have unlimited hosting services. Entering in your domain name and pointing to your web hosting server are the first couple steps in learning how to make a WordPress website. You can save yourself some time in actual set up if you get these before you open the program.

Then all you need to do is pick your stuff. Choose a template, review your choices, and create. The last page will give you all your site information including domain name and web hosting information. You would be wise to either save this information or print it out for your records.