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How I Crashed My WordPress Site (forever)

How I Crashed My WordPress Site (forever)

I was making an instructional video on the topic of installing WordPress onto a domain.  In order to show the process, I was using my own account, by installing WordPress on one of my own domains.  I completed the video and was very pleased with the results.

I went to my main domain to upload the video and was shocked to find that my site was gone and in its place, the default template you get when you first install WordPress onto a domain.  Confused and panicking, I called Bluehost (the greatest hosting company out there) thinking they would have a way of fixing what I had done to my site.

I heard the words that everyone who has a site on the internet fears hearing: “”I am very sorry ma’am, but there are no backups to roll your site back to.  Your content is gone and not recoverable.””

Having always assumed that my site was being automatically backed up, I was shocked to say the least.  How could this happen?  Technical support informed me that my account had long ago exceeded 2 gigabytes, and that after the 2 gig size has been reached, they cannot guarantee that the sites will be automatically backed up.  In fact, it is very unlikely that the sites will be (automatically) backed up.

So what have I learned about hosting that could help you in the future?

That once your account (not just your site) gets bigger than 2 gig, it can and will no longer be backed up automatically.  You either need to go to your hosting and back it up yourself, or add a plugin that will do it for you.
That you do not get any warning that lets you know you are close or have exceeded the 2 gig limit.  But you can go into your C-Panel (the back end of your hosting) and check the file space and usage anytime to see how close you are to the 2 gig point.
You can backup your site yourself and I highly recommend that you do this.
Bluehost has wonderful tutorials that will walk you through this process.  Go to tutorials.bluehost.com for the best info available.
That PARKED domains are redirected to your main domain.  What you do to a parked domain, you will be doing to your main domain.  (Remember I installed WordPress on a domain I wasn’t using? It was a parked domain.)
I highly recommend that you learn all you can about your hosting package.  Bluehost offers C-Panel which is a user friendly, highly intuitive program allowing end users (you) to manage your hosting/sites/account yourself. Read up on all that you can get your hands on from your Hosting company.
Wherever possible, use other sites to upload content to. For example, did you know that you can create the coolest sales page in Twitwall?  And you can host your videos on YouTube and so on.  Get really creative and monitor the size of your account frequently.

What causes your site to exceed 2 gig? 

For one thing, it is not just any one site that you have hosted that is considered in the size-it is your

whole ACCOUNT. 
If you have a couple of sites hosted, they are both factored in on the size. 
Extra templates, unnecessary plugins, files you don’t use, and too many video and audio files.
Files in your directory.  If you don’t use the file any longer, take it out of your directory.

So please, go and create a backup of your site (s).  Never assume anything.

Oh, and I still highly recommend Bluehost.


What Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping Carts

What Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping Carts? There are questions about shopping carts that are asked by customers and there are questions that Website owners have about shopping carts when they are looking to add a shopping cart to their Website. Some of the questions are the same, but most of the questions are different. What are the questions that customers and Website owners ask about shopping carts? Customers often ask questions about a shopping cart’s navigation such as how do I add products to the cart, and how do I delete items if I chance my mind? Customers want to know if they will be able to use their preferred payment method. They also want options when it comes to shipping so they can choose the quickest way, or the cheapest way or the preferred carrier. Customers are very concerned about security when it comes to using credit cards online. They also want to know which credit cards are acceptable to use? Customers also want to know how to make choices such as color or size when ordering. While browsing for multiple items customers also want to know if they can see what is in their cart and also if they can see a tally of the total dollar amount of the items in the cart? Customers want to know if there is any sales tax charged and if the store ships to where they live? Customers want to know not only what the shipping options are but they want to be able to compare the costs of shipping. There may be some customers who need to know if you ship to APO or FPO addresses or internationally? Website owners often ask a lot of questions when they are looking for a shopping cart solution for their business. They want to know how well the shopping cart will blend in with their Website. They have questions about how much HTML knowledge they will need to know in order to install or configure the shopping cart? They are naturally going to want to know about technical support if they encounter problems while installing or configuring the shopping cart. They are also going to want to know how responsive customer support is and how helpful they are. They are going to want to know if there is a user’s manual or a help topic or FAQs section that they can find answers when customer service is closed. When in the buying phase they will have lots of questions about features, administration, installation, maintenance, and upgrades. They will also want to know about pricing and payment plans so that they can know if the shopping cart is within their budget or not. It is up to the shopping cart software company to answer the questions of the Website Owner and it is up to the Website owner to answer the questions asked by the customer about the shopping cart. The shopping cart is a very important part of the success of any Website that sells products or services so answering questions about the shopping cart are vital too.



Improve Your Shopping Cart

Improve Your Shopping Cart

If you want visitors to your site to use your shopping cart you need to make improvements to the usability of the cart and to make the purchase process as simple and short as possible.

Did you know that the checkout process is where more sales are lost than any other time during the buying process? Check your analytics and see if you have a large number of individuals leaving your site before finishing the checkout process, if this is happening than you know that you definitely need to make improvements. In order to determine where you need to make shopping cart improvements you can ask someone who is not familiar with your website to go through the process and check out the usability of your shopping cart. Ask them to specifically comment on how accessible the shopping cart is, if it is easy to use, if they ran into problems were they able to find instructions on how to use the cart, and did they find the shipping and payments methods that they prefer to use?

Investigate how easy it is to navigate around finding products. Do you have a search feature and does it give accurate results?

If you belong to any business forums ask members to rate your site and their shopping experience.

Ask yourself how organized your site is, how secure do people feel making purchases and how user friendly is the shopping experience on your site?

Your shopping cart is one of the most important parts of your Website. Periodically evaluating the shopping cart from a user’s point of view can improve not only your shopping cart but improve your sales as well.

Look at your shopping cart objectively does it meet all of your needs as the administrator? Can you manage all of the product fulfillment, payment and shipping needs in a timely manner without mistakes? Evaluate the hosting, customer service and technical support of the company who’s shopping cart you are using. How happy are you with the features? When upgrades are available is there an additional fee or are upgrades free to existing customers?

Does your shopping cart blend in well with your Website? Do you receive the information you need about your customers and their sales? Does your shopping cart have the capability to have an affiliate program, produce a newsletter or evaluate the shopping experience of your customers?

Does your shopping cart grow with your business or have you outgrown the shopping cart?

What do reviewers say about the shopping cart you are using? Can you find customer reviews of the shopping cart and if so, are they favorable?

After evaluating your shopping cart is customer service responsive to your need to make improvements? Do they give you suggestions or upgrades?

Seeing how important your shopping cart is to the success of your online business spending time evaluating how well your present shopping cart is performing and finding out what your customers think about your shopping cart is important and should be done on a regular basis.