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Internet Marketing Course – 4 Recommended Plugins for WordPress Blogs

Internet Marketing Course – 4 Recommended Plugins for WordPress Blogs

WordPress is probably the best interface for anyone who wants to setup a blog style website but has little or no HTML coding knowledge. I had to write HTML codes for websites generation when I was in college. When WordPress was born, it is heaven to many. I personally believe that WordPress was one of the key reasons to an explosion of websites launches over the past decade.

The following are essential WordPress Plugins for anyone who wants to monetize a website, especially one with a blog style.

1. Akismet

Most Blog style websites have a comment box at the bottom of every post that allows the readers to leave their feedback or comments. These comments are great for SEO traffic. However, the comment box is also a magnet for spam.

Akismet is a Plugin that checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam and allows you to review the comments before approving it. To activate Akismet you will need a WordPress.com API key which is free for personal websites use.

Although Akismet is a good tool, you will want to check your comments folder regularly because some good comments may actually get filtered out. This plugin works like a computer anti-spam software that automatically put junk mails into your junk box. If you know how it works, it is not perfect. But this is not to say that you don’t need an anti-spam software.

2. Social BookMarking Links Plugin

This plugin automatically add links to your favorite social bookmarking sites on your posts, pages and in your RSS feed. You can choose from 99 different social bookmarking sites! Furthermore, you can also send a link to your post via email, AIM, Facebook, Twitter and more. WordPress version 2.6 or above is required though.

When you integrate social bookmarking with your posts, visitors can bookmark your web page with their social bookmarking accounts and that creates great backlinks for you that are well-liked by Search Engines.

3. Google Sitemaps Plugin

Google sitemaps creates a compliant XML-Sitemap of your WordPress blog. It supports all of the WordPress generated pages as well as custom created ones. What’s cool about this plugin is that every time you create or edit a post, your sitemap gets updated automatically and all the major search engines that support the sitemap protocol such as ASK.com, Google, Bing and Yahoo are notified about the update.

This simply means your blog pages will be more SEO friendly.

4. Google Adsense

This plugin provides a very easy way to generate revenue from your blog using Google AdSense. It is a very simple and yet almost maintenance free way of generating passive income from your blog. After you install and activate the plugin, go to the widgets under appearance and then add the AdSense tool to the sidebar or any where you like on your blog.

Before you install this plugin, please ensure that you have an approved AdSense account from Google, which may be a painful process for some because Google mercilessly rejects your application if it thinks you are generating junk sites.

For more WordPress tutorial and SEO tools, check out Adam Short’s Niche Profit Programs which offers countless video tutorials for the serious Internet Marketers in mind.

Get Educated. Market Smart!


WordPress Social Bookmarking

Wordpress Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking has become very well known and many bloggers already understand how they can benefit from the use of social bookmarking sites, but then there are many who are clueless when it comes to finding and understanding the techniques to market there blogs. One of the best methods to market your blog is through the use of social bookmarking sites which can be found all across the internet, with more then 500 of them now it’s not hard to find a few. Many of them don’t attract much traffic and also don’t have much use which is why most people stress only to use the important ones. Now I also believe this is true, especially when you’re using your own time. I usually submit to about ten social bookmarking sites after every one of my posts to build backlinks and traffic and it definitely helps. Now if I were to be paying for the social bookmarks then I usually try finding someone who will submit to one hundred of the sites because then I will gain many backlinks in the process.

A lot of the social bookmarking sites offer do-follow backlinks which means they count to the search engines and the page rank juice will push to your domain. This can help increase your page rank and also helps give you backlinks in the search engines. Some of the bookmarking sites don’t offer do-follow links though and instead they give no-follow links which don’t offer any benefit in the search engines. You’ll still get traffic from these sites though which is why a handful of them have remained popular. Ideally you should submit to a minimum of five social bookmarking sites daily for your blog posts and I would recommend you to use.

– StumbleUpon
– Digg
– Reddit
– Propeller
– Del.icio.us

These five are among the most popular options for social bookmarking and millions of people use the sites. They rank very well in the search engines and can help you get higher search engine rankings and traffic. With such good benefits for blog owners it’s a surprise to me that not everyone is utilizing the social bookmarking marketing technique. Now I understand it’s time consuming but when you can benefit from higher traffic and more backlinks in the search engines its hard not to use the twenty minutes daily to submit your posts to these wonderful sites.

If you’re looking to achieve a higher amount of traffic to your blog then there aren’t many other superior methods when compared to social bookmarking and you should take the time to get registered with some of the popular sites and start bookmarking your posts. Once you become familiar with the submission process it also becomes a lot quicker for you to be able to submit posts and within a few weeks it will seem routine to submit your posts and you won’t even notice it.


WordPress Marketing

Wordpress Marketing

Blogging nowadays is a lot more then just jotting down your opinions and feelings onto a webpage in hopes of people finding it. Now you can take your blogs fate and rest it in your marketing skills and tactics. Every month there are new social networks being opened up for bloggers to interact with each other and to help each other with traffic. Many networks offer traffic trading programs for bloggers which can benefit your blog tremendously depending on which you choose. Sites like EntreCard and MyBlogLog are top picks for these types of programs. Besides traffic trading you can also market your blog using social bookmarking sites or social networking sites. Websites like Digg and Propeller allow you to submit each blog post to there website to receive a backlink and also traffic. People can vote for your post on whether they like it or not and you can receive very nice amounts of traffic from these sites if you have good content. Youtube is becoming huge lately to and many bloggers are using the Youtube platform to voice there opinions on topics relating to their blog topic. This helps them generate traffic to the blog and with millions of people using Youtube each day bloggers are beginning to adapt to marketing through video.

As you can see there are almost unlimited options when thinking of how to market your blog. Forums can be a great place to interact with people and the signature line can house your blog URL which will over time attract clicks and traffic. When you’re marketing your WordPress blog you should make sure that you try utilizing all the possible options that you can and make sure to get your link out there. Becoming active on other blogs is one way to do this and you should comment on the blogs in your niche that have traffic to get your name and blog out there. Often after you comment for a week or two straight the blog owner will take notice to you and may even offer you a link exchange. The more you get yourself and your blog out into the market the better chance you’ll have at obtaining traffic.

Article submissions are popular also when marketing your blog and especially in the beginning stages of your blog. Submitting to websites like EzineArticles can not only boost your traffic but it can help to get your blog indexed in the search engines. When you utilize article marketing make sure you include deep links into your articles and not just the homepage. Deeplinks are actually more important then homepage links and the more deeplinks you can get the more search engine traffic you’ll receive. It takes months to rank in the search engines but once you do the traffic will be worth it. Once you obtain the rankings in the search engines that you wanted you’ll need to continue marketing to keep those rankings.

Blogs have been known to help people get search engine traffic due to the many plug-ins available, and frankly it’s simple for anyone to do. Longtail keywords are easily attainable using WordPress and you shouldn’t have problems getting traffic from your longtail keywords. The most important part of your marketing when using WordPress is your keyword selection. You want to make sure that you’re targeting highly searched terms but with the least amount of competition. Using programs like Wordtracker will help you find keywords and keyword phrases for you to optimize on your blog.

Make sure you also use all the great plug-ins that will help you with the SEO of your blog and overall help your marketing efforts. There is plug-ins for choosing your search engine title, keywords and description which is a mandatory plug-in in my opinion and will help you rank for the terms you want to rank for. There is many more plug-ins you can utilize but I won’t go into great detail about them right now.


WordPress plugins and some of the popular plugins

WordPress plugins and some of the popular plugins
There are a large number of plugins available for all WordPress users with the intention to enhance and improve their blogging experience. The number of plugins is increasing from day to day, but not all of the plugins are good for you as some may damage your WordPress installation or even harm your site. Some of the plugins that are worth trying out are:
1. Sideblog- this is a way to post short notes on the sidebar with options such as the number of entries to display, defining the sideblog categories and exclusion from RSS feeds. It is useful to post updates and sharing of links. Some of the options include cool themes, made the sidebars invisible from the search robots or adding feeds to the sideblog.
2. Secure and Accessible Contact Form- this is a plugin with a number of features such as extensive security with 16 individual abuse countermeasures, form an overview page to confirm the general configuration of the plugin, maximum accessibility and usability, option to use your own style sheet or extensive on board documentation library if you ever need any help.
3. Sociable- this plugin attaches a list of social bookmarking sites, which allows your visitors to bookmark and it is found at the end of your posts. It automatically add links to your favourite social bookmarking sites on your posts, RSS feeds and pages and you can choose from 99 different sites.
4. Gravatar 2 Plugin- this plugin allows the display Gravatar which is a globally recognized avatar of your commenters. This allows you to distinguish yourself from other users in an online community such as websites, forum or chat rooms. In WordPress, Gravatars are hosted on a single server by encrypting the user’s email address. You can have one avatar for each forum you visit.
5. Search Everything- this plugin allows you to search everything in the database as the default WordPress search engine does not search some pages such as static Pages or metadatas. There are options for you to choose, so you can choose what to search. Some of the options are to search every page, tag, category, comment, attachment, excerpt or non-password protected pages.
6. Admin Drop Down Menu- this is a very useful plugin as it saves you more time. Usually, you have to click a number of times to get from one page to another. With this plugin, just hovers the arrow of your mouse to the category that the page is located to save more time. Instead of going from one page to another before reaching the final destination, you can choose from the menu itself, which can inactivate a second menu from the first.
Do not be scared by the number of plugins available out there. The best thing to do is to do your research. Read blog posts, reviews or comments on the plugins which are widely available in the Internet. Choose those that will enhance your WordPress sites wisely.


Obtaining your Blogs Initial Traffic

Obtaining your Blogs Initial Traffic

When you first start adding content onto your blog you probably won’t have much if any traffic and I’m sure you’re dying to get some visitors. In this part of the guide we’re going to look at how you can get some initial traffic to your blog. Search engine traffic is by far the most valuable traffic to obtain, but it takes time and work to get this traffic so you need alternative ways to obtain traffic in the beginning.

Once you have your first twenty posts on your blog you should spend a day or two working on building links to your blog homepage and article pages. You should first work on submitting the pages to the many social bookmarking sites out there, you should choose at a minimum five websites to submit your pages to and make sure they get good traffic before submitting.

After you’re done submitting your pages to some social bookmarking websites spend some time writing a few articles on the topic of your blog. You could also just rewrite some of the posts you’ve made on your blog, it’s totally up to you. The reason you need some unique articles is so that you can submit them into article directories. EzineArticles is by far the most popular article directory and I would recommend sticking with this directory for the first couple months. Article directories will allow you to place 2-3 links in each article in the author resource box. You can gain a lot of valuable links from writing and submitting articles into directories so don’t ever stop working on adding more to your profile.

While you’re waiting for some of your articles to be approved in the article directories you can work on submitting your blog into directories. All you need to do is submit your homepage into these directories for the most part, some will allow deeplinks and I would recommend submitting deep links when you have the option.

You should also spend at least an hour or so a day reading other blogs in your niche. Although there your competition you can gain valuable links from their blogs by commenting on them. The search engines love relevant links and you can get a lot of them from blog commenting. You can also get traffic from people clicking your links on other blogs which happens fairly often.

As you can see there are plenty of ways you can obtain traffic while you wait for search engine rankings to kick in. All of these methods also help your search engine rankings and will assist you with getting ranked. Articles submissions are very important and make sure you never stop submitting articles for the life of your blog. They will help you rank in the search engines for tons of keywords and once you have enough search engine traffic coming in then you won’t need to work as hard on promotion and marketing.

In the beginning of your blog you’ll need to do everything you can to gain traffic though. Spend as much time as you can the first few months building content and links to your blog as this will directly reflect your traffic. If you write valuable content and have an appealing blog then some of the traffic you build will turn into return visitors which are the goal. Not everyone will become a return visitor to your blog, but the more that do the better. Always make sure that you continue writing content for your blog and never stop because for the most part once the content stops the traffic comes to a halt.


What Is Link Bait

What Is Link Bait?

Link bait is basically how you’d think it would be, simply put link bait is something that will make other bloggers want to post about what you’ve written about. This can be done in a number of different ways including writing a great article, creating a WordPress theme or widget and also through any other software you could make. If you make a theme, widget or other piece of software then you’ll stand a great chance at receiving lots of backlinks from other bloggers and depending on the functionality of your creation you may even get some great backlinks from authority blogs.

Authority bloggers are also looking in the blogosphere for new and interesting topics to write about and if you offer a great new creation then chances is it will be found by other bloggers. All you need is one good review from an authority blog and your traffic could jump an insane amount instantly. Some blogs receive thousands of people each day and if you ever get a link on one of them then your blog will enter a new phase, and it’s something you should be proud of.

Another way to get link bait without creating anything is through writing an interesting and well written article. The topic must be something that isn’t widely talked about and you must teach something that hasn’t been taught before or at least taught well before. If you find a good topic that you think you could teach better then anyone else has then you should create a long and detailed blog post. After which you should begin getting the word out about the blog post, you can do this by submitting to social bookmarking sites and also by contacting other bloggers in your niche.

Link bait is how all the big name bloggers get so many backlinks pointing to their blog and if you want to enter a new league of blogging you’ll need to get lots of link bait rolling. The good thing about link bait material is it never completely dries up, meaning you’ll always get new links from great link bait material even after its aged which is great for bloggers. Link bait is an important part of blogging and once you reach the point where you’re getting lots of links from something you’ve created then you’ll begin to realize more how vital it is. One creation could bring in a steady stream of both traffic and revenue so get into the lab and think up some new wonderful yet creative ideas.


Ways to Promote Your Blog

Ways to Promote Your Blog

Bloggers have hundreds of different ways that they can use to promote their blogs and the more techniques utilized by the blogger the bigger chance that blogger has at having a successful blog. Since there are so many different options when promoting your blog I won’t be able to list them all here but I will aim to list some of them so that you can see some of the ways available to you when promoting.

One of the first methods you should use to promote your blog is by social bookmarking each and every one of your posts, this will help gain backlinks and also traffic to your blog so it’s a huge win-win for the blogger and I highly recommend it. It can be time consuming to submit to all of the social bookmarking sites but if you choose the top ten from an online list then you should be well on your way.

Another method you can use is article submissions which can be done quickly by yourself as you only need to submit to a few of the directories. A couple of the more popular options would be EzineArticles and GoArticles. Both of those places get a ton of traffic each day and they will help not only with backlinks but with bringing traffic to your blog.

You can also get active on other peoples blogs, preferably ones in your niche. You should comment as often as you can so that you gain a presence with the other bloggers in your niche. This can be important for in the future as your blog progresses you may find people wanting to exchange links.

Video marketing is another method that most successful marketers are using to gain the attention of millions of people. Youtube alone gets millions of people daily going to there site to watch videos so you can be sure a lot of people are watching videos and a lot of traffic can come from a well made video.

There are many hundreds of other promotion techniques that bloggers utilize to make their blogs successful and you’ll need to do more then the above to have a great blog, but by doing the above you’ll ensure a lot of steady traffic over time and a fairly decent blog. The above techniques are a great beginning and utilized with some other promotional and marketing tactics you’ll be well on your way to blogging for the big bucks. Don’t be shy about leaving your URL places but make sure it isn’t spammy looking or else most people will disregard your links and not click them. The less spammy the links look the more clicks you’ll end up receiving so fooling around with the placement of your links is a great idea.


Top Social Bookmarking Sites

Top Social Bookmarking Sites

In the webmaster social bookmarking has been the recent phenomenon over the past year or so and they look to be continually growing still. There are hundreds of social bookmarking sites now on the internet and there are even programs available for purchase to help with the process of social bookmarking. Now if you’re like most people you won’t want to spend money when you first start using social bookmarking sites, and I don’t blame you because I didn’t either. The simple fact of the matter is though that you can only bookmark your sites pages to so many different sites manually before becoming bored. So if you’re just starting out with social bookmarking and are looking to do it the free way which is manually then you should focus your efforts on four social bookmarking sites. There are many more but if time doesn’t allow you to manually submit your posts to more then four that’s fine because most of the traffic comes from these three anyways. The four social bookmarking sites you should use are as followed.

– StumbleUpon

– Digg

– Propeller

– Reddit

Once you make accounts on the four websites listed above then you’ll be ready to submit your first page to each of the sites. It takes roughly two minutes to submit a page to all four of these sites and less once you get the hang of it. Social bookmarking can bring in daily traffic and earn you money on top of your other traffic which is why everyone is beginning to use the sites. The sites rank well in search engines and they also have a huge amount of type-in traffic. This means that your link could be visible to millions of people everyday and chances are at least a hundred of them will click the link. Social bookmarking is about persistence as well and you need to be persistent when you use the sites because if not the traffic will die down quickly. If you can manage to submit your new pages every time you add a new page then you’ll allow for a more continual flow of traffic.

If you’re a blogger then you should definitely use social bookmarking for exposure because everyday you make your post you can then submit it to these social bookmarking sites. If you post daily and submit to the bookmarking sites daily then you’ll never need to be worried about not having traffic, because by submitting everyday to the social bookmarking sites you’ll allow for constant flow of traffic. Make sure if you spend the time writing content that you gain the most exposure possible and you can do this by submitting to social bookmarking sites. There is a lot more that you need to do but you should make sure you fit in the few minutes each day to submit to social bookmarking sites.