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WordPress Themes and Styles

´╗┐WordPress themes are styles and files that work together to form layouts that you see on WordPress blogs. Kubrick theme is used the Default Theme in WordPress for its innovative design and use of tags for people to customize their websites. Soon after that, custom themes come into the scene. Custom themes offer plenty of choices for users to take advantage instead of using Kubrick theme all the time.
Users are able to create their own unique WordPress websites without having to resort to Default Theme. The possibilities to more beautiful designs are endless if more time is spent in creating high quality blog layout designs. Instead of tweaking Kubrick theme, it is advisable to make your own design through available tutorials in the Internet.
Although Kubrick theme can be tweaked too, it is horrendous to read through long list of tutorial pages. Beginners are easily confused with the alien IT languages used in changing Kubrick theme that it is almost not possible for beginners to tweak Kubrick theme without giving up half way. Custom themes are so much easier to use and are available in readily downloaded form.
Another reason to choose custom theme is custom theme provides alternative template for specific site features such as category pages and search result pages without cramping everything into one column. Sometimes people would love to have things to click on their websites. This means that personalization is a better choice if people want to increase readership.
Using only Kubrick theme means that you are going to stuck with it whole year. It makes your website looks so boring and not well- updated. You can solve the problem by switching to custom theme. It is also easier to switch between two site layouts to allow users to change site layout according to occasion or season. Some people purposely switch to festive theme when festive seasons like Christmas and New Year are approaching.
You can also design WordPress themes as a service so that others can enjoy your design through public release. This is especially true for graphic designers who created many different themes as charity to others through their free websites. Users can take advantage to further customize the themes if no copyright is stated. If it does, all users need to do is creating design that has the some elements of the copyrighted design to make it truly a new design. It is that easy to make your own custom theme.
Building your custom theme rather than just using Kubrick theme helps you expand your knowledge in web building. It is an opportunity to learn more about CSS, HTML and PHP. To those who are already good in the mentioned IT knowledge, it gives you the opportunity to put your expertise to work. You will be surprised at your level of creativity once you lay your hands on customizing your site theme.
Kubrick theme is not a bad theme. Nevertheless, we need to create something new to make our sites less likely to resemble each other. Therefore, it is time for Kubrick to retire to give way to more exciting and interesting themes.