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How to Set Up a WordPress Blog For Profit

How to Set Up a WordPress Blog For Profit

Blogging can be an amazing way help you to make money on the net. It enables you to get messages out to potential customers, get messages out to existing customers, and does great things for the SEO (search engine optimisation) of your site. I’m not feeding you hype when I tell you that you should be blogging. Search engines love blogs so you’ll save loads on your advertising costs, too.

The articles bring people in and your articles, as well as banners in your sidebar, can sell to people that arrive on your site.

Setting up a WP Blog

Setting up a blog isn’t difficult. WordPress is really easy, really customisable, and works amazingly well for bringing you traffic. It has got to be the favourite blogging platform for the most successful online marketers. You can set it up on its own as the root of a domain or you can create a yourdomain.com/blog as well and add it to an existing site. If you’re with a webhost that offers cPanel hosting (most large webhosts do), you’ve already got the ability to add a free WordPress blog onto your existing website.

I would recommend that you host your blog with someone other than WordPress. For a small fee this way you have more control of your blog and cannot be shutdown anytime Worpress feels like it.

I used to use Go-Daddy but now use My Express Site. Very simple to use with great tutorials and excellent customer service.

Here are some non-technical overviews of how to set up WordPress blogs on their own as well as on your existing website. If you run into trouble, you’ll find loads of free online tutorials and your webhost probably has free support and can guide you through as well but it’s really quite easy.

In cPanel, there’s an icon called Fantastico or Fantastico DeLuxe. It’s a little happy face. By clicking on it, you can add all sorts of programs. Install WordPress from here. When you do, it’ll ask you where to do a new install and here’s where you can choose a URL such as yourdomain.com or yourdomain.com/blog. (If you don’t already have a domain and webhosting, you’ll want to set those up first.)

You’ll go through self-guided boxes that ask you for information such as your username and password and then with the click of your mouse, your blog is created. After it’s installed, you can login at: yournewblog.com/wp-admin.

Here, you’ll use the credentials you’ve set up and then you can go ahead and start blogging. You’ll find many free templates and tools to customise your blog and once you start blogging, you’ll find you get more traffic than ever to your website. Blog with search engine optimisation in mind and that’ll bring you plenty of organic traffic.

It’s a good idea to learn all you can about optimising a blog as well as monetising it. There are some great tutorials and tips that can help you unleash the potential of blogging with your target audience. Subscribe to my newsletter (in the sidebar) to learn more.


Blog Comment Plugins For More WordPress Website Traffic

Blog Comment Plugins For More WordPress Website Traffic

Comments are a great benefit of blogs. People can give you feedback on the posts you write. You also know you have traffic and sometimes people follow other people just to see their comments. With WordPress you can add plugins to add extra benefits to both you and your commentators.


This spam plugin comes installed with WordPress, you just need to activate it. This plugin catches most spam and occasional “”ham”” these are comments it is not certain are spam. You do not have moderate as much as with out it.

Subscribe to Comments

If your readers like a post, they may like the comments as well. With this WordPress plugin they can subscribe to a particular post and comments and a notice will be sent to their email with each new comment. Then they can unsubscribe to some or all posts when they want.

Nofollow Case By Case

People like to comment on other blogs so they can get a link back to their own site. This will boost their page rank with search engines which will boost your comment rate. With many Dofollow plugins you follow every link that comes into your website. With “”Nofollow Case by Case”” you can selectively choose to make a comment nofollow, or you can choose nofollow for a particular comment author.

Top Commentators Widget

This is a plugin that you can add to your widgets in your sidebar. With this the top commentators on your blog are listed each month. Also with their control form you can manage the commentators. You can also exclude certain ones, which means you can exclude yourself and other writing partners.

Comment Luv

Share the love with this comment plugin. When they comment on your blog it will add a link to their last blog post. This benefits both of you because people are more likely to comment when their posts show.

WordPress Thread Comment

This allows people to comment on an existing comment. The comments will flow logically instead of being yet another comment.

Most Commented Widget

Rather than show the top commentators this WordPress widget shows a snippet of the most popular post. People can be curious about your most popular post or page and this will show them the one with the most comments.


Growing in popularity is this plugin / website. Disqus works with Aksimet and blocks more spam. It adds the ability to like comments and subscribe. Readers can visit see not just check out the commentators, see what blogs they have and which other blogs they visit and comment. It also allows you and visitors to like comments, similar to Facebook.


Help With WordPress

Help With WordPress

Depending on the type of help with WordPress you’re looking for, there are many different options. Let’s take a look at the various options, based on the situation.

If you’re having specific problems with plugins, templates or errors with your WordPress installation itself, then the first stop should be the forums at WordPress.org. Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of other users are constantly posting and sharing tips, helping each other solve similar problems.

Searching the forums can sometimes be a daunting task, but there are some ways of doing a more effective search. If you’re experiencing trouble with a plugin, try going to the plugin directory FIRST, then look for a link in the sidebar (under the big download button) called “”Forum posts”” — clicking this will take you directly to a list of posts regarding that plugin. Do this
before trying a general search on the Forums homepage. The reason is that doing a search there will give you results from ALL of the forums which can be very distracting as you will have to sort through a lot of posts that don’t match your issue.

The same procedure can also be done when looking at a template listing inside the template directory. It’s a much faster way of finding the help you need. Sometimes template developers have their own sites with forums for troubleshooting issues with their themes, so try looking in Appearances > Themes for a link to the developer’s site for help. This is usually the best approach so that you don’t have to wade through forum posts that don’t match your topic exactly.

Additionally, when making a post in the forums (only after you can’t find someone else with the same problem) make sure you write an appropriate tag such as the plugin or template name, or the specific section inside the WordPress administration. This can make a big difference whether or not other users find your post or not.

In addition to searching at WordPress.org for solutions, you can also find help with WordPress in the form of tutorials on sites like YouTube or HubPages.com. These sites are full of video and text tutorials that can train you on virtually every aspect of using the WordPress CMS. Chances are someone has written a tutorial on the exact topic you’re looking for, so search those sites and you’ll become a WordPress pro in no time!


Amazon WordPress Plugin

Amazon WordPress Plugin

Experience the Leverage it Will Provide to Your Affiliate Marketing Pursuit People, who have promoted Amazon affiliate programs in the past will realize as to how cumbersome it becomes to setup everything the way it is exactly intended. Now, with the introduction of Amazon WordPress Plugin these chores can be duly taken care of with minimum intervention on your part. Establishing a niche website, one can easily direct sales to the concerned affiliate program of Amazon.

The principle features will be discussed, which will enable you to understand the significance of this plugin in your future affiliate marketing ventures. With a onetime purchase of an effective Amazon WordPress Plugin, one can be assured of getting the benefits for the entire life. Unlike other categories of affiliate plugins, this really comes as a big relief because a person does not have to make any payment on a monthly basis. Also once this plugin is procured it can be used everywhere, thus saving your expenses in creating new Amazon websites catering to a niche segment. Many other plugins require purchasing a new license whenever a new domain is utilized. Hence, a person who has just started to work for the affiliate marketing programs will find this tool of great help as a professionally designed product review website can be made within just a few minutes.

Plus, you also get the required support for other region specific affiliate marketing programs from Amazon, and countries like USA, UK, Canada, and Japan all fall under this purview. Creating product links and URLs for images, which are SEO friendly is extremely important to increase the visibility of your site in the internet marketing sphere. So this aspect is also taken care of by the Amazon WordPress Plugin.

Additionally, you can also display information regarding product brands, featured products and price ranges by using the sidebar widgets which are customized and built-in. Different aspects of information regarding the Amazon product also includes average ratings given by customer, manufacturer’s details and elaborate customer reviews. Nowadays, websites need to engage and pique the customers and incorporation of video in a website goes a long way in achieving this purpose.

With the amazing Amazon WordPress Plugin you can find video reviews on YouTube relevant to the product. Nowadays, to identify the distinctive traits and demands of various customers it becomes necessary to do tracking of the customer product clicks. Amazon WordPress Plugins with the help of the integrated technology for click tracking achieves this too! Separate IDs are allotted for different products, so that you can easily keep a track of the performance and the commissions earned from the respective products. Furthermore, simultaneous eBay listings are displayed alongside the products which are being promoted, in order to enhance the volume of products sold, thereby giving you the opportunity to earn more in terms of affiliate commissions. In order to give a credible and competitive look to your site you should provide options to your site’s visitors/customers to do a price comparison on certain products which are being promoted.

In this way customers get more convinced and are more likely to buy through your site. In order to display relevant and meaningful content to the visitors of your blog you can use Amazon WordPress Plugin as it permits you to control the amount of Amazon data that would be displayed with the help of powerful and flexible HTML templates. Using features to post product reviews in bulk a specific WordPress category is created dynamically. The posting of your reviews for Amazon products is done over a substantial time period rather than for a limited time slot. This allows the product posts to become visible naturally over a span of time. So, if you want to utilize your time to the fullest and pursue your other core activities in affiliate marketing the Amazon WordPress Plugin can definitely prove to be a handy tool.


WordPress Theme Tutorial: Part 1 – Setup

This tutorial will teach you how to make your own theme using WordPress, the popular blogging tool. This video talks about some basics of theme setup, and adds the header, footer, and sidebar to the pages. Nothing big yet, that will come in the next video. Files Used in Lesson: Original Page: andrewanimation.biz Theme Up to This Point: andrewanimation.biz Sample Posts: andrewanimation.biz


WordPress plugins and some of the popular plugins

WordPress plugins and some of the popular plugins
There are a large number of plugins available for all WordPress users with the intention to enhance and improve their blogging experience. The number of plugins is increasing from day to day, but not all of the plugins are good for you as some may damage your WordPress installation or even harm your site. Some of the plugins that are worth trying out are:
1. Sideblog- this is a way to post short notes on the sidebar with options such as the number of entries to display, defining the sideblog categories and exclusion from RSS feeds. It is useful to post updates and sharing of links. Some of the options include cool themes, made the sidebars invisible from the search robots or adding feeds to the sideblog.
2. Secure and Accessible Contact Form- this is a plugin with a number of features such as extensive security with 16 individual abuse countermeasures, form an overview page to confirm the general configuration of the plugin, maximum accessibility and usability, option to use your own style sheet or extensive on board documentation library if you ever need any help.
3. Sociable- this plugin attaches a list of social bookmarking sites, which allows your visitors to bookmark and it is found at the end of your posts. It automatically add links to your favourite social bookmarking sites on your posts, RSS feeds and pages and you can choose from 99 different sites.
4. Gravatar 2 Plugin- this plugin allows the display Gravatar which is a globally recognized avatar of your commenters. This allows you to distinguish yourself from other users in an online community such as websites, forum or chat rooms. In WordPress, Gravatars are hosted on a single server by encrypting the user’s email address. You can have one avatar for each forum you visit.
5. Search Everything- this plugin allows you to search everything in the database as the default WordPress search engine does not search some pages such as static Pages or metadatas. There are options for you to choose, so you can choose what to search. Some of the options are to search every page, tag, category, comment, attachment, excerpt or non-password protected pages.
6. Admin Drop Down Menu- this is a very useful plugin as it saves you more time. Usually, you have to click a number of times to get from one page to another. With this plugin, just hovers the arrow of your mouse to the category that the page is located to save more time. Instead of going from one page to another before reaching the final destination, you can choose from the menu itself, which can inactivate a second menu from the first.
Do not be scared by the number of plugins available out there. The best thing to do is to do your research. Read blog posts, reviews or comments on the plugins which are widely available in the Internet. Choose those that will enhance your WordPress sites wisely.


Why use Sideblog in WordPress

Why use Sideblog in WordPress?
For the blogging community of WordPress, it is well-known that there are lots of plugins available for your blogging experience. It would be impossible for one to utilize all of them and not all are suitable for your taste and style. Thus it takes time to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each of the plugins and whether they are serving the purposes they were built for. Some of the plugins are known to make your sites wonderful, while there are some that are just disasters.
One of the popular plugins is Sideblog. It is a small blog that sits in your sidebar. Here, you can post short entries on anything such as personal updates, recommendations of websites, links or updates of your blog.
Why should you use a Sideblog? There are several benefits for using Sideblog. You will be able to obtain more frequent updates. There are active bloggers who update several times a day, however for those who do not there will be a period of inactivity of their blogs. The only update they are getting is from the comments of the readers and visitors. A Sideblog will be useful here as it allows you to break up the inactive period.
For those who do not have sufficient time to post up a full blog post, Sideblog is useful as it allows the bloggers to post up short and quick updates. This is helpful to those who have a thought or update to share, but the amount of time is limited.
There are some readers who only read from RSS, and thus they may never have visited your blog although they may be loyal readers to your blogs. A Sideblog is separated from your main blog post feed, and thus readers will check in often to read the posts on your Sideblog. This will not only increase the number of visitors to your site, but also giving them a chance to leave comments or ad clicks.
With Sideblog, you will be able to add links to other sites that your friends are blogging, even if they are non-related to the contents of your blog. It comes with options such as preventing the search robots to search the Sideblog, and thus Sideblog allows you to add non-related links to your site. With this, you will be able to gain more friends by linking your sites to theirs and to link to friends that you have made, but cannot be linked from your main content.
Sideblog also allows the bloggers to show some of their true sides. In the blogging community, professionalism is important and bloggers work hard to retain this in their posts. This leads to good quality of articles they produced. With this plugin, a blogger will be able to show a little more of their true self. Sideblog is more personal compared to the main contents of a blog site.
The reasons to why should you use Sidebar plugin in your blogs are listed as above. There are positive feedbacks from the blogging community on this plugin.