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Tips for Building Links for your Blog

Tips for Building Links for your Blog

Once you start blogging and want to become more serious about making money off of your blog you’re going to need to know how to build links for your blog. Links and content are the two most important things you’ll need to do for your blog and they’ll both take lots of time. In this article we’re going to look at some tips you can use when building links to your blog. Try implementing as many of these tips as you possibly can because they will all help you out.

Tip #1

• Make sure that you build links to your blog on a consistent basis. This means you should build links to your blog on a weekly basis and nothing longer then that. Don’t build a bunch of links one day and then stop for a couple weeks because the search engines will think your links are unnatural. As your blog ages you can build more links just make sure there all natural links.

Tip #2

• Always spread your anchor texts around and use a lot of different ones when building links. You want to use your main ones more often then others, but don’t just use a couple anchor texts. The search engines will think you’re trying to rank for the keyword unnaturally and punish your blog. If you use different anchor texts when building links you shouldn’t face this problem.

Tip #3

• Use as many different types of websites you can for your link building campaign. There are thousands of different websites where you can build links to your blog and you should spread your links around so they seem like there just coming naturally. The more variety you use when building your links the stronger rankings you’ll start experiencing.

Tip #4

• Don’t build links on link farms or anything that looks like a link farm. The search engines are very capable of finding these link farms and will ban your site from their listings. Most blog networks selling posts with duplicate content are considered link farms so be weary when buying these links for your blog.

Tip #5

• You can use automated software for building links to directories and social bookmarking websites, but there is a possibility of being banned in the search engine listings so be aware of this. There are plenty of people using these software programs without issues though so you can try them at your own risk.

There are plenty of other tips I could list for building links but you can implement these into your daily life and you’ll be well on your way. Always make sure you’re careful about building links because if you build links in a bad area you could get punished months down the road and all your work would be down the drain. I typically stick with directory submissions, social bookmarking and links from other blogs. I also use forum signatures for building quick links to my blogs and getting them indexed in the search engines. Make sure it’s a respected forum before using it for signature links because if you don’t then it could hurt your site instead of help your website.


Blog Comment Plugins For More WordPress Website Traffic

Blog Comment Plugins For More WordPress Website Traffic

Comments are a great benefit of blogs. People can give you feedback on the posts you write. You also know you have traffic and sometimes people follow other people just to see their comments. With WordPress you can add plugins to add extra benefits to both you and your commentators.


This spam plugin comes installed with WordPress, you just need to activate it. This plugin catches most spam and occasional “”ham”” these are comments it is not certain are spam. You do not have moderate as much as with out it.

Subscribe to Comments

If your readers like a post, they may like the comments as well. With this WordPress plugin they can subscribe to a particular post and comments and a notice will be sent to their email with each new comment. Then they can unsubscribe to some or all posts when they want.

Nofollow Case By Case

People like to comment on other blogs so they can get a link back to their own site. This will boost their page rank with search engines which will boost your comment rate. With many Dofollow plugins you follow every link that comes into your website. With “”Nofollow Case by Case”” you can selectively choose to make a comment nofollow, or you can choose nofollow for a particular comment author.

Top Commentators Widget

This is a plugin that you can add to your widgets in your sidebar. With this the top commentators on your blog are listed each month. Also with their control form you can manage the commentators. You can also exclude certain ones, which means you can exclude yourself and other writing partners.

Comment Luv

Share the love with this comment plugin. When they comment on your blog it will add a link to their last blog post. This benefits both of you because people are more likely to comment when their posts show.

WordPress Thread Comment

This allows people to comment on an existing comment. The comments will flow logically instead of being yet another comment.

Most Commented Widget

Rather than show the top commentators this WordPress widget shows a snippet of the most popular post. People can be curious about your most popular post or page and this will show them the one with the most comments.


Growing in popularity is this plugin / website. Disqus works with Aksimet and blocks more spam. It adds the ability to like comments and subscribe. Readers can visit see not just check out the commentators, see what blogs they have and which other blogs they visit and comment. It also allows you and visitors to like comments, similar to Facebook.


Why Use WordPress

Why Use WordPress?

Are you interested in starting your own blog? Are you using a blogging platform right now and they’re just not happy with that? Well, I’ve great news. I have been blogging for quite some time and have used pretty much every blogging platform out there.

I have finally came to realize that there is no other blogging platform that is comparable to WordPress in my opinion.

WordPress is a far superior blogging platform and there are quite a few reasons why. I will list just a few in order to keep this article relatively short period

The Ease-Of-Use

WordPress by nature is just very easy to use. When it comes to writing down your thoughts and categorizing them in an easy to use and read format WordPress nails it.

The control panel that WordPress uses is super simple. You login, click a couple buttons, start writing and then click another button in your post is ready to be read by the world. Does it get any easier?

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress comes out of the box pretty search engine friendly. Although, you do need to change a few things after you install the blog.

The first, in my opinion, would be the permalink structure. Unfortunately, when you first set up your blog the permalink structure is not very pretty. But luckily that is easily corrected. Now, thepermalinkstructure is just a sample of what you can do with the default WordPress platform.

The Plug-Ins

Oh the plug-ins. You definitely cannot forget the plug-ins when it comes to WordPress. The wide range of plug-ins that are offered for WordPress for absolutely free is astonishing. You can find a WordPress plug-in to do pretty much anything you want.

Especially optimize the blog for search engine performance. A wide range of plug-ins that are available will make your blog a powerhouse when it comes to dominate in the search engines.

The Themes

WordPress has thousands of themes that are available. You can pretty much find a theme for any niche you can possibly imagine. The themes are well coded and very sharp.

You can find many styles of themes that will fit your personal needs, and most likely you will find it for free.

Anyway, that is just the few small reasons why I choose WordPress over the other blogging platforms. I could go on and on for hours about why you should use WordPress, but unfortunately I am limited to the space I can use here today.

But, knows this… WordPress is the number one blogging platform out there right now. That is my opinion at the time of this writing.


How to Engage your Blog Readers

How to Engage your Blog Readers If you have a flagship blog and you’re trying to build an audience of regular readers then you’ll need to be able to engage your blog readers. If you don’t engage your blog readers then they’ll never come back to your blog or join your RSS subscriber feed. There are different techniques that you can use to assist you in engaging your blog readers and we’re going to look at some of those methods. Engaging your blog readers has nothing to do with marketing or promoting your blog. It also doesn’t involve anything to do with link building or anything of this nature. To engage your blog readers it needs to be on-site improvements that you make and we’ll take a look at those now. Blog Post Titles You should make titles that aren’t just stuffed for the search engines as this isn’t very ideal for building a reader base. You need to build nice long detailed titles so that the readers knows exactly what you’re offering within that certain post, and then they can click it if they want to read about it. Your titles should also have some personality in them and not just some generic plain title lacking any personality. Blog Post Body The blog post itself should be broken down into smaller bits of information and the best way to do this is either with bullet points or sub-titles. This way it’s much easier to follow down the page and more readers will be inclined to read the information. You want people to find the information useful and they won’t be able to do that if they don’t even read the information you post about. Use a Picture Try breaking up the text up a little bit by implementing a picture into your blog posts. Try to also add your personality into the pictures you choose so that people can begin to adapt to who you are. To build a blog readership you need to show personality and become active within your blog community. Some blogs may also require more pictures in the blog posts, for instance the celebrity niche should have small galleries under each post as the best blogs do. WordPress Theme You should buy a wordpress theme that is customized for your blog as then you’ll stand out from the other bloggers and it will seem like you care about your blog. A nicely designed theme can attract many readers to stick around to see what information you offer. WordPress themes are very cheap as well so you won’t need to break the bank when buying a theme. These are some of the techniques you can use too engage your blog readers and have them coming back to your blog more then once. If you can build a readership then as long as you continue posting engaging and informational posts then the readers will stick around and you’ll grow further. This is the most profitable blog you could develop, but it also takes the most amounts of work and time to do.



What Are The Top WordPress Widgets In Use For Blogging

What Are The Top WordPress Widgets In Use For Blogging?

WordPress as a content management system is very popular. In my opinion one of the main reasons for it’s popularity is the WordPress widgets. If you are new to this blogging platform you may be asking yourself “”What are widgets?””. Well, in an nutshell they give you full control of the content in the side bar of your blog. Widgets allow you to insert HTML code for banners of various shapes and sizes, they also allow you to insert contact forms otherwise known as autoresponders.

I would like to discuss the top WordPress widgets, that I use on a daily basis.

1. Wp Spamfree. This widget removes spam from your website. It finds unnecessary content and gets rid of it.

2. Wp Polls. This allows interaction between your visitors and your blog. This widget helps you create new polls and display them on your blog.

3. All In One Seo. This will take care of your search engine optimisation. This widget takes care of optimising keywords, tags and HTML. This widget helps in getting your site ranked higher in the search engines.

4. Featured Content Gallery. This widget gives your site an nice look and give your visitors an nicer experience while on your site.

5. Font Resizer. Font resizer give your site visitors the opportunity to change font size with just a click.

6. Secure WordPress. This widget secures your website content.

7. Follow Me. Twitter has become very popular and there is a widget called follow me, which allows site visitors to follow you on twitter, thereby increasing you twitter following. You can in turn market your site or blog to your increased twitter following.

8. Sexy Bookmark. With this widget you can give your visitors the choice of bookmarking any useful content on the various social bookmarking site. This is an excellent tool for website promotion.

9. Recent Comment This one is self explanatory, it displays recent comment.

10.Related Posts. This one encourages your blog visitors to stay longer on your site by reading related posts. They may even bookmark your site and read more content at a later stage.

These are just a few of the top WordPress widgets I use. WordPress widgets are crucial for your website or blogs design, functionality and promotion, so enjoy and take action.


How to Build Your Traffic on a Blog

How to Build Your Traffic on a Blog

Blogs have become a webmasters best friend and it’s allowing everyone with or without programming skills to create very appealing websites. With the content management system so flawless on WordPress and so many different themes that you can choose from, a lot of the work is already done for you. Most people had to design there websites by scratch which limited them in the amount of time they had to build the traffic on their websites. With blogging you’ll have lots of time to build the traffic on your blog and it will be one of the main projects of making your blog successful.

Traffic doesn’t magically appear, well it could I suppose but if you want targeted traffic then it’s going to take time and work too accomplish. The first thing you need to do as a blogger is make sure you have added a nice amount of content onto the blog, you should also be posting new content on a daily basis in the beginning so that people can see you’re adding new content regularly. A lot of people will just leave the blog if they notice that there hasn’t been much activity going on, and this is what you’re trying to avoid. You want the traffic to stay on your blog and come back in the future so you need to offer lots of great content to do this successfully.

Once you have the content generation down to a science then you need to work on the actual building of the traffic. This will consist of building links in high traffic areas and also in areas that will help increase your search engine rankings. Traffic from the search engines is the most targeted and valuable traffic that you can get for your blog and you should be focusing on ranking for keywords that will bring you traffic. It’s not easy to take over search engine rankings and you’ll need to do a lot of link building in order to take over your competition, but in time it’s definitely possible.

There are also some other traffic generation methods that you should look at for your blog which consist of social bookmarking, article marketing and traffic trading. Sometimes trading traffic isn’t the best choice, but it’s an option so always keep it in mind because you’ll never know when it could work out for your blog. Social bookmarking and article marketing are both ways to increase your traffic and also increase your search engine rankings, so doing these two things are very important. The traffic you get isn’t the best, but it all helps and the backlinks you build from doing it will also help you get traffic from the search engines.

Your blog traffic is always at risk, which means if you decide to stop posting for some reason then over time you might lose all of your traffic. People go back to blogs because they like what you’ve written in the past and want to see what else you have to say, but if you don’t post then people will quickly stop coming. A blog takes constant work, and even though you might like the idea today in a week you may have changed your mind which is what most webmasters do. If you’re in it for the long haul though then you’ll find it takes at least three months before you notice any steady traffic from your blog.


WordPress Best Plugins

www.cybermedmarketing.com WordPress best plugins enable you to install plugins automatically. In this video I will show you these WordPress best plugins that are highly recommended word press plugins. According to my experience every one who owns a wordpress blog must use these wordpress plugins to improve his word press blog. Especially when you are looking to block spammers on your blog or you want to bring traffic to your site from search engines etc etc. In short wordpress best plugins really make our work easy.


WordPress SEO Plugin | 2 Plugins That Will Shoot You To The Top of Search Engines!

Learn more here: dominategooglewithwordpress.com There are literally dozens of plugins to choose from but none can compete with the strength of the 2 WordPress SEO plugin’s that I’m about to reveal in terms of both on-page and off-page SEO. None are more easy to use and neither of them require coding or HTML work. And both are setup to keep you doing what you do best without having to put much thought into strenuous SEO efforts of backlinking or keyword structure.