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Review of WordPress Traffic Getting SEO Plugin from Jeff Johnson

www.marketingprofessor.com Review of SEO Plugin for WordPress by Jeff Johnson available for a limited time at ScanOffer.com WordPress blogs are a great platform for Business blogs, but how do you optimize the blog so that you are getting the most from the search engines. This plugin helps you optimize your blog so that the search engines visit repeatedly with each piece of valuable content you publish. ScanOffer.com {–download the plugin here If you liked this video, please: 1.) Rate 2.) Favorite 3.) Comment 4.) Subscribe (to the channel) if you haven’t already Recorded: 06-02-2009 for viewers like you 🙂


WordPress SEO – Search Engine Optimization Tips For Your WordPress Blog

If you are using WordPress for your website you probably already know that it is seo friendly out of the box. One thing that separates WordPress from other software is inbuilt pinging. This means that whenever you make a post on your wordpress blog it automatically notifies the search engines of the new content saving you time and getting the attention of the search engines at the same time. This allows the search engine bots to visit your site and quickly check out your new content and index it.

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Top 5 SEO Plugins for WordPress

Top 5 SEO plugins for WordPress. If you have a WordPress blog/website download these SEO plugins to get your blog/website fully optimized for the search engines. Follow me Now on Twitter: twitter.com Learn more about SEO: www.freshtilledsoil.com The top 5 list of my favorite SEO wordpress plugins. If you currently have a blog or website built with wordpress, make sure you download these plugins to ensure your wordpress blog/website will be indexed correctly in the search engines. If you are interesting in downloading these wordpress plugin’s here are the links: All in One SEO Pack Plugin- wordpress.org Google XML Sitemap Plugin- wordpress.org SEO Friendly Images Plugin- wordpress.org Redirection Plugin- wordpress.org No-follow Plugin- wordpress.org


Roofing WordPress Training – Free Estimate Traffic

www.startmyroofingbusiness.com – Create your Free WordPress blog, and promote your roofing business. You can get free traffic to your website, or your blog by posting new information daily, and the search engines will index your blog which brings in more traffic. Using these free techniques to create free leads for your roofing business, you can add photos and videos to your WordPress blog. – http



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All about a keyword rich domain

A good domain name will get you a good page rank. It’s always a good idea to register domain names with keywords that you are planning to target. For example, if you are selling toys online, then it would be better for you to register buytoysonline.com

In the above case, When people type in the keyword “buy toys online”, there is a high chance that – your site will be popping out in the first page of search results.

After you register a domain name – in a manner like we have explained above, you can start getting content for the site. Even in the articles that you are gonna publish in your site, keywords are important. Doing so, can get you in the first page of search results in most of the search engines including Google.

Create as many content pages in your site as possible and link between the pages at appropriate places. You may link to the keywords that you are targeting. It would be helping the link juice in your site to flow throughout the entire site.

After creating content pages in your site, you may create some free blogs and write content related to your niche on those sites also. The advantage of doing this is that – in the middle of the articles, you’ll be able to put links to your original site. This can get traffic and also increase the number of backlinks to your original site. When linking to your original site, give hyperlinks to the keywords that you are targeting – and they should point to pages in your original site(the one you’re gonna promote). For example, if you are planning to sell toys, then link to the words “buy toys online” or something like that. And the link should point to pages in your original site.

After that, you may also try some SEO tricks and methods to increase the PR of your newly created site. You can attempt blog commenting, article marketing in sites like ezinearticles, and social submission and social networking as well.

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All about SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is something you can do on your own. Learning to SEO your sites is easy and you’ll start doing it better once you gain more expertise in the field. But before you start doing SEO, you should be learning the basics. You should be learning what it means to optimize a site for search engines. You should also understand how a search engine finds and indexes a site from the millions of new sites that are created each day. And after you learn the basic things such as those which are mentioned above, you may learn the different types of methods that can be adopted to do SEO on your websites.

Why should we do SEO our sites? Google is the search engine that most of the webmasters target. So, from here on, we’ll be using the word “google” for search engines. We are doing SEO in order to rank our sites high in Google. But before ranking them, we should at least, try to index the sites in Google.

Google index sites when they come to know about a new site. But how will they come to know about a new site. Google’s crawler search for sites from one link to the other. This way, they go on looking for new sites from one site to the other. So, if you want to index your newly created website, then at least one indexed site should be linking to your website. This way, it’ll finally reach your site when it crawls the site in which your link is there. So, the key in indexing a site is to get a link to your site in other sites that are already indexed.

And after you have indexed your site, you can start doing SEO related works on your site to rank it higher in Google. But what does it mean to rank it higher in Google. Suppose your site is related to “selling Iphones”. And if your site is getting in the first page of the search results related to the keywords that you are targeting like “buy iphones”, “iphone store” etc, then your site is said to be highly ranked one, in Google.

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