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All about whois checkers

Have you ever thought of knowing who owns a particular site? A whois checker will allow to know the details about the registrant, registrar etc of any domain name that you wish to check with it. This is a good way to contact website owners when you are planning to buy websites. By using whois checkers you’ll able to find the email address of the owner of the site. You’ll be getting this service from many whois sites out there. Almost every whois sites offer these services free of charge.

The features found in one whois checker may vary from the other. Some whois checkers will allow you to search whois information of email ids as well. So, whois checkers are not just for checking the registrant details of just websites. Some even provided ip whois checking facility. For that just enter the ip address that you want to check. And if there are sites hosted with that ip address, then the whois checker will be displaying the sites that are hosted with that ip address.

If you want to be anonymous and don’t want to allow whois checkers to display your address and other details, then you may opt for adding a whois filter while registering a domain name. Namecheap, provides this service free of charge when you register a domain name with them. They will ask you to enter your name, address and other such details but these details won’t be shown publicly through whois checkers if you are opting the above service. Instead of that, some other details will be shown – and when someone replies to the email address that is shown in the whois details, you’ll still be getting those emails to your original email id.

Why should we use an whois checker? Webmasters usually use these kinda tools when they plan to buy a promising site. Suppose you are planning to buy abc.com – what would be the first step that you’ll be taking? How will you be able to get in touch with the person whois currently owning it. It’s a pretty difficult task without using an whois checker.

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