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Monetize Your WordPress With Ecommerce Plugins

Monetize Your WordPress Website Or Blog With Ecommerce Plugins

If you’re not generating money from your website or blog, you should be. Numerous shopping cart plugins allow you to sell your products and services online through your WordPress account, and below we outline the features of several of them for you to consider.

Browse through them to consider which plugin might be right for your site. WP AuctionsNo more listing, seller or final value fees when you use this handy plugin. Host auctions and sell items for free. Don’t forget to register your plugin with WP Auctions Live.

It will help generate traffic to your site. One item at a time in the cart is your only drawback to this plugin. FatFreeCartNo generating or pasting code using this plugin because it works within the post editor. Incorporate the add-to-cart feature within your blog posts. Note also that it integrates with PayPal and Google Checkout. eStoreThis plugin gives you fully-automated selling capability of your digital products. Deliver products without directing buyers to a webpage to download; they’ll receive an encrypted download link in their email.

The great news? It’s integrated with WordPress’ Affiliate software. WP e-CommerceThis is a Web 2.0 application that provides full-feature shopping cart functionality and allows for one-page checkout. Don’t make site visitors move from page to page in order to purchase a product. Give them a simple, easy-to-use site that they’ll gladly return to. MiniCartEmbed your shopping cart into your blog posts and use the plugin to ask for donations to your favorite cause in the process. eShopUse your pages or posts to create new products. Features include the ability to list multiple products, create an add-to-cart function, offer downloadable products and more.



How to become a webmaster? (Part – 1)

Before you move any further, you should be registering at some webmaster forums. I’d recommend you to register at the top 2-3 webmaster forums rather than registering at just one. But why to register at those sites? I know you’ll be asking that question.

Webmaster forums are sites where you’ll find experienced webmasters. What are they doing there? They’ll be either promoting their business, or simply helping others. By helping others, their reputation is gonna increase, and they will be also getting some other benefits. We’ll discuss those things some other day.

So webmaster forums are just for experienced webmasters? Nope, not like that. There you’ll see people like you as well. They’ll be either learning things from other webmasters or practicing what they have learned. You can start by clearing your doubts. You’ll get surprised when you see, even new members replying to your queries. That’s because they might have already got answers to such questions from experienced webmasters out there when they asked those kinda questions earlier, when they were new there.

Don’t feel shy to ask questions. The questions that you might be feeling to ask may sound simple even for you. But, if you are having doubts, then you should ask them and clear those doubts the same moment. Only then, you’ll be able to become a successful webmaster. One thing to note is that – don’t spam the forum with questions that are already asked by others. Before you ask questions, its recommended to search for answers using the search facility provided in the forum. And even after visiting the threads started by others, if you’re still having doubts, then go ahead and clear your doubts by starting a new thread. Again, make sure that you are starting threads at the right place. There will be different sections in the site for discussing different topics like programming, business, blogging, search engines, marketing, search engine optimization etc. There will be a general section as well, where you’ll be able to ask general questions that don’t fit under any other section.

That’s all for now. Check out the next part for more.