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The 3 Pages That Should Be On Every WordPress Website to Increase Its Effectiveness

The 3 Pages That Should Be On Every WordPress Website to Increase Its Effectiveness WordPress has come a long way in its journey to become the #1 blogging platform out there today. As the features and functionality have increased over time, the possibilities for what can be done with WordPress as a website solution have increased. With today’s features, WordPress can be used to create an entire site in most cases in addition to just a blog. This article discusses which pages should be created in any WordPress blog. The 3 Pages That Should Be On Every WordPress Website to Increase Its Effectiveness

1. Landing Page or Home Page The landing page or home page, depending upon the type of web site, is critical in being able to convert your visitors to taking a specific action. It is very difficult to do that with blog entries as the home page. When people land on your blog home page, they usually land on a page with a lot of content and nothing really directing them to do anything. If any of your blog titles happens to catch their attention, then when they click on a specific post, you may be able to convert that into an action, but only if your post is written up to do just that. If not, then you will just have a reader who may or may not come back to your site. Having a landing page will allow you to prepare the visitor and guide them through the site the way you want them to go. 2. Contact Us Page WordPress makes it easy to put a contact us form on your website that will get emailed back to you when the visitor submits the form. There are a few ‘contact us’ plug-ins that give the website owner a lot of flexibility in getting the kind of feedback that will be most beneficial to them. One of the contact form plugins that gives a lot of flexibility in creating great forms called ‘Contact Form 7’. The 3 Pages That Should Be On Every WordPress Website to Increase Its Effectiveness.

The benefit of having a contact form instead of your email is it is easier to manage communications, you can outsource your customer support much more easily and you can guide the visitor much better with the information you need from them so you can better serve your visitors, prospects and customers. 3. Blog Postings Page If you are going to have a WordPress website, then you should have a blog as well. WordPress is a blogging platform so it pretty much comes with the territory. In this case, you will need to create a separate page to direct the blog postings to. When setting up the blog page, you will need to be sure to label it something that is very clear and enticing if you want your visitors to read your blog postings. Labels like ‘Blog’, ‘Articles’ and ‘Content’ are fairly popular. This is the name that will be on the navigation link for that page as well. This is why it is important to make it something that is easy for visitors to understand. Creating an entire website from WordPress is easy to do with the latest versions of WordPress. It is very easy to create the basic pages that will allow a small business owner to get a website up and running very quickly. Having a landing page, a contact us page and a blog page is a great foundation to build from. Once that foundation is there, additional pages and features can be easily added. The 3 Pages That Should Be On Every WordPress Website to Increase Its Effectiveness


WordPress Themes and Styles

WordPress themes are styles and files that work together to form layouts that you see on WordPress blogs. Kubrick theme is used the Default Theme in WordPress for its innovative design and use of tags for people to customize their websites. Soon after that, custom themes come into the scene. Custom themes offer plenty of choices for users to take advantage instead of using Kubrick theme all the time.
Users are able to create their own unique WordPress websites without having to resort to Default Theme. The possibilities to more beautiful designs are endless if more time is spent in creating high quality blog layout designs. Instead of tweaking Kubrick theme, it is advisable to make your own design through available tutorials in the Internet.
Although Kubrick theme can be tweaked too, it is horrendous to read through long list of tutorial pages. Beginners are easily confused with the alien IT languages used in changing Kubrick theme that it is almost not possible for beginners to tweak Kubrick theme without giving up half way. Custom themes are so much easier to use and are available in readily downloaded form.
Another reason to choose custom theme is custom theme provides alternative template for specific site features such as category pages and search result pages without cramping everything into one column. Sometimes people would love to have things to click on their websites. This means that personalization is a better choice if people want to increase readership.
Using only Kubrick theme means that you are going to stuck with it whole year. It makes your website looks so boring and not well- updated. You can solve the problem by switching to custom theme. It is also easier to switch between two site layouts to allow users to change site layout according to occasion or season. Some people purposely switch to festive theme when festive seasons like Christmas and New Year are approaching.
You can also design WordPress themes as a service so that others can enjoy your design through public release. This is especially true for graphic designers who created many different themes as charity to others through their free websites. Users can take advantage to further customize the themes if no copyright is stated. If it does, all users need to do is creating design that has the some elements of the copyrighted design to make it truly a new design. It is that easy to make your own custom theme.
Building your custom theme rather than just using Kubrick theme helps you expand your knowledge in web building. It is an opportunity to learn more about CSS, HTML and PHP. To those who are already good in the mentioned IT knowledge, it gives you the opportunity to put your expertise to work. You will be surprised at your level of creativity once you lay your hands on customizing your site theme.
Kubrick theme is not a bad theme. Nevertheless, we need to create something new to make our sites less likely to resemble each other. Therefore, it is time for Kubrick to retire to give way to more exciting and interesting themes.


Free Hosting vs Paid Hosting

Free Hosting vs. Paid Hosting

If you’re just starting out in the webmaster arena then you’ll probably either already be debating between a free host or paid host or you will be soon. A lot of new webmasters aren’t too confident with what there doing and feel that they may not know how to do anything which is one of the reasons why people choose using a free host. There are tons of free blog hosts out there which allow you too create your very own blog on their servers for no charge at all. This means you could potentially make money without ever spending a dime of your own money, but there are downsides to using a free host.

Sure most people talk about how new webmasters should use a free host because it will allow them to test out how to run a blog and will give them valuable experience. Now this is correct in the fact that the person would learn what it takes too run a blog, but then once they do feel confident with blogging they’ll want too move on to their own domain. Now the problem with this is that you won’t be able too take your blog with you and therefore you’ll need to start from scratch from again which isn’t always fun. This is why I recommend starting out with your own paid hosting right from the beginning. For the price that it costs for a domain and a small blog hosting package nowadays there is no reason too be using free hosts.

It will cost you no more then $20 too get your first domain and first months of hosting paid for and from there you can begin making your blog and you actually will own it. On a free blog host you don’t really ever own your blog, but with your own domain and hosting you’re the complete owner to your blog and nobody will be able too take that from you. Free blog hosts have the possibilities of closing down in the future and then all of your hard work would also be lost.

I tend to not enjoy leaving my blogs in the hands of someone else and I personally have never used a free blog host and never will. When you have a successful blog on a free host not many people really care and your monetization methods are slimmer for private advertisements. Private ads are a huge part of blogging monetization and without the option you’re cutting yourself short. When you have a blog on its own domain then you’ll easily be able too sell links, banners and more once you get traffic.

The benefits of coughing up $20 to own your blog is well worth it and can save you from lots of headaches down the road. You never want too leave your web properties in the hand of someone else and by using a free blog host you’re doing exactly this. Now for children and teenagers I understand using a free blog host, but if you’re an adult and serious about giving the online world a chance then you shouldn’t be scared about paying $20 for a domain and hosting as this will be the least of your investments.


5 Reasons To Use WordPress As Your Blog System

5 Reasons To Use WordPress As Your Blog System

I have tried many blogging system to hold my blog. Starting from free blog systems like blogger.comto open source blog programs.

It is not until I found WordPress and settle down with it. There are 5 reasons for you to choose WordPress as your blogging system, in the order of their importance.

1. Search Engine Optimization Built-in Feature

WordPress is programmed with Search Engine Optimization(SEO) feature. What I am talking about is the function of converting your blog article to URLs pointing to your blog article.

For example, if you blog has address of [http://www.YourBlog.com], you can have URLs like this, pointingto your articles:


So, if your article title is “”Wordpress Private Tutorials”” then you can have this URL:


Just imagine when search engine listed those URLs to their system. When people search something about ‘WordPress Tutorials’ or merely about ‘WordPress’, there are big possibilities they end up clicking your URL above. Thus, you will get traffic to your blog.

This SEO feature can be activated with only a few simple steps. Most people who use WordPress don’t activate this feature after installing their WordPress blog.

2. Ease Of Use

I’m sure you don’t want to get headache when using your blogging system, and concentrate on the writing part. That’s why WordPress is the right system to use, since the control panel’s user interface is beautifully built. Even if you are new to internet and blogging world, WordPress user interface can be used by you intuitively.

3. Rich Arsenal Of Plug-ins

WordPress ethusiast programmers are plenty. They are making good and great plug-ins you can use with your WordPress. There are so many of them that there are more than one plug-ins available to serve a single purpose.

Searching and trying which plug-in works for you can be a risky, tedious and time-consuming task. Here’s a tip: ask person whose blog you read and in his/her blog you find an interesting function at his/her WordPress blog.

4. Rich Arsenal Of Theme

Besides programmers, there are also many WordPress enthusiast web designers. They created plenty WordPress theme you can use for free. There are downsides if you use these free themes:

– You cannot modify them as you like

– You probably cannot find a theme that suits your need

– You look unprofessional since you are using a free theme.

Thing these risks when you are considering a free theme.

5. Familiar To Readers

Last but not the least, like they say, WordPress look is very familiar to blog readers. It is since the are many people are using WordPress as their blog system. Naturally, many readers became familiar with WordPress look. So, if you use WordPress, your readers can easily walk around your blog.

This is a great advantage that can keep your reader’s visit duration. ‘Visit Duration Rate’ is very important to determine how successful your blog is.

As a conclusion, despite a few disadvantages mentioned above, WordPress still your best choice of blog system. WordPress definitely will stay at the internet for a long time, and it is time for you to join the community if you have not yet.