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The 3 Pages That Should Be On Every WordPress Website to Increase Its Effectiveness

The 3 Pages That Should Be On Every WordPress Website to Increase Its Effectiveness WordPress has come a long way in its journey to become the #1 blogging platform out there today. As the features and functionality have increased over time, the possibilities for what can be done with WordPress as a website solution have increased. With today’s features, WordPress can be used to create an entire site in most cases in addition to just a blog. This article discusses which pages should be created in any WordPress blog. The 3 Pages That Should Be On Every WordPress Website to Increase Its Effectiveness

1. Landing Page or Home Page The landing page or home page, depending upon the type of web site, is critical in being able to convert your visitors to taking a specific action. It is very difficult to do that with blog entries as the home page. When people land on your blog home page, they usually land on a page with a lot of content and nothing really directing them to do anything. If any of your blog titles happens to catch their attention, then when they click on a specific post, you may be able to convert that into an action, but only if your post is written up to do just that. If not, then you will just have a reader who may or may not come back to your site. Having a landing page will allow you to prepare the visitor and guide them through the site the way you want them to go. 2. Contact Us Page WordPress makes it easy to put a contact us form on your website that will get emailed back to you when the visitor submits the form. There are a few ‘contact us’ plug-ins that give the website owner a lot of flexibility in getting the kind of feedback that will be most beneficial to them. One of the contact form plugins that gives a lot of flexibility in creating great forms called ‘Contact Form 7’. The 3 Pages That Should Be On Every WordPress Website to Increase Its Effectiveness.

The benefit of having a contact form instead of your email is it is easier to manage communications, you can outsource your customer support much more easily and you can guide the visitor much better with the information you need from them so you can better serve your visitors, prospects and customers. 3. Blog Postings Page If you are going to have a WordPress website, then you should have a blog as well. WordPress is a blogging platform so it pretty much comes with the territory. In this case, you will need to create a separate page to direct the blog postings to. When setting up the blog page, you will need to be sure to label it something that is very clear and enticing if you want your visitors to read your blog postings. Labels like ‘Blog’, ‘Articles’ and ‘Content’ are fairly popular. This is the name that will be on the navigation link for that page as well. This is why it is important to make it something that is easy for visitors to understand. Creating an entire website from WordPress is easy to do with the latest versions of WordPress. It is very easy to create the basic pages that will allow a small business owner to get a website up and running very quickly. Having a landing page, a contact us page and a blog page is a great foundation to build from. Once that foundation is there, additional pages and features can be easily added. The 3 Pages That Should Be On Every WordPress Website to Increase Its Effectiveness


WordPress Wizard 2

WordPress Wizard 2.0

A Complete Review Have you ever considered the idea of being able to make money online? Chances are if you have, you have probably thought about the idea of making money with a blog. Many people do make money with blogs, and good money too. The problem is, is if you are new to Internet marketing and blogging, you do not stand a chance at earning an income from your blog. This is because there are professional marketers out there who understand what it takes and are way ahead of you.

So, while you are trying to catch up with them, they are eating up all of your potential traffic and sales. This is where WordPress Wizard 2.0 can help you. To be able to make money online with your blog, it is essential that you are equipped with all the knowledge you need from the basics to the more advanced education. WordPress Wizard 2.0 has all this for you. It contains more than 50 training video tutorials on how to blog using WordPress.

It’s exactly what newbies to blogging need to get started and get profiting with their blogs. You are taught everything from setting up your own WordPress blog, monetizing it to earn money from it, to driving targeted massive traffic to it. You are giving access to 6 modules which include: * Internet Marketing Basics – This includes video tutorials on how to register your own domain name with places such as GoDaddy, how to change DNS names, how to get hosting, how to install and use FireZilla FTP program and how to use cPanel. * WordPress Basics – You will be giving access to video tutorials on installing WordPress, installing themes and plug ins and more.

* Advanced Tutorials on WordPress – Learn how to upgrade WordPress, use Windows live writer, create back ups, edit CSS style sheets and how to use RSS. * Make Money Online with Blogs – This tutorial is all about making money with AdSense, monetizing your blog with affiliate products through ClickBank and how to publish free articles to drive traffic to your blog. * Link Building and SEO tutorial – You will learn all about SEO and ways to build links. * Email Marketing and RSS – You will learn how to build a list using your blog and marketing your products through email marketing using Aweber.

Not only will you have access to these training tutorials, but you will also be giving special bonuses such as The Keyword Warrior, Forum Warrior, Blog Warrior, Forum Warrior and Directory Warrior. These are important tools that every successful Internet Marketer needs to help them make money online with their blogs. WordPress Wizard 2.0 is a great program for people getting started in the Internet marketing and blogging world. It will get you up and running fast with your WordPress blog and get you into profit mode right along side all the other successful marketers.


How to Make WordPress Themes2

How to Make WordPress Themes

Many blogger swear by WordPress as the best platform for blogs, websites and content platforms to publish content, pictures, videos etc. Though popular for blog, people are using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is open source and the best thing that makes it an absolute favorite with web developers and bloggers is that you can incorporate plugins effortlessly from your WordPress admin panel. You can get these plugins by doing a simple Google search or through the official WordPress site.

You may have seen several WordPress themes and may feel that even you can develop such theme. For those who want to know how to make a WordPress theme, here are some pointers:

1. Designing a theme does require hard work and patience. It is always better to know html or php and the good thing is there are many resources online that can tell you how to learn them.

2. Go to an html and php tutorial website online and find how to use tags, codes and plug-ins. If you are a novice, go to a tutorial site that shows you to build a WP theme right from the beginning teaching you the basics of html and CSS. For those who already know these, you can also go to tutorial sites that show you how to build themes assuming you know these two programming languages.

3. HTML is the most important language, which is absolutely necessary needed to make WordPress theme. So make sure you learn those basic HTML commands and coding. You can make use of Microsoft Frontpage or even Dreamweaver to experiment with HTML codes.

4. Styling a webpage and jazzing it up is the next thing to do after you become familiar with html functionalities. This is where your CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) knowledge come in. When you know CSS, you will know how to make a stylish WordPress theme with colors, fonts, pictures etc.

To sum up, in order to know how to make a WordPress theme, you have to know to create the CSS template which is nothing but HTML and CSS combined. In other words, this is an HTML page stylishly done with CSS. So learn the four following things to make an attractive WordPress theme, yourself:

1. Gain knowledge about using HTML codes and tags2. Learn CSS3. Use the above two to create the CSS layout.4. Convert this CSS layout to form an attractive WordPress theme.


WordPress Leading the Way

For many reasons, WordPress is preferred as the leading blog publisher for websites. Its structured and sophisticated features make blogging so enjoyable and fun. One of its modern features, Kubrick template, is easy to install and customize. Kubrick comes together with WordPress as the default style. For advanced version of Kubrick, K2 is modified to make blog administration easier with the addition of logistics- handling tabs. However, users feel that Kubrick is not user- friendly enough simply because there better themes out there. It is custom theme that can be personalized accordingly.
Bloggers find Kubrick boring after a few posts because of it lack of customization. Upon installation of WordPress, the default theme is Kubrick, which is not sustainable in long-term use. This is because plug- in need to be installed to keep track of comments left by readers. Although WordPress allows easy installation of plug-ins into your blog, it is still a hassle compared to other custom themes that often comes with plug-ins.
In these days, it is not a good idea to use Kubrick as the base theme for WordPress as this leads themes that are difficult to customize. Moreover, Kubrick theme has little documentation and it makes unattractive layouts. For beginners, this is a source of headache when changing layout with Kubrick seems to take forever. In short, Kubrick theme is not user- friendly to bloggers.
Kubrick theme might look too formal with its rigid vertical columns for art lovers. People with art and graphic base often choose more organic and soft-edged designs instead of rigid designs that you would see in Kubrick theme. This is why Kubrick should be changed into a more beautiful theme that suits everyone’s taste.
Also, Kubrick theme should be developed in minimal way for easier customization if it is still going to be WordPress default theme. People always prefer to break away from the default look by tweaking the codes. However, Kubrick codes are not easy to work with. The theme should be plainer so that customization is easier. Therefore, in long-term, Kubrick is not a good base theme for its bad workability.
It is not the end of the world for those who are not good in CSS and HTML editing but yearn for a revamp for their blogs. They can always download themes from websites such as WordPress Theme Generator and IMJTK. These highly informative and useful websites dedicate themselves to provide countless gorgeous WordPress themes to replace Kubrick theme. Downloading and uploading your custom theme is easier this way and saves a lot of time too.
You can also switch themes as much as you like to check the theme’s suitability to your blog. You can always remove the theme if you find the theme looks awkward in representing your blog posts. Unlike Kubrick, there is not much you can do if you find the design not attractive enough for your taste. You need to tweak the finest details to get the result you want which means more time is spent on blog layout rather than concentrating on the blog content.
All in all, custom theme is so much better than Kubrick theme because of its versatility and functionality. It is hoped that one day WordPress decides to replace Kubrick theme with a better-looking theme that is easy to be customized.


The Thesis WordPress Theme – Perfect For Beginners and Experts Alike

The Thesis WordPress Theme – Perfect For Beginners and Experts Alike

Almost anyone who has ever set up a blog or tried to design a website will probably have used WordPress at some time or other. It’s one of the most powerful, and popular, pieces of software to be found on the internet today.

Most people think that it’s just useful for blogs and they do little more than install a copy and add some content. However, if you search around the internet you will soon discover that WordPress can do much more than just act as a blogging platform. Its great popularity comes from its customizability thanks to the huge number of plug-ins and widgets that you can download for free. These add-ons enable you to configure WordPress for almost any kind of website from simple sales pages to complete e-commerce stores complete with payment gateways and so on.

Its other great feature is the ability to change the look of your website at the touch of a button using templates, or as they are referred to in WordPress circles, themes. Some themes offer little more than a change of colour or some extra graphics, but the better ones enable complete customisation of your website, right down to individual page level. Using such a template can really make your website seem individual and make it stick out from the crowd.

One of the best themes in terms of the level of customisation it offers is the Thesis WordPress Theme by DIYThemes.com. This amazing template enables people with little or no web coding skills to completely customise the look and feel of their WordPress installation. Non-techies can adjust a whole range of parameters from right inside the WordPress control panel itself without ever changing a line of code.

There are 3 different ways to alter the look and feel of the Thesis them. These are listed under 3 menu options named Thesis Options, Design options and Custom File Editor from inside the control panel. The Thesis Options menu allow you to change things such as the layout of your navigation menus, add analytics and stats tracking code and gives you a fine degree of control over the display by tuning the headers, the posts, comments, sidebars and even tags that are used. The next menu option covers the design aspects of the Thesis theme. Here you have a bewildering range of choices that allow you to change the colours and fonts of every part of the site individually. You can have a feature box, a multimedia box for displaying video and even drop in a custom stylesheet if you have one.

Finally, you have the custom file editor. This utility allows even the most hardcore technical wizard full control over every aspect of the themes design. There is literally nothing that you cannot customise as long as you are familiar with WordPress and PHP.

The Thesis Theme is amazingly versatile, as can be seen by some of the showcase blogs that are demonstrated on its homepage. If you are en expert you can play about with it to your hearts desire but if, like most of us, you never want to see a line of code, then you can still change almost every aspect of the design. You can really allow your creative juices to flow without your getting your hands dirty, making the Thesis WordPress Theme one of the best available on the market.


Using WordPress Plug-Ins to Increase Affiliate Sales

Using WordPress Plug-Ins to Increase Affiliate Sales

There are quite a few new plug-ins out there for WordPress which are specifically designed for affiliate marketers and assisting them in increasing there revenues. There are plug-ins which you can purchase that will input datafeeds from different affiliates such as Ebay and Commission Junction. The datafeeds are usually made up of all the products that each affiliate has to offer. When you set-up the datafeed it automatically uploads the products picture, title and description into your blog.

It would take you literally weeks or months in order to input the same data that these wordpress plug-ins can do in minutes. The thought of creating a product page for thousands of products has never even crossed my mind and I don’t think I’d ever consider doing it myself. On the other hand I don’t mind spending $100-$200 on a WordPress plug-in that will save me months of work.

You need to spend money in most cases to make money online. There are opportunities to make money online without spending a penny, but you’re limited in what you can do. Imagine for instance you own a golf blog and you currently only make $5/day from Adsense. If you implement a datafeed from one of Commission Junctions golf affiliate stores then you would be able to offer your visitors thousands of gold products. Over time you could become a full-fledged e-commerce store that sells popular golf supplies to your blog visitors.

Typically you’ll get commission anywhere from 5-15% on your sales which is a lot more then you make using Adsense. Affiliates always make more then people who use Adsense and it’s where the money is at for webmasters. The problem is most people don’t know how to get involved or start selling products, and therefore they limit themselves to there Adsense money.

Even if you have dabbled with affiliate marketing then you know how hard it can be to try and set-up product pages. It’s easy to set-up the first few, but then it becomes repetitive and usually the job goes unfinished for weeks. By using a datafeed importer plug-in you will spend minutes uploading entire stores to your wordpress blog.

Each of the different plug-ins out there is different in appearance, but for the most part they have the same features and are the same price. You’ll want to do a bit of research on the different products out there that do this and choose the one that you think is most attractive. Remember the theme doesn’t matter as you’ll be using your own wordpress theme, but the way the auctions appear is important unless you know some coding to customize it. If you don’t know any coding though then you’ll need to make sure that you buy a plug-in that is attractive enough for you.

Thousands of affiliates already are using datafeeds in there websites and most of them have mentioned increases in there revenues. The bloggers who don’t promote and market there blogs won’t be very successful, but if you do then I guarantee you make more money utilizing a datafeed importer wordpress plug-in. Allow it to do all of the work and you sit there and cash the checks.


Facebook Connect WordPress Plugin – How to get a Facebook API key

presssavvy.com for WordPress how to Videos! In this WordPress training video, I will demonstrate how to integrate the Simple Facebook Connect WordPress plugin. Simple Facebook Connect is a collection of WordPress plugins that allow you to make any type of Facebook Connect functionality you want to a WordPress blog. This allows you to keep a Facebook connected website that doesn’t have a ton of coding, yet is customize exactly the way you’d like. First, you activate the Simple Facebook Connect Base , which allows your site to include the basic Facebook Connect functionality. Then, each of the add-on plug-ins will allow you add small pieces of specific Facebook-related functionality, one by one.


7 Benefits of a WordPress Website

7 Benefits of a WordPress Website

Personal Website Management

WordPress was originally used for personal writing, but it is now used extensively for content management websites. There are at least 7 benefits of a WordPress website.

First, it is free to download. Although it is free to download this program, you will have to pay a small monthly fee of about $10 to host your website. This is still very inexpensive to use.

Next, it is extremely easy to use this program. There are many sites that offer tutorials on how to use this program. So, if you can manage to use a word processing site, you can use this one as well. It is much easier than writing code or anything like that.

There are many thousands of themes that you can use to upgrade your website and make it your own. There are custom websites and templates you can use to make your website attractive. If you decide to change the way it looks, it is easy to do so.

Next you have plug-ins that you can add to your website. These can do many applications from site security to keeping track of how many people visit your website. You can add them easily, and most of them are free of charge making it cost effective as well.

Website search engines like the use of WordPress. If you use this as part of your site, then you will be able to maximize the number of people clicking through to your website. If they like you, then you will benefit by using this program.

Know that if you have any issues with WordPress, help is not far away. There is no email or call in features for this program, but there are many message forums or even paid repair people who can take care of any problems that you might have. If you go on the forums, you might be able to talk to someone who can help you without it costing you anything at all.

Finally, you have control of what you can do to your own website. You do not have to worry that if you do not like the way it looks that you will have to get permission from someone else to change it. You can change it daily if you want to. It is very flexible and cost-effective to use and makes a very professional looking website for you and your business.

Just be sure to realize that there are many types of websites out there. There are personal websites just for you to maybe write a blog, and there are DIY or do it yourself websites that you build however you want it to be. There are ways of updating your website that involve archiving or storing your data in order by the date it was written. There are content management websites that look at what is on your website and work with you to improve your content. Any website will routinely need website maintenance and you can do this yourself if you are able to or pay a professional to do it for you. It gives you peace of mind knowing that someone who is a professional can take a look at your website and check for things like viruses or any other problems. You can take courses online or at colleges to learn things such as how to maintain your computer and website. It is really up to you how much effort you put into your website.