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WordPress 2

Wordpress 2.5.1 Is Available

If you’ve yet to realize WordPress 2.5.1 is now available and you should update your current WordPress to make sure that it’s up to date. The update has some bug fixes which are important and also some more performance enhancements which were unexpected. If your blog is using any sort of open registration then you need to make sure your WordPress blog is running on version 2.5.1 because there is a serious defect in WordPress 2.5 and not many people know of it yet but the public eventually will become aware of the vulnerability and capitalize off of it. To protect your blog you should make sure to download the update which is WordPress 2.5.1.

There were some improvements made to the admin panel and more specifically the posting pages and this was well needed. More importantly though this update fixed seventy bugs and some of them were quite serious. This is why if you don’t update your WordPress software then you could run the possibility of being exposed to intruders due to bugs in the old versions. The widget admin has also been tampered with, and I feel for the better as it’s now easier to customize your sidebars.

One of the best security updates implemented in this version of WordPress if the ability to add in the SECRET KEY constant into the wp-config.php file. This will help your WordPress blog become more secure which is very important when blogging, especially once you get popular. Once you’re popular at blogging people will do anything they can to gain access to your blog, and usually the main cause of people gaining access is due to an old version of WordPress being installed rather then the newest version. If you want to make sure that your blog is safe and secure then download the update which is WordPress 2.5.1 and make sure that you get your SECRET KEY for you blog. There is also other plug-ins you can find which can benefit your blogs security features. Blogging is worldwide and very popular now and people are earning thousands of dollars blogging, if you’re one of the people out there blogging then ensure you have the most up to date version of WordPress at all times. The best place to find out about the current version of WordPress is at WordPress.com.


WordPress Websites All The Rage As SEO Strategies Evolve

WordPress Websites All The Rage As SEO Strategies Evolve

WordPress was once perceived as just another open source platform, created for a “”learner driver”” in the technology game. This has changed. WordPress is not just a platform for bloggers; WordPress is a platform with great potential and ROI for small and medium-sized business owners.

In recent times, due to the ongoing evolution of the web for push-button publishing and optimised user experience, WordPress websites have gained much favour in the small to medium business space. Why? WordPress blogs are becoming well-known as being superior content management systems that allow business owners to easily manage their site in order to meet the changing demands of their business as well as to optimise for organic search and integrate their site with the explosion of social media.

WordPress – Low Cost, High ROI

In a rapidly changing digital marketing landscape, many of the complex programming languages and high priced website services, with bespoke content management systems are facing large degrees of difficulty, and increased development costs to keep up with the fast paced changes being brought about by industry leaders such as Google and Facebook. Business owners don’t want to continually live in revision mode when they have to wait for developers to figure out how to make their website do what needs to be done. Because companies large or small nowadays have to justify every dollar spent, WordPress offers an excellent return on investment with minimal maintenance costs.

From its humble beginnings, WordPress has evolved with a robust and active global development community It’s superior features, and the ability to develop customised templates and useful plug-ins with easy-to-integrate functionality (which is proudly shared amongst developers at little to no cost) makes it an attractive prospect to many small to medium business owners and entrepreneurs.

WordPress Development There are expert WordPress website developers building websites for small to medium businesses all across and beyond. They will work with you to build an affordable, search engine friendly, fully customised WordPress website which will help you meet your online objectives. Whether you want them to set you up so you can run it on your own or are looking for full service website leasing services, touch base with us so they can help you put WordPress to work.


Top WordPress Gallery Plug-In

Top WordPress Gallery Plug-In

WordPress is known for it’s wonderfully easy to use blogging platform that basically anyone can get the hang of within a day or two. In the past year or two thousands of developers have been developing WordPress plug-ins which is used to make your blogging a more unique experience. Some of the plug-ins is for the blog owner’s enjoyment and some are for the blogs reader’s enjoyment, either way they are very fun and helpful tools that everyone should utilize. One of the hardest things to do, and also one of the most time consuming things to do on WordPress is create a picture gallery so that it appears nicely with proper thumbnails. Many people have given making a WordPress gallery plug-in a shot but not many have made a plug-in that works properly and efficiently. The NextGEN Gallery plug-in for WordPress is absolutely the number on WordPress gallery plug-in currently and it has many great features.

One of the best features of the NextGEN gallery is the ability to be able to create thumbnails automatically without having to do them yourself. The plug-in also has some nice usable effects that you can utilize if you’d like and best of all it has an easy to use
admin interface. Adding picture galleries onto WordPress posts or pages has never been easier with the NextGEN gallery and also has never looked nicer. As WordPress blogs become more well designed and over more content it’s important that you keep yourself in this top league and by using this plug-in you’ll ensure you’re competing with the best pictures on the web. The thumbnails created look very nice for the readers and the interface to manage the pictures is better then any other. Thousands of people have already been integrating picture galleries into their blogs and it’s been helping them all out with boosts in traffic due to higher interactivity then other blogs. People like to see that you’ve spent time on your blog and not just thrown it together in minutes and although it only takes minutes to set-up each gallery it ensures a very attractive looking blog that people will want to visit often. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/nextgen-gallery/


How to Make WordPress Themes1

How to Make WordPress Themes

Many blogger swear by WordPress as the best platform for blogs, websites and content platforms to publish content, pictures, videos etc. Though popular for blog, people are using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is open source and the best thing that makes it an absolute favorite with web developers and bloggers is that you can incorporate plugins effortlessly from your WordPress admin panel. You can get these plugins by doing a simple Google search or through the official WordPress site.

You may have seen several WordPress themes and may feel that even you can develop such theme. For those who want to know how to make a WordPress theme, here are some pointers:

1. Designing a theme does require hard work and patience. It is always better to know html or php and the good thing is there are many resources online that can tell you how to learn them.

2. Go to an html and php tutorial website online and find how to use tags, codes and plug-ins. If you are a novice, go to a tutorial site that shows you to build a WP theme right from the beginning teaching you the basics of html and CSS. For those who already know these, you can also go to tutorial sites that show you how to build themes assuming you know these two programming languages.

3. HTML is the most important language, which is absolutely necessary needed to make WordPress theme. So make sure you learn those basic HTML commands and coding. You can make use of Microsoft Frontpage or even Dreamweaver to experiment with HTML codes.

4. Styling a webpage and jazzing it up is the next thing to do after you become familiar with html functionalities. This is where your CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) knowledge come in. When you know CSS, you will know how to make a stylish WordPress theme with colors, fonts, pictures etc.

To sum up, in order to know how to make a WordPress theme, you have to know to create the CSS template which is nothing but HTML and CSS combined. In other words, this is an HTML page stylishly done with CSS. So learn the four following things to make an attractive WordPress theme, yourself:

1. Gain knowledge about using HTML codes and tags2. Learn CSS3. Use the above two to create the CSS layout.4. Convert this CSS layout to form an attractive WordPress theme.


Why Use WordPress

Why Use WordPress?

Are you interested in starting your own blog? Are you using a blogging platform right now and they’re just not happy with that? Well, I’ve great news. I have been blogging for quite some time and have used pretty much every blogging platform out there.

I have finally came to realize that there is no other blogging platform that is comparable to WordPress in my opinion.

WordPress is a far superior blogging platform and there are quite a few reasons why. I will list just a few in order to keep this article relatively short period

The Ease-Of-Use

WordPress by nature is just very easy to use. When it comes to writing down your thoughts and categorizing them in an easy to use and read format WordPress nails it.

The control panel that WordPress uses is super simple. You login, click a couple buttons, start writing and then click another button in your post is ready to be read by the world. Does it get any easier?

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress comes out of the box pretty search engine friendly. Although, you do need to change a few things after you install the blog.

The first, in my opinion, would be the permalink structure. Unfortunately, when you first set up your blog the permalink structure is not very pretty. But luckily that is easily corrected. Now, thepermalinkstructure is just a sample of what you can do with the default WordPress platform.

The Plug-Ins

Oh the plug-ins. You definitely cannot forget the plug-ins when it comes to WordPress. The wide range of plug-ins that are offered for WordPress for absolutely free is astonishing. You can find a WordPress plug-in to do pretty much anything you want.

Especially optimize the blog for search engine performance. A wide range of plug-ins that are available will make your blog a powerhouse when it comes to dominate in the search engines.

The Themes

WordPress has thousands of themes that are available. You can pretty much find a theme for any niche you can possibly imagine. The themes are well coded and very sharp.

You can find many styles of themes that will fit your personal needs, and most likely you will find it for free.

Anyway, that is just the few small reasons why I choose WordPress over the other blogging platforms. I could go on and on for hours about why you should use WordPress, but unfortunately I am limited to the space I can use here today.

But, knows this… WordPress is the number one blogging platform out there right now. That is my opinion at the time of this writing.


Benefits of Using WordPress

Benefits of Using WordPress

For businesses looking to increase their web presence, creating websites and blogs are the way to go. The utilization of quality online content is crucial. By having relevant content online, whether on a blog or website, this allows for increased awareness of a business and its services. WordPress is an editing and uploading blog software for businesses to create and publish this content online. With the ability to create websites and blogs, business owners can easily share their information with the world. There are many WordPress benefits!

WordPress is an open source software. This means that millions of people around the world are constantly working on it. WordPress is also a low-cost service. This is very beneficial to business owners because WordPress offers many valuable services all in one program.
WordPress is user-friendly. It is easy both to learn and use. Finally, you don’t have to be an expert to update your website or blog. This is why so many businesses utilize WordPress to share their news and information online.
WordPress makes it easy to add a blog to your website. WordPress can be installed on your own website’s server or through WordPress web hosting. The thought of starting and maintaining a blog can be stressful to many business owners; however, WordPress makes it easier to start a blog. Quit using confusing blogging websites, when you can easily use WordPress!
WordPress offers customization tools with many website and blog themes to choose from! Long gone are the days where changing your website’s look took hours. WordPress makes it easier to customize your website or blog as quickly and as often as you want.
WordPress also has the capability to install plug-ins. Plug-ins allow business owners to add all sorts of things to their website and blog, such as pictures, maps, applications and much more. These are all easy to install with WordPress. There is no need to spend money on a web programmer when you can utilize WordPress’s low-cost tools.
WordPress is a CMS (content management system). This means that your business can use WordPress to collaborate information and data. This makes it easy to share information across the whole company! Things will get done more quickly and there will be less confusion!
Google loves WordPress because it is SEO (search engine optimization) friendly. WordPress is built in a way that makes blogs and websites easier to find on Google and other search engines. WordPress has a way of automatically announcing new content. WordPress also helps business owners create well constructed blogs and websites. This is crucial to maintaining good search engine rankings.
WordPress is safe to use! In a time where online security is often questioned, business owners may be wary about online safety. WordPress offers easy to install plug-ins that will make your web site or blog safer! WordPress takes the fear our of maintaining an online website or blog.
WordPress websites and blogs have accessibility. This means that anyone can access your business website or blog, thanks to WordPress. WordPress makes it easy to view your information on any computer, in any country, and on any device! As technology grows and changes, this is crucial for business owners.
WordPress helps your site grow with you! Once you have gotten the hang of WordPress, you’ll soon realize that it will continue to help your business. While your needs may change in the future, whether it be a new website design or the need for a video gallery, WordPress can continue to help you will all of these needs.

As you can see there are many WordPress advantages. Businesses have a great tool to succeed in the online world, thanks to WordPress! Make a web site or blog today, and utilize WordPress. Learn and grow with WordPress by looking at a WordPress tutorial. Website and blog set up is easy!


The Power of WordPress Themes

The Power of WordPress Themes Starting and maintaining a blog is not easy. One must think of ways to expose his blog in order to gain more audience and fan following. Aside from that, blogs usually contain articles, but articles are not enough to attract visitors. One must be able to have an interactive blog that keeps the visitor stay and read the blog. A blog that has lot of contents and eye catching designs are also one of the ways to keep the audience entertained and recommend the blog to other people. In order to do this, one must have such software that will manage his or her blog without delving into too much technicalities. A blog with a WordPress theme is very advantageous when it comes to its creation and management. WordPress is an open source CMS, content management system. What does this mean? This means that one, WordPress is free and will always be free. Second, a community of programmers, web developers, and enthusiast protects WordPress from any potential hacks and security lapses. Third, these people regularly try to develop WordPress and its plug-ins in order to improve its functions and features. A CMS is a content management system solely developed for websites, blogs and web pages so that they won’t have to hard code every aspect of their website. Why use a CMS? Better yet, why use WordPress among the other CMS? Here are some reasons:• It is free, has open -source licensing, has lots of WordPress themes available for download• It has lots of available plug-ins, widgets, and applications that can go with one’s web design• It is easy to use, outputs great end product, and gives you freedom in one’s design• Powered by PHP and MySql, WordPress has the ability to create and manage a website while at the same time, it has the ability to support and integrate a database to the website.• WordPress won the best open source CMS award on 2009 because of its excellence in the field of CMS and web development. Now, these are the reason why WordPress have an edge over other CMS. WordPress themes are available for download and it can be used in one’s web site, blog, or web page. This way, you will no longer worry about its core designs; WordPress themes would do it for the user. Of course, one would have the option to change or edit the WordPress them if it would not satisfy his tastes. By using WordPress one can hasten the design process while at the same time the quality of the site won’t be compromised. Web development takes a lot of time, WordPress however is a development tool made for blogs and websites that does not need too much abstraction but at the same time it has the elements of art and beauty. By using a CMS to manage one’s blog, it gives the user simple clicks here and there to update or change his blog without going into too much trouble. WordPress is here to make designing, creating, and maintaining a site easy. The Power of WordPress Themes


How To Create A WordPress Website

How To Create A WordPress Website There are a lot of people learning how to create a WordPress website. It is one of the most popular content management systems. It has literally been downloaded over twelve million times off the internet. With so many people using the program you have to wonder; just how easy it is? Very, very easy. Beginners are learning how to create a WordPress website and getting there very first one up the same day. The process only takes a few short minutes, and has all the prompts for you to do the creating. There are even some tutorials out there for you to use to add in plug-ins to the site. While the standard version has been used so much, and by all sorts of people; the easiest I have used is the WordPress Express. This version literally takes the learning out of how to create a WordPress website. There are only three basic steps to the process, but you will need a domain name ahead of time, and web hosting. How To Create A WordPress Website.

All you basically have to do is pick a name for your site, pick the template you want to use and review those, then just create. It’s that easy, and that fast. You can then go and customize your site within minutes and get it set up the way you want it to. You don’t have to worry about being stuck with the template you picked either. How To Create A WordPress Website.

The new versions of this program allow you to change the colors, themes, and templates even after you have created them. The MU version (multi-user) also allows you to control more than one site from the same dashboard. No matter which version you use, WordPress is something that even beginners can do with ease and a sense of accomplishment. Any program with WordPress is set up to be user-friendly, and they deliver on that. Think about it; over twelve million downloads means that people are using this and liking it. How To Create A WordPress Website