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How to Set Up a Purchased WordPress Website on Your Hosting Server – Part 1 of 2

How to Set Up a Purchased WordPress Website on Your Hosting Server – Part 1 of 2

This is a two part article describing how to move and set up a purchased WordPress website on your hosting server. The first part explains why you may want to purchased a WordPress site, how to transfer the domain and setting up the domain on your hosting server. Part two will take a closer look on how to install the websites database and configure some important WordPress settings.

Have you ever tried moving and setting up a purchased WordPress Website on Your Hosting Server. In case you purchased an existing WordPress website and domain and has no clue on how to move and set up WordPress website on my Hostgator hosting account, read on…

The reason you may not want to setup your own WordPress website from scratch may be because you want to speed up implementation time and take advantage of the fact that the domain has already some age and AdSense monetization working. So you would only have to use your SEO experience to improve Search Engine ranking for the niche keywords.

Lets take a real example but change the names. Bob is the guy who purchased the domain and blog and the lady, lets name her Maria, that had sold Bob the domain and corresponding WordPress website told him she would send him all the information needed, but what Bob received were two zipped backup files, one with the database sql import file and the other was the WordPress domain directory. The only indications regarding setting up the WordPress website Bob got were that he had to upload the files to his server. Was this all he needed to do? What do you think?

Even though WordPress is very easy to install and manage, moving an existing WordPress Website to your hosting server should be a little more complex than that. So Bob thought that there must be more to it, especially as the MySQL database file had another database prefix, which is usually your hosting account ID. The format is something like MYHOSTID_MYDBNAME; so let’s name Maria’s database file maria89_wpbd123.sql. Bob’s Database prefix is bob58.

I know that when you restore a MySQL database in cpanel that it takes the sql file name to import the tables it into the same-named database, or creates a new one. Bob tried it out and as a result a MySQL database named bob58_maria89wpbd123 was created. The database restore had stripped out the underscore and added Bob’s database prefix. Not very nice:-(

Bob then wrote Maria back asking for more details, and whether there were any specifics that he needed to take into account for moving, setting up or configuring her specific the WordPress website. She apologized and replied that she did not know how to handle this and suggested having a live chat with my hosting support provider. Maria probably thought that moving a WordPress website from one hosting server to another would be as easy as she initially said, so Bob could not count on her and did not insist futher. Bob’s hosting provider has an outstanding support, so this was not a too bad idea, but then he decided that he would first have a go on his own.

So here comes how Bob proceeded for moving, setting up and configuring her WordPress website on his hosting server…There may be a quicker way, but it worked great for him and, in the end, if you know some simple but important details, the set up is pretty straight forward. Let’s first outline the basic steps required to transfer the domain to and set up the WordPress website on your hosting server.

Transfer the domain to your domain service provider
Set up the domain on your hosting server
Upload the WordPress database files
Configure your WordPress website

What do you need before you start?

WordPress Database MySQL restore file, DBprefix_DBname.sql
The complete WordPress website directory
The current WordPress admin userid and password

So let’s go a little more into detail on each step of the set up process…

1. Transferring the domain to my domain service provider

If you have also purchased the corresponding domain, the very first step is to get the domain transferred to your domain service provider. This will be done by the owner. If you have the same domain service provider, this is usually very simple; it’s called “”pushing””.

Unfortunately Maria had another domain service provider than Bob is using. So to make things easy he created a free account with her domain service provider and would take care of transferring the domain to his provider later on. Maria then “”pushed the domain into his account, Bob accepted it, and then pointed the domain to his DNS server. That was the easy part.

2. Setting up the domain on your hosting server

Bob has a hosting plan, which includes unlimited add-on domains. He logged into his cpanel and created the new add-on domain. This is pretty simple, so I won’t go into more details here. Bob did NOT need to create a WordPress Blog Website installation. This is done by restoring the WordPress database and uploading the WordPress website directory files he got to the domain’s root directory.

Bob then entered my new domain name in the internet browser’s address bar and saw that all was working so far, because he could see the empty cgi-bin directory that is created by default.

Now Bob could upload the WordPress website directory content to the domain directory, located below the root directory; in his case KingKoilMattresse.net. You can either do this via FTP or use the cpanel > Files > Backups wizard.

Bob reentered the domain name in the internet browser address bar and got the expected database connection error. First of all he did not have the DB installed yet and the connection information would be incorrect anyway. We will see how this part of our WordPress website setup can be achieved.

In the final part of the article we will have a closer look on how to Upload the WordPress Database files and Configuring your WordPress Website.


WordPress Goldmine – Review For Bloggers

WordPress Goldmine – Review For Bloggers

Are you tired of hearing everyone else telling you about their success stories while you are still struggling to get started? Have you bought some manuals that promised a lot without delivering on their promises?

If it’s the case, let me reassure you that you are not alone. I personally hate those guru books that have all the answers, but don’t deliver. I hate them so much that the first time I heard about WordPress Goldmine, I dismissed it instantly.

The second time I heard about this book, however, it was from someone I knew and trusted. They told me that the book was an excellent, never written before step by step tutorial for WordPress bloggers. I had been trying to set up a blog myself, and didn’t understand anything about plugins, blogroll, themes and so forth. I knew that I could use a blog tutorial. WordPress Goldmine, was just that.

You probably already know that WordPress is a free blogging platform that anyone can use. There you can build an entire website on any given niche that you can own and dominate entirely. This is the beauty of this blog platform. The only problem is that the average new affiliate doesn’t know how to set up an efficient site, because even though it is not really complicated once you know it, it would take a lot of your time to do the learning process on your own.

The good news is, you don’t have too. Someone else did it for you and when he realized that no one had done it yet, he did it himself. He wrote a very well explanatory step by step on how to set up, promote and monetize a WordPress blog. It is so easy to follow that any average Joe, can do it and make money online.

Are you still doubting that you can do it? Well, let me tell you that if you can read and follow instructions, it’s all you need in order to be able to pull this through. Yes, this is as simple as that.


Why Use WordPress

Why Use WordPress?

Are you interested in starting your own blog? Are you using a blogging platform right now and they’re just not happy with that? Well, I’ve great news. I have been blogging for quite some time and have used pretty much every blogging platform out there.

I have finally came to realize that there is no other blogging platform that is comparable to WordPress in my opinion.

WordPress is a far superior blogging platform and there are quite a few reasons why. I will list just a few in order to keep this article relatively short period

The Ease-Of-Use

WordPress by nature is just very easy to use. When it comes to writing down your thoughts and categorizing them in an easy to use and read format WordPress nails it.

The control panel that WordPress uses is super simple. You login, click a couple buttons, start writing and then click another button in your post is ready to be read by the world. Does it get any easier?

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress comes out of the box pretty search engine friendly. Although, you do need to change a few things after you install the blog.

The first, in my opinion, would be the permalink structure. Unfortunately, when you first set up your blog the permalink structure is not very pretty. But luckily that is easily corrected. Now, thepermalinkstructure is just a sample of what you can do with the default WordPress platform.

The Plug-Ins

Oh the plug-ins. You definitely cannot forget the plug-ins when it comes to WordPress. The wide range of plug-ins that are offered for WordPress for absolutely free is astonishing. You can find a WordPress plug-in to do pretty much anything you want.

Especially optimize the blog for search engine performance. A wide range of plug-ins that are available will make your blog a powerhouse when it comes to dominate in the search engines.

The Themes

WordPress has thousands of themes that are available. You can pretty much find a theme for any niche you can possibly imagine. The themes are well coded and very sharp.

You can find many styles of themes that will fit your personal needs, and most likely you will find it for free.

Anyway, that is just the few small reasons why I choose WordPress over the other blogging platforms. I could go on and on for hours about why you should use WordPress, but unfortunately I am limited to the space I can use here today.

But, knows this… WordPress is the number one blogging platform out there right now. That is my opinion at the time of this writing.


The Importance of choosing the right WordPress Theme

The Importance of choosing the right WordPress Theme

Once you have set-up your WordPress blog one of the first things everyone does is chooses the theme for their blog. You don’t need to keep the same theme and can change it anytime you would like. In the beginning when your blog is new I would just use a free wordpress theme that is related to your niche. There are hundreds of different free wordpress themes out there that you can use and many of them are very well done with great graphics.

As your blog starts to get older you’ll need to determine whether or not you want to keep using the free wordpress themes or if you want to adapt a custom wordpress theme to your blog. Normally what will determine this is whether or not your blog has any traffic or revenue. If you have traffic and are making some money off of your blog then I would recommend getting a custom wordpress made for your blog. Once you have a custom wordpress theme it’s like jumping up the ladder in blogging and makes you almost like royalty. Most readers will stay on custom theme blogs longer than other blogs as well because when you use a free wordpress theme people see those everywhere, but when you adapt a custom theme your readers will have never seen any blog like yours before.

WordPress themes have come down in price over the past couple years and you can get a great custom wordpress theme for under $200. This isn’t a small investment for a blog that isn’t making money and isn’t a very wise investment either. If you have traffic on your blog though, and making some money off your blog then spending $200 won’t seem nearly as bad. It should also help increase your traffic and revenue so it’s a wise investment in some situations. Make sure you have established traffic and revenue before spending money on any theme though, this is because a lot of blogs will never make any money. The last thing you want to do is spend a couple hundred on your blog and it never make any money.

If you look around the blogosphere you’ll notice that most of the established and authority blogs all have custom themes that look amazing and unique. It helps to retain traffic and also assists in increasing your return visitor traffic. If you’re a designer and coder then you can most likely make your own wordpress theme and if you can do this then you should definitely do it for all of your blogs. You don’t need to wait for traffic and revenue if you can do the work on your own time because it isn’t costing you any money.

When you decide to implement your own custom wordpress theme to your blog make sure that it stands out and is unique. You don’t want to spend money on a theme that looks similar to another theme because that defeats the purpose. The purpose of a custom theme is to stand out to your readers and to retain the traffic you build to your blog. Try to add some new features to your theme that you can’t find on other blogs or try changing the layout of the conventional style and making your own style. Always make sure that you use a custom logo or mascot for your theme as well because this will help brand your blog, especially a mascot.

As you can see the importance of your wordpress theme is very important and there are many reasons you should be considering when choosing a theme. If you’re choosing your theme for looks only then you aren’t doing enough. You need to think about how many people are doing that as well, because many do and end up with the same free wordpress themes. If your blog can afford to invest some money into it then I would first spend it on a custom wordpress theme.

A custom wordpress theme will also help you sell your blog if you ever decide to sell it in the future, and you’ll be able to fetch top dollar for your blog. So your themes is more of an investment then anything else, but if money is tight then wait until your blog is making money before spending money on a custom theme. If you’re using free wordpress themes then you should consider switching your theme every month or so, this is so that your readers don’t get bored of the same theme. You should try switching your theme with a newly released free theme each month as then your visitors will be less likely to have already seen the theme.


The Best Ways to Monetize your Website

The Best Ways to Monetize your Website

Once you have built a website and you have some traffic coming in to your website then you’ll probably be looking at the ways you can make some money with your website. There are plenty of opportunities out there that will allow you to make a great income, but you’ll need to find out what works best for your website. All niches will require different types of monetization and some will be more difficult then others to monetize so make sure you consider that before making your website. If you can’t find many ways to make money off of the traffic you’ll be targeting then you might not want to choose that niche at all and move on to something more profitable.

There is a huge list of different ways to monetize your website and you should try using as many of them as possible. Some of the methods used to make money off of your website can be used on basically any website and topic where some of the methods will need a specific website to use the type of monetization. The more diversified you can make your website the better shot you have at making a long time income. This is due to the fact that sometimes some methods will not earn as much some months and you’ll need other methods bringing in income to cover the losses. Never rely on just one form on monetization on your website or else you’re just asking for trouble. We’ll now take a look at some of the ways you can monetize your website.


Adsense is by far the most popular and most widely used platform for webmasters. You simply register an account create an ad in whichever size you need and then add it to your website. Every time someone clicks one of the ads in the box you’ll get paid. Depending on the advertiser will reflect how much you get for your click but generally health and finance are the highest paying topics. Adsense pays out monthly as long as you meet the minimums, but in the beginning don’t worry about this as you probably won’t make enough the first month.


MaxBounty has both leads and sales offers for website owners, and you simply place a link or banner on your website to make money this way. You find the offer you want to add to your website then get the code for the link or banner and implement it into your website. They pay by Paypal every month which is a great way to get some extra money coming in every month.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is one of the leading affiliate platforms on the internet where many name brand advertisers offer affiliates a chance to make money. You can sell products for almost any niche you can imagine which means this is a network you should join. Each advertiser has there own rules and commission payouts so make sure you read everything about each affiliate you sign-up for.

There are plenty of other ways to monetize your website out there, but these three will definitely keep you busy. I would recommend only joining these three at a maximum in the beginning because you want to build up your money on only a couple networks. This way you don’t need to wait for the minimum payout on a bunch on networks as it will take longer to do so. Once you reach minimum payout on the above networks then you can try out some other networks the next month to see if they convert.


How to Find the Best WordPress Themes Using Search Engines and a Little Bit of Intuition1

How to Find the Best WordPress Themes Using Search Engines and a Little Bit of Intuition

Finding a good WordPress template can often be a bit of a task and a process that can last countless hours as you manoeuvre through all of the less that suitable options. The standard option for most people looking for WordPress themes is to use a search engine or a popular WordPress templates directory such as Woo Theme, Theme Forest or Elegant Themes. However, there are countless other ways to find WordPress themes and there are even a few under-utilised ways you can utilise to find premium WordPress themes for free.

The easiest way to find WordPress themes is to use a major search engines such as Google and perform a relevant query like “”best WordPress themes””. However, this will typically bring back endless lists of themes from blogger’s whose sole intention it is to profit from the referral commission they generate. A better option is to perform a quick query around your main target term and look at the returned results by opening them up in your browser. Once you have opened them up try appending the term “”wp-admin”” to the end of the root URL (this will allow you to identify whether or not the site is using WordPress).

Then, if the site does use WordPress, look in the source code of the site by going to the view menu and selecting source. Scroll down to the stylesheet tag and look at the filename – this will usually include the name of the particular theme the website is using. Perform a search around the name of the theme and there you have it, an attractive WordPress theme that is suitable to your particular niche or sector.

Another useful way to find potential WordPress template is to be more specific with your web queries – for example, if you are looking to build a technology magazine website then try searching for something like “”Technology Magazine WordPress Theme””. This will bring back more relevant results and results that are likely to be more suitable in terms of how you want your site to look.


Steps to Successful Blogging

Steps to Successful Blogging

There are many individuals who are owners of extremely popular blogs
but do not believe in the commercialization of the blog. These proud
owners of these admired blogs somehow feel that it is unethical to use
their blog as a source of marketing and income. At the same time, it is
important to add here that there is no dearth of individuals who plunge
into blogging with the sole purpose of converting the blog into a
constant source of income for them.

This chapter comes to the aid of all those who want to become
successful through blogging. Discussed below are some steps which
will take your efforts towards successful blogging to the next level.

Start with a free blog hosting service

It is best for the beginners to start their blogs with a free web hosting
service. It can certainly help in the initial stages of the blog as it allows
one to concentrate on the content of the blog or rather than focusing
on the technicalities of the blog. The best part is that once your blog
takes off, you can easily upgrade it to a paid one. Not to forget that in
the worst scenario of your blog being ignored by the web, you do not
have to incur any financial loss.

Determine on a popular niche

When people talk about popular niche, it is very crucial to understand
that the determined niche should generate huge interest and passion
among the readers. And for that, it is very important that you yourself
are passionate about the niche and have a very good understanding of
it. Before deciding on one particular niche it is better to have a good
idea of the target audience generated by it. One can use tools like
Google Zeitgeist or Yahoo Buzz to find the most frequently searched

Blog as frequently as possible

Updating the content of your blog on a regular basis will keep the
loyalties of your readers intact. Any negligence on your part can lead
to loss of readers for your blog which is nothing but loss of potential

Generate traffic by promoting your blog url

A successful blogger does not leave any opportunity of promoting
one’s blog. It is important to promote your blog through various
means and methods including word of mouth. However, when it comes
to promoting one’s blog, the best method is to submit articles to
reputed article directories with back links to your blog. This is one of
the best ways of increasing the visibility of the blog on the web.

There are numerous methods and strategies for becoming a successful
blogger and one can go a long way in blogging, provided they are open
to new trends and ideas. Other than that, simple steps like tracking
one’s blog on a regular basis, adding quality and interesting content,
proper keyword research, using multiple blogging accounts and
displaying non-advertising digital graphics can make your blog
interesting and popular. Once your blog has gained popularity and has
regular visitors, the next step is to monetize it through contextual and
graphical advertising.