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Twitter is Cool

Twitter is Cool

Twitter is a new addition to the social networking society. Maybe it doesn’t have as many options for themes as some others. But is that all that social networking is about? Heck social networking has nothing to do with what kind of theme or background you have up on your profile.

With adding Twitter to your other social networking places, you can find even more people out there. Information on specific subjects too. All though there may not be anyone on any kind of social networks depending on the subject. Some things you will find are always hard to find.

To sign up on Twitter it’s a very easy and quick process. Make your screen name and finish the steps to sign up. Update your profile, putting what you’d like others to know about you. You can choose a different theme; however, there are not a ton of different choices. But you can change the background color to have a more unique page from others. Depends on what all you want others to see on your account.

You can put anything you want to up at Twitter; well don’t put up those obscene pictures. But maybe you just want to vent about something that happened to you. Or you love some Xbox or other games that you want everyone to know about. Almost anything can be posted on Twitter.

Maybe you have a new product that you’ve tried and it didn’t work the right way. Warn others out there to save the money you spent. Or just blog some nonsense it might actually be pretty entertaining to others. This is how a lot of the bloggers out there have been noticed. They just start writing and people pull up something and find this funny stuff that they might never have found before.

Twitter is just a great way for you get to know other people in other states, or countries. You can make some lifelong friends online. Or maybe even make a love connection finding someone who has the same interests as you. All kinds of things can happen on the internet. Maybe you’re a writer and you’re trying to get noticed, you never know who might spot your work and want to have you work for them. Perhaps you have a book that you’ve completed and someone sees the blurb that you put up on Twitter. Some people have connections and may help you to become published.

Really it’s a new way to socially network, and very easy to sign up. Research information through different links on Twitter too. Blog it up and tell others about your days. Do everything you can think of, and have fun meeting those people.

You may learn things that you never would have. Knowledge is out there to be found, and Twitter is a new way to go about that search. Don’t be left out of the loop, get your very own Twitter account and see what you can find out.


How to Set Up a WordPress Blog For Profit

How to Set Up a WordPress Blog For Profit

Blogging can be an amazing way help you to make money on the net. It enables you to get messages out to potential customers, get messages out to existing customers, and does great things for the SEO (search engine optimisation) of your site. I’m not feeding you hype when I tell you that you should be blogging. Search engines love blogs so you’ll save loads on your advertising costs, too.

The articles bring people in and your articles, as well as banners in your sidebar, can sell to people that arrive on your site.

Setting up a WP Blog

Setting up a blog isn’t difficult. WordPress is really easy, really customisable, and works amazingly well for bringing you traffic. It has got to be the favourite blogging platform for the most successful online marketers. You can set it up on its own as the root of a domain or you can create a yourdomain.com/blog as well and add it to an existing site. If you’re with a webhost that offers cPanel hosting (most large webhosts do), you’ve already got the ability to add a free WordPress blog onto your existing website.

I would recommend that you host your blog with someone other than WordPress. For a small fee this way you have more control of your blog and cannot be shutdown anytime Worpress feels like it.

I used to use Go-Daddy but now use My Express Site. Very simple to use with great tutorials and excellent customer service.

Here are some non-technical overviews of how to set up WordPress blogs on their own as well as on your existing website. If you run into trouble, you’ll find loads of free online tutorials and your webhost probably has free support and can guide you through as well but it’s really quite easy.

In cPanel, there’s an icon called Fantastico or Fantastico DeLuxe. It’s a little happy face. By clicking on it, you can add all sorts of programs. Install WordPress from here. When you do, it’ll ask you where to do a new install and here’s where you can choose a URL such as yourdomain.com or yourdomain.com/blog. (If you don’t already have a domain and webhosting, you’ll want to set those up first.)

You’ll go through self-guided boxes that ask you for information such as your username and password and then with the click of your mouse, your blog is created. After it’s installed, you can login at: yournewblog.com/wp-admin.

Here, you’ll use the credentials you’ve set up and then you can go ahead and start blogging. You’ll find many free templates and tools to customise your blog and once you start blogging, you’ll find you get more traffic than ever to your website. Blog with search engine optimisation in mind and that’ll bring you plenty of organic traffic.

It’s a good idea to learn all you can about optimising a blog as well as monetising it. There are some great tutorials and tips that can help you unleash the potential of blogging with your target audience. Subscribe to my newsletter (in the sidebar) to learn more.


WordPress Goldmine – Review For Bloggers

WordPress Goldmine – Review For Bloggers

Are you tired of hearing everyone else telling you about their success stories while you are still struggling to get started? Have you bought some manuals that promised a lot without delivering on their promises?

If it’s the case, let me reassure you that you are not alone. I personally hate those guru books that have all the answers, but don’t deliver. I hate them so much that the first time I heard about WordPress Goldmine, I dismissed it instantly.

The second time I heard about this book, however, it was from someone I knew and trusted. They told me that the book was an excellent, never written before step by step tutorial for WordPress bloggers. I had been trying to set up a blog myself, and didn’t understand anything about plugins, blogroll, themes and so forth. I knew that I could use a blog tutorial. WordPress Goldmine, was just that.

You probably already know that WordPress is a free blogging platform that anyone can use. There you can build an entire website on any given niche that you can own and dominate entirely. This is the beauty of this blog platform. The only problem is that the average new affiliate doesn’t know how to set up an efficient site, because even though it is not really complicated once you know it, it would take a lot of your time to do the learning process on your own.

The good news is, you don’t have too. Someone else did it for you and when he realized that no one had done it yet, he did it himself. He wrote a very well explanatory step by step on how to set up, promote and monetize a WordPress blog. It is so easy to follow that any average Joe, can do it and make money online.

Are you still doubting that you can do it? Well, let me tell you that if you can read and follow instructions, it’s all you need in order to be able to pull this through. Yes, this is as simple as that.


How to Pick WordPress Plugins That Fit Your Blog Needs

How to Pick WordPress Plugins That Fit Your Blog Needs

If you have a hosted WordPress website you can add plugins. These little programs can change the features of your blog and make it fit your unique needs. But deciding which plugin to use can be a challenge with so many available.

Why is the decision so hard?

The number of plugins available is ever growing on the WordPress directory. In just the past 3 months over 1000 plugins were added. So it is virtually impossible for someone to test all the different plugins and combine them with different themes and in various combinations.

What about support services?

Most WordPress plugins are free. The developer(s) of a plugin may have a full time job, may have stopped updating it, or whatever, but they may or may not provide support. Even when they do provide support remember the plugin is free. They are not making any money except through the occasional donation.

How do I install a WordPress plugin?

Most plugins can be easily installed from the dashboard, your WordPress back office. Scroll down to plugins and click the arrow, beneath in the new menu click “”Add new.”” Search for the name of the plugin or the feature you need. Now you will have a list but it is important to make certain the plugin meets certain criteria.

What is the rating?

Look at the stars. Most of the plugins have some sort of ranking. While you do not know how many people voted for that 5 stars, chances are it is worth more research than the one with one star.

Does the description meet your needs?

Just because a plugin matches your term does not mean that it actually matches your needs. People have different needs. A plugin for photos could turn your site into a gallery, allow you to edit your photos in WordPress, work with one photo program but not another or it may work with both. So you want to be certain the plugin fits your needs.

Do I install it now?

If you still like the program click Install. Now you get more information and more criteria.

How long ago was the last plugin updated?

Over 365 days ago is over a year ago. 10 days means it is fairly current.

Is it compatible with your WordPress Version?

Do not worry if it has not been tested.

How many people rated it?

You knew from the previous screen how many stars, but now you can find out how many people rated it. 290 people rating a plugin 4 stars is far more impressive than one person rating it 5 stars.

How many downloads are there?

Like the rating, more downloads gives it a better chance of being a workable plugin.

Will the plugin work?

Most plugins will not cause too much trouble, you can back up your blog for precaution. If the plugin is still to your liking then you can install it. Activate and see how it works. Again because there are so many themes and you could use it with a combination of plugins, that does not mean it will work in your case. Plugins are free so they are worth trying!


Benefits of Using WordPress

Benefits of Using WordPress

For businesses looking to increase their web presence, creating websites and blogs are the way to go. The utilization of quality online content is crucial. By having relevant content online, whether on a blog or website, this allows for increased awareness of a business and its services. WordPress is an editing and uploading blog software for businesses to create and publish this content online. With the ability to create websites and blogs, business owners can easily share their information with the world. There are many WordPress benefits!

WordPress is an open source software. This means that millions of people around the world are constantly working on it. WordPress is also a low-cost service. This is very beneficial to business owners because WordPress offers many valuable services all in one program.
WordPress is user-friendly. It is easy both to learn and use. Finally, you don’t have to be an expert to update your website or blog. This is why so many businesses utilize WordPress to share their news and information online.
WordPress makes it easy to add a blog to your website. WordPress can be installed on your own website’s server or through WordPress web hosting. The thought of starting and maintaining a blog can be stressful to many business owners; however, WordPress makes it easier to start a blog. Quit using confusing blogging websites, when you can easily use WordPress!
WordPress offers customization tools with many website and blog themes to choose from! Long gone are the days where changing your website’s look took hours. WordPress makes it easier to customize your website or blog as quickly and as often as you want.
WordPress also has the capability to install plug-ins. Plug-ins allow business owners to add all sorts of things to their website and blog, such as pictures, maps, applications and much more. These are all easy to install with WordPress. There is no need to spend money on a web programmer when you can utilize WordPress’s low-cost tools.
WordPress is a CMS (content management system). This means that your business can use WordPress to collaborate information and data. This makes it easy to share information across the whole company! Things will get done more quickly and there will be less confusion!
Google loves WordPress because it is SEO (search engine optimization) friendly. WordPress is built in a way that makes blogs and websites easier to find on Google and other search engines. WordPress has a way of automatically announcing new content. WordPress also helps business owners create well constructed blogs and websites. This is crucial to maintaining good search engine rankings.
WordPress is safe to use! In a time where online security is often questioned, business owners may be wary about online safety. WordPress offers easy to install plug-ins that will make your web site or blog safer! WordPress takes the fear our of maintaining an online website or blog.
WordPress websites and blogs have accessibility. This means that anyone can access your business website or blog, thanks to WordPress. WordPress makes it easy to view your information on any computer, in any country, and on any device! As technology grows and changes, this is crucial for business owners.
WordPress helps your site grow with you! Once you have gotten the hang of WordPress, you’ll soon realize that it will continue to help your business. While your needs may change in the future, whether it be a new website design or the need for a video gallery, WordPress can continue to help you will all of these needs.

As you can see there are many WordPress advantages. Businesses have a great tool to succeed in the online world, thanks to WordPress! Make a web site or blog today, and utilize WordPress. Learn and grow with WordPress by looking at a WordPress tutorial. Website and blog set up is easy!


Steps to Building a Mailing List

Steps to Building a Mailing List

All successful webmasters are always talking about how valuable a mailing list is, but most of them neglect to teach everyone how to build a mailing list. Nowadays you can choose between both free and paid services to build your mailing list, and I’ll leave it up to you to choose your mailing list software. You will need one though so make sure you pick one and get familiar with it so you know what you’re doing. A mailing list is great to have because then you can email them all at once with promotions, specials and anything else you want to as long as it isn’t spam. If you have a big enough mailing lists then you can make thousands of dollars off each email that you send out. You generally send out an email to promote a product to sell as this is how you’ll make money. One key thing to remember is not to email your list to often as then they’ll unsubscribe and you’ll lose potential profit.

Once you have chosen your mailing list software you need to set-up a form on your website so that people can join your list. You’ll want to mention what you’ll offer in your newsletter emails so that people will want to join it. You can also offer a free report or eBook to people so that there more likely to join the mailing list. Many websites out there focus on just list building and there simply one page websites that giveaway something free in order for an email and name. You can do this on your website by creating a new page and setting up a little article for people to read. I find that you should always try offering something for free in exchange for the reader to join your mailing list as most people need a reason to join anything these days.

After you’ve set-up your subscriber page with the free gift and mailing list form then you now need to promote this page and build some links for it. Of course your website traffic should be able to clearly see on every page that you have a free gift offer in exchange for there email. The more noticeable the better as you want your readers to know it’s there. Apart from your website visitors you should also submit the new page to social bookmarking websites. This brings in a lot of traffic and since you’re offering something free many of them will submit there email for the freebie. You can also submit articles to article directories and in the resource box make sure you notify people that they can receive a free gift by going to your page and submitting there email.

Having a mailing list is so important to earn revenue online nowadays that I recommend everyone begin working on there mailing list immediately. Even if you don’t have much traffic right now that’s alright as you can still build your list slowly. You don’t need to send out emails until you reach at least one hundred subscribers though as you want to make it worth your while. If you wait though then you’re just throwing away potential people who would sign-up for your list and you can’t afford to do this. I suggest you get a mailing list software program as soon as possible and begin building your future.


Steps to Dominating a Niche with Blogs

Steps to Dominating a Niche with Blogs If you want to dominate a niche on the internet with blogs nowadays it’s completely possible and although it will require a lot work the payoff is huge. Not many webmasters or companies can say that they dominate there niche and it’s very difficult to do, but with the right planning you could do it. The first thing you need to do is choose your niche, which should be something you enjoy and are familiar with. Don’t choose a niche that is overcrowded with webmasters though because then ranking your blogs with become a lot more difficult and in some cases nearly impossible. You don’t want to compete against any big companies for search engine rankings, because most of the time there budget is a lot larger then your budget is and you don’t need that hassle. Once you a narrow down a niche that isn’t very competitive then you need to begin planning out your exact plan so that you can simply follow through on the plan. Also don’t expect to be dominating a niche in a week either as it takes time and hard work. The number one reason why webmasters don’t succeed is because they give up without allowing their websites enough time to establish themselves and earn money. Step One The first thing that you need to do is establish an authority blog, which should cover the entire niche. Your niche should be small enough that you can have an authority blog ranking for many of the terms in the niche. You should spend a couple months establishing this blog before moving much deeper into your network of blogs. Once you have some traffic and rankings then you can begin to expand. Step Two Once you have your authority blog established then you need to know break down your niche into anywhere from three to ten categories. You’ll know create a blog for each of those categories and begin adding content to them as much as possible in the beginning. Content is important on blogs and you need as much of it as possible so never think you’re writing too much. The traffic you get from these blogs should be targeted and could earn you some good money. Step Three In this step you’ll be creating small blogs that simply consist of only a few pages a piece. These blogs will be used to promote the different products in your niche. These are the small websites that you’ll be sending your blog traffic to in order to convert them into customers. Blogs can build up great search engine traffic and this is the best traffic to sell products to which is why you should send all your blog traffic to these websites. As these blogs age you’ll also begin getting traffic from search engines for the keywords you targeted. As you can see if you follow these three simple steps then you’ll be able to dominate a niche within one year pending the competition isn’t to stiff. You’ll need to of course spend long hours building links and traffic to the blogs in order to have any success, but if you do the work then the money will follow. Nothing is handed to you on a silver platter in the online world so always be willing to work for what you need or else find a typically 9-5 job now before you waste anymore time online.



So you have a WordPress blog

So, you have a WordPress blog. But instead of just working for the blog (writing in it, fiddling with the HTML codes to make it look good), you can also make it work for you. Did you know that your blog can bring in the big bucks? Well, now you do. The question is, how?
That question will now be addressed.
First things first. When I say that your blog can make money for you, I don’t mean the page where you self-publish whatever you like. No; plugins – also known as extensions – are what I’m talking about. Of course, the plugins have to be embedded in your WordPress page in order for them to be seen, and when they can be seen, only then can they work.
Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get to the most interesting part of this article – monetizing your WordPress.
One of the most common methods of monetizing your WordPress is by allowing advertisements on your site, for example: adding AdSense ads to your blog. AdSense is a Google-run advertisement application which you can apply to embed in your page. It generates an income for you – the page owner – on a per-click basis, which basically means that advertisers pay you based on the number of times that ad has been clicked on; or a per-impression basis, where they will pay you based on the amount of traffic you have on your site.
Another money-making method is to market services, products, etc, on your WordPress site by way of using a shopping cart plugin. This plugin allows you to sell things and receive payment through the internet! There are a few available shopping-cart plugins for example Jason R Brigg’s YAK for WordPress which would link your product to the code of your blog entry, making the entry’s code the product’s identification number. It also provides modifiable payment options such as cheque or credit card, or the types of PayPal one might like to utilise.
Speaking of PayPal, it is actually yet another way to make your WordPress (and your readers) become your source of income! However, this method might work better if your blog experiences high traffic, as it is the donation method. That’s right, you can make money off of your site if you add a PayPal plugin where your visitors may make donations either with their credit cards or by electronic debits from their bank accounts. There are many plugins which would enable you to add a PayPal Donate Button to your page. Easy PayPal WordPress Plugin and PayPal Donate WordPress Plugin are two such plugins.
We have now come to the conclusion of the sermon; I’m sure some sort of enlightenment has occurred somewhere between the beginning of the article and this sentence, and the wonders of monetising your WordPress page have been exposed in all their monetary glory. I kid, I kid. Joking aside though, it is now time to view your WordPress blog as more than merely a space for self-published opinion-airing. With the right plugins, it can actually make you money!