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Become a WordPress Pro

Become a WordPress Pro

WordPress is my website platform of choice nowadays. I find it extremely easy to use and with so many templates or themes to choose from and I do not need to ever hire a web designer.

Add a few SEO plugins and you really have a powerful website. Yes, I said website. I use WordPress as a blogging platform and also as a website.

What I try to do is look through the thousands of templates until I find a theme that looks more like a static site. Then I go into the CSS and customize is just a little to make the theme a little different then the original.

When I want to add content I usually use the page feature. I add my content to a page instead of a post. Maybe each of my sites will have ten or 15 content pages. Then I go into the Options>Reading panel in the Administration area and change one of my pages to a static front page. And presto. I have a nice static website.

Now, if I want to also add a blog on the site, I will just post normally and I have a combination website and blog all rolled into one. The really nice advantage is that I can update anything instantly and I don’t need a html editor. I like this feature because I travel a lot and sometimes use other computers instead of my own. With WordPress I always have a way to update my web sites fast and easy.

For those that don’t know how to set up a WordPress site it is very easy. All you need to do is go to your cPanel of your website. Scroll to the bottom and select the smiling icon called “”fantastico””.

Select WordPress from the navigation bar on the left and then select install. Fill in the data fields which consist of your administration name and password, the name of your website and a short description. All this can be changed in the WordPress Admin Panel once the site is live. Click the install WordPress button and you have your very own WordPress site.

Now all you need to do is add some content and you will have a great professional looking website that would have taking you a lot longer to build if you had to do it in html and especially if you are not skilled with coding.


So what exactly is a RSS Feed

So what exactly is a RSS Feed?

As a blogger you need to know what an RSS feed is and you need to know how to use your RSS feed to your advantage to increase your earnings. A lot of new bloggers have no idea what an RSS feed is, and many veteran bloggers know what it is but have no clue how to utilize it. There are thousands of internet users who subscribe to RSS feeds so that they can read all the updates in one central RSS reader. If your blog doesn’t utilize an RSS feed then you could be losing potential readers to your blog. We’ll now take a look at what exactly an RSS feed is and what exactly it does.

• RSS feed are dynamic which means they update automatically without doing anything
• You can easily read and review a number of websites at once
• Easily sends out information to all of your readers
• Can replace content on websites and offers automatically updated content
• Can offer fresh content for the search engines on your website
• You’ll notice higher ranking in the search engines

An RSS feed can be used in two main ways which are to either offer your readers updated content so they can always be aware of your updates and also to offer fresh content on your website. You can run websites off of RSS feeds which automatically update and this means that owning the website would basically be hands-off except for promotion.

You can also make your own RSS feeds and use them to create great backlinks for your websites. Many places allow you to post RSS feeds and this will then update with the most recent posts from your website. This will allow a wide range of people to find your blog and can lead to a lot more revenue. You can even find RSS directories in which instead of submitting your homepage you submit your RSS feed. Then you have a place on the directory where you posts automatically update, so everyone who visits the directory can potentially turn into a new visitor to your website.


WordPress Social Bookmarking

Wordpress Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking has become very well known and many bloggers already understand how they can benefit from the use of social bookmarking sites, but then there are many who are clueless when it comes to finding and understanding the techniques to market there blogs. One of the best methods to market your blog is through the use of social bookmarking sites which can be found all across the internet, with more then 500 of them now it’s not hard to find a few. Many of them don’t attract much traffic and also don’t have much use which is why most people stress only to use the important ones. Now I also believe this is true, especially when you’re using your own time. I usually submit to about ten social bookmarking sites after every one of my posts to build backlinks and traffic and it definitely helps. Now if I were to be paying for the social bookmarks then I usually try finding someone who will submit to one hundred of the sites because then I will gain many backlinks in the process.

A lot of the social bookmarking sites offer do-follow backlinks which means they count to the search engines and the page rank juice will push to your domain. This can help increase your page rank and also helps give you backlinks in the search engines. Some of the bookmarking sites don’t offer do-follow links though and instead they give no-follow links which don’t offer any benefit in the search engines. You’ll still get traffic from these sites though which is why a handful of them have remained popular. Ideally you should submit to a minimum of five social bookmarking sites daily for your blog posts and I would recommend you to use.

– StumbleUpon
– Digg
– Reddit
– Propeller
– Del.icio.us

These five are among the most popular options for social bookmarking and millions of people use the sites. They rank very well in the search engines and can help you get higher search engine rankings and traffic. With such good benefits for blog owners it’s a surprise to me that not everyone is utilizing the social bookmarking marketing technique. Now I understand it’s time consuming but when you can benefit from higher traffic and more backlinks in the search engines its hard not to use the twenty minutes daily to submit your posts to these wonderful sites.

If you’re looking to achieve a higher amount of traffic to your blog then there aren’t many other superior methods when compared to social bookmarking and you should take the time to get registered with some of the popular sites and start bookmarking your posts. Once you become familiar with the submission process it also becomes a lot quicker for you to be able to submit posts and within a few weeks it will seem routine to submit your posts and you won’t even notice it.


How to Install WordPress Widgets

How to Install WordPress Widgets

One of the things that makes WordPress so easy to use is widgets. What is a widget? I will try and explain them the easiest way possible. Basically, a widget is an area of a website or blog where you can control the location by dragging and dropping it. In WordPress, widgets are usually found in the sidebar section. As far as what can be places in them, there are really no limits. There are literally hundreds of different ways to utilize widgets within WordPress.

However, before you get started you should probably learn how to install WordPress widgets. The good news is that a lot of widgets come preinstalled with the WordPress package. The common ones include things like recent posts, categories, tags, and a search function.

However, if you want to add any functionality to your blog or website then you will want to know how to install WordPress widgets from plugins. Many WordPress plugins come with widgets built in so all you have to do is install the plugin and then browse to the widgets section in WordPress.

If the plugin comes with a widget, you should automatically see it listed under the available widgets. If for some reason you do not see any new widgets, then you should make sure the plugin is activated. If for some reason it is not, it will not show up under widgets. The other possibility is that the plugin does not come with a built in widget. If this is the case, you may have to find the short code that works with the plugin and add it to a text widget.

So there you have it, a quick lesson in how to install WordPress widgets.


How to Install WordPress Plugins Easily

How to Install WordPress Plugins Easily

Most plugins can be found and installed easily. You do not have to leave your WordPress website because you can install most plugins quickly from your dashboard. The search for plugins is just as simple.

Where do I find Plugins?

Simply login to your WordPress dashboard. Scroll down to “”Plugins”” then select add new. In the new window that opens to the right there is a search box. You can also see a tag cloud of popular searches. Type in your term or select one of the words.

How do I select a Plugin?

Now there should be a list of plugins for you to choose from. If you know exactly which plugin you want check the name and the plugin author to make certain you have the right one. Otherwise you want to decide which plugin will be the best one.

What can I learn from this list?

Without clicking install there is a lot to learn from this list of plugins. You can see what the name of the plugin is. The average rating, however you do not know how many people rated that plugin. Then the description of the plugin. See if the description meets your particular needs. The plugin may be related to what you need not do what you need. If you still like the plugin at this point click install.

Does it pass the Installation Screen?

A Install pop-up screen will appear. This will tell you even more about the plugin. Here you can read more about the description. To the right you can see when it was last updated. This is in days. Next you can see if it is compatible with your version of WordPress. If the version is fairly current then even if it does not list your version it will probably work. You can also see how many people download it and how many people rated it. This is good because one person giving it a 5 means less than 100 people rating it a 4.5.

Still not certain about this WordPress Plugin?

Look towards the top of the pop up. You will see description, which is what you are looking at. Click Installation, Screenshots, and other tabs. These tabs change depending on if it has information or not. Visit the Plugin Site which is on the description tab. Then visit the WordPress plugin page. Hopefully this will get you enough information.

What about installation?

If you are satisfied enough, try the plugin. Just click install, then activate. Remember you can try a plugin and if you do not like it uninstall it. Simply click installed under the plugin tab. Scroll down the list of plugins to the one you want. Then click the word deactivate. If you do not plan on using it further, click delete next. But most plugins are free, and easy to deactivate. So when you need a new one, try it, you might like it


StudioPress WordPress Themes Review And StudioPress Discount Code

StudioPress WordPress Themes Review And StudioPress Discount Code

More and more people use WordPress these days, because WordPress is free and there are a lot free and premium themes and plugins. Some of us love free WordPress themes, but most of time we can not find quality themes. So I suggest you use premium WordPress themes and you can get full support from the designers.

StudioPress is a leading WordPress theme provider; the designer Brain is famous in this area. If you are looking for high quality professional premium tempaltes, you can find your favorite WordPress themes on StudioPress. With Brian Gardner as the founder, StudioPress is being managed by a group of six professional designers, graphic artists, and WordPress experts.

There are more than 25 professional premium WordPress skins out there, including news themes, magazine themes, gallery skins, company templates, real estate themes and more. You can find your favorite theme here.

The price of these quality WordPress themes is affordable. Similarly important is the pricing of the themes offered by StudioPress; generally they are affordable at $59.95 per theme. On top of that, they also offer a Pro-Plus All-Theme package for $249.95 which you can gain access to all themes offered by StudioPress including the newly launched skins. With the Pro Plus All-Theme package, you are entitled to receive support and updates for all current and future StudioPress themes! You can use StudioPress coupon code to save.

StudioPress offers theme aid by means of their assist forum where you may ask any questions and they shall be answered by helpful members and supportive staff. On the negative side, no email assist is available and your issues will have to be posted within the forum in which others can address it. Hence, there may be no privacy on your component when it comes to asking for help. Nonetheless, this is not a massive issue due to the fact the critical thing is that you will get the assistance that you will need either from other members or the staff. When it comes to the use of the selected layouts for your web page, there is assistance and detailed concept tutorial provided for the members so that you can make integration of the concept towards the web site smooth and less difficult.

StudioPress WordPress themes are easy to use. Their layouts are fully Search engine optimized by 1 of the top SEO experts, Joost de Valk. StudioPress Themes can assist your blog rank much much better inside the Google by following StudioPress Tutorials and recommendations you’re able to obtain even higher search engine placement outcomes.

Good for SEO. StudioPress WordPress Themes are fully Search engine optimized by 1 of the top SEO professionals, Joost de Valk. StudioPress Themes can assist your blog rank much better inside the Google by following StudioPress Tutorials and recommendations you are able to achieve even higher search engine placement results.

To conclude the StudioPress review, the overall assessment of this premium WordPress subject provider is superb and highly recommended, having wide range of expertly developed SEO themes to offer to its prospects and consumers.


How to Add WordPress Plugins

How to Add WordPress Plugins

When it comes to utilizing the power of WordPress, the one thing that sets is apart from other platforms is the plugin system. Plugins allow you to easily add advanced functionality to WordPress and can help you perform a wide variety of tasks. However, you need to learn how to add WordPress Plugin before you can start using them on your own blog or website.

There are two different ways to add plugins to WordPress. The first one is to go out and find the plugin you are looking for on the internet. You can then download the file that they give you. From there, all you have to do is log in to your WordPress blog and select the add new plugin link. WordPress will then have you point to the file you downloaded and it will automatically upload it into the correct directory.

The second way to learn how to add WordPress plugin is to use the built in search feature. You can type in a certain keyword or phrase and WordPress will automatically show you the plugins that it finds based on your search. Best of all, you can also see ratings for each plugin and see which one is the best option for you.

Once you find a plugin you like, just click the install button and WordPress will take care of uploading the plugin for you. If you do this method, you do not even have to upload the files yourself. It is really that easy!

As you can see, there are a few different ways to learn how to add plugins to the WordPress platform. Regardless of the way you choose, you can quickly start adding a lot more functionality to your blog or website.