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Best Ways to Learn WordPress

Best Ways to Learn WordPress

WordPress is an open source web publishing platform. Once the favorite of bloggers, it is quickly becoming the go to application to build any type of website. There are a lot of benefits to using WordPress, including it being search engine friendly and it is simple to change an entire website’s design. The feature that makes it a must use for me is that you can put the control back into the web owners hand. WordPress is significantly easier to update than your traditional HTML websites. This is important because it means web designers can create a website that their clients can control. Anyone who has seen their web designer go AWOL knows the importance of this.

This brings up one question though: Where do I learn how to use WordPress?

1. WordPress.org: If you are new to WordPress make this your first stop. This site is home to the WordPress codex and it contains just about every piece of WordPress knowledge known to man. The codex can be a lot to wrap your head around at first, but there is also a message board here that is quite handy. The message board will allow you to ask the questions you couldn’t figure out from the codex. You might run into some people who just tell you to “”Learn The Codex NOOB”” but most people are willing to help.

2. Online Tutorials: There are a number of WordPress tutorials online. If you have a WordPress issue you can probably search and find a tutorial dealing with that. Using Google and YouTube searches is probably your best bet. Whether you prefer written or video tutorials you should be able to find what you are looking for. Some of the downsides of this method are that video quality can be bad and sometimes the person doing the voice over has an annoying or intelligible voice. I hate having to rewind five times tying to catch what someone is saying. Depending on where you find your tutorial, the creator may not be actively answering any follow up questions you have. This is extremely annoying if you get to end of tutorial and notice you have an issue they didn’t address. That said, if you search around enough you can find good quality tutorials.

3. Coaching: This is the proverbial Cadillac of learning options. There is usually a cost involved but when you figure in how much your time is worth, it is the best option. This is actually how I learned WordPress and it saved me weeks and weeks of time. I spent my first week on WordPress complaining about how it didn’t make sense, and how I wanted to switch back to HTML. I ended up spending a couple hours with a new colleague and he had me up and running in no time. A coupe hours of coaching was able to accomplish more than an entire week of learning on my own. The benefits are that a WordPress coach has dealt with new users before. They have probably already answered your questions. Also he had some tutorials that were unmatched quality. Lastly, instant feedback was amazing. I didn’t have to wait and see if someone would reply to my blog comment. I asked a question and it was answered. If their wasn’t an answer right away – I knew their would be within the day. This is definitely the easiest way to learn.

It is up to you what way you want to learn. All of the above techniques will get you where you want to be, it is just a question on how quick and direct the route is.


5 Benefits Of Choosing WordPress Themes

5 Benefits Of Choosing WordPress Themes

In Your Web Hosting The Internet may not be an actual location, but it is still a culture with its set of accepted norms. One such norm that has really made a difference in the way that sites look and operate is that of WordPress themes. If you’re looking for web hosting, and you find a service that cannot support WordPress themes, then it’s probably best to turn and run. WordPress has become the standard for a pleasant reading and viewing experience.

What once was a blog only aesthetic has turned into a whole method of operation for many popular web pages around the globe. Why is this format so popular? Probably because of its amazing benefits. Quality websites built by dummies. Okay, maybe not dummies, but you get the point. WordPress makes it easy for those with very limited knowledge to step in to page building on day one and finish their work with some quality pages they can be proud of.

Through a combination of easy to follow text formatting procedures and photo integration, a web page can have color and intelligence from day one. Full customization available. Not every person who steps behind WordPress is a dummy. Some users work great with HTML programming language and are capable of creating something more unique and customized than the standard template allows. If you fit into this category, you do not have to be a slave to the cut and dry formatting. You can switch over to HTML mode with the click of a button and work your magic.

The ability to distinguish your posts. When you create a post for a WordPress site or blog, you do not have to worry about it getting lost in the shuffle. Through deep linking, tagging, and search functions, users can always recall the posts from days gone by. Reader appreciation. Sites created using this format are often some of the most pleasurable to view on the entire Internet. And since most sites are using this style today anyway, you’re earning trust and respect in your own little way. Author management features. Most successful blogs employ different voices in the creation of content.

This keeps things from feeling too lopsided or stagnant. Authors have their needs, too. One of the best features of WordPress is that an author can manage unwritten assignments with previously published. This allows him to know what’s on the horizon, and it gives him easy access to show off his samples to other potential employers. Web hosting that supports these themes is the kind that you want in your corner because it shows that the company managing your site is forward thinking and aware of the trends. And when it comes to the Internet, you always want to have your eyes on the road ahead.


Make Money like the Top Bloggers

Make Money like the Top Bloggers

Very few people expected that blogging could give them profits which
could encourage them to dump their regular jobs for it. However, it is
also a fact that most of the top bloggers had a humble beginning as
they did not start the blogs with the profits in mind. Nevertheless, the
blogs created by them were able to attract huge traffics which in turn
resulted in great profits for these bloggers. So what did these bloggers
do differently to make these mounds of money?

This article aims at discussing some strategies which were used by
some of the top bloggers for making money:

Create a blog on a niche of interest

All the top bloggers were able to make money through their blogs
because they were passionate about it. It is very crucial to determine
on a niche which is of great interest to you and many others. This will
ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the niche of the
blog, which in result will encourage you to add quality content to your
blog which will inevitably attract people with similar interests.

Create blogs with WordPress or Blogger accounts

Most of the successful blogs can be found with WordPress or Blogger
accounts. One of the reasons for the huge popularity of these blogs is
that they are more SEO friendly and hence receive more hits and

Always add Content and value to your visitors

Even if your intention is to commercialize the blog, make sure that the
blog has content and ads which are of value to the visitors of your
blog. A blog which is able to draw the interest of a loyal audience will
result in increased traffic, which can play a vital role in heightening
your profits.

Pay regular visits to popular blogs on the same niche

Be interested in blogs on the same niche. This will result in increased
knowledge on the niche. Leaving comments on those blogs with back
links to your blog will result in increased audience for your blog. One
must understand that almost always, higher traffic leads to more and
higher paying ads which implies more profits for you.

Try selling advice

If you have considerable experience as a successful marketer, then
you can try selling advices in the form of full consulting packages. On
the contrary, you can also sell brief advices for a relatively lower fee.
This will almost inevitably result in increased cash flow, more content
and boosted traffic.

Spread your wings by creating blogs on different niches

If you are already the proud owner of a relatively established blog,
then it is high time that you start another blog on a different niche.
Placing the ads of these blogs on the established blog can result in
traffic for those blogs as well, which in turn will earn profits for you in
the long run.

It is very important to mention here that if you are interested in
making money like the top bloggers, then it is quintessential to
cultivate an attitude like them. Almost every blogger who has made it
big in this industry has dedicated a lot of time and effort to make their
blogs a hit. Like in any other job or industry, hard work is a must for
making it big in the world of blogging.