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WP List Pro – A List Building WordPress Plugin – My Review

WP List Pro – A Review: What’s up! A friend of mine just developed this pretty nifty List Building Wordress plugin. WP List Pro automatically adds your web site commenters to your email autoresponder list. WP List Pro will also redirect the commenter to a high-value page of your choice The benefits of this are multi-fold: 1. You get to further the relationship with them, via your autoresponder series 2. You get to give them the opportunity to get more value from you, by offering them a freebie 3. You get to present them with a one-time offer (discount on one of your products) – Amazing price! Single site: , Multi-site: , MRR: ! On the down side: – Very focused functionality (not as robust as Max Blog Press’ subscribers magnet – 7) – But incredible value for the money Captures the name and email info of blog commenters, and sends to your auto-responder When they POST their comment, you can direct them to any page you like… such as your squeeze page, or one-time offer page, or relationship-building page (give them a freebie) I like that in addition to a license for WP List Pro, you can also buy Master Resale Rights to the tool… allowing you to brand it, and sell it to your list. Pretty nifty. I’m in!


WordPress plugins and some of the popular plugins

WordPress plugins and some of the popular plugins
There are a large number of plugins available for all WordPress users with the intention to enhance and improve their blogging experience. The number of plugins is increasing from day to day, but not all of the plugins are good for you as some may damage your WordPress installation or even harm your site. Some of the plugins that are worth trying out are:
1. Sideblog- this is a way to post short notes on the sidebar with options such as the number of entries to display, defining the sideblog categories and exclusion from RSS feeds. It is useful to post updates and sharing of links. Some of the options include cool themes, made the sidebars invisible from the search robots or adding feeds to the sideblog.
2. Secure and Accessible Contact Form- this is a plugin with a number of features such as extensive security with 16 individual abuse countermeasures, form an overview page to confirm the general configuration of the plugin, maximum accessibility and usability, option to use your own style sheet or extensive on board documentation library if you ever need any help.
3. Sociable- this plugin attaches a list of social bookmarking sites, which allows your visitors to bookmark and it is found at the end of your posts. It automatically add links to your favourite social bookmarking sites on your posts, RSS feeds and pages and you can choose from 99 different sites.
4. Gravatar 2 Plugin- this plugin allows the display Gravatar which is a globally recognized avatar of your commenters. This allows you to distinguish yourself from other users in an online community such as websites, forum or chat rooms. In WordPress, Gravatars are hosted on a single server by encrypting the user’s email address. You can have one avatar for each forum you visit.
5. Search Everything- this plugin allows you to search everything in the database as the default WordPress search engine does not search some pages such as static Pages or metadatas. There are options for you to choose, so you can choose what to search. Some of the options are to search every page, tag, category, comment, attachment, excerpt or non-password protected pages.
6. Admin Drop Down Menu- this is a very useful plugin as it saves you more time. Usually, you have to click a number of times to get from one page to another. With this plugin, just hovers the arrow of your mouse to the category that the page is located to save more time. Instead of going from one page to another before reaching the final destination, you can choose from the menu itself, which can inactivate a second menu from the first.
Do not be scared by the number of plugins available out there. The best thing to do is to do your research. Read blog posts, reviews or comments on the plugins which are widely available in the Internet. Choose those that will enhance your WordPress sites wisely.


Shutter Reloaded

Extensions, or plugins, are used to give your site or blog more functions and extend its usefulness. They also make it more interesting and more convenient for you, the blogger, and may even draw more readers to your blog! This article will list a few basic WordPress plugins that will definitely improve your blogging experience.
Starting off the list is Shutter Reloaded, a plugin that makes your photo-viewing experience a better one. It uses the Lightbox effect, which is a script that enables images to overlay the existing page you’re on. It is very cool and definitely enhances your image-viewing experience. And because it doesn’t use an external JavaScript framework, it’s very light. That’s always a plus!
Another item on the list is the Google Custom Search plugin. The default search capability that comes with the WordPress page is limited to searches within your posts only. This powerful search capabilities can expand your search to the whole of your website and will be able to return more relevant results to your users.
Third on the list is a very interesting plugin called Akismet. What it does is that it blocks automated spam, which is the type that is sent by automated bots. Akismet eliminates spam by scrutinising the method of delivery, instead of the message itself. Installing this plugin will mean virtually no comment spam, as it is commonly delivered by bots. Automated bots, beware!
Another plugin that would up the convenience level of your WordPress is the Query Posts. It compiles a list of pages similar to the one you’re currently viewing, by way of a calculation of a page’s similarity in terms of title, content and tags. There are a lot of options that you can choose from for you to find related posts.
I’m sure your readers would like leave comments on your page, right? Well then you should install Subscribe to Comments. It enables your commenters to choose if they’d like to be notified of recent comments on your page. When this plugin is installed, a checkbox will appear for your commenters to tick whether or not they’d like to be informed via email of new comments.
Last but definitely not least is the WordPress Automatic Online Backup, an automated backup program that’ll save you the hassle of manually backing up all your databases. As you should already know, it’s crucial to have backups, especially for important data. WordPress Automatic Online Backup sends database backups to your free account at its website, but also does it on-demand. It will delete any old backup as soon as it receives a new one. You can also determine which backup version that you do not want to be deleted.
In conclusion, all the plugins listed are basically plug-and-play, so no hassle of long-winded installations; they are also compatible with WordPress 2.7; not to mention LEGAL and licensed under GNU GPL. They’ll make your WordPress experience a million times better!