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Twitter is Cool

Twitter is Cool

Twitter is a new addition to the social networking society. Maybe it doesn’t have as many options for themes as some others. But is that all that social networking is about? Heck social networking has nothing to do with what kind of theme or background you have up on your profile.

With adding Twitter to your other social networking places, you can find even more people out there. Information on specific subjects too. All though there may not be anyone on any kind of social networks depending on the subject. Some things you will find are always hard to find.

To sign up on Twitter it’s a very easy and quick process. Make your screen name and finish the steps to sign up. Update your profile, putting what you’d like others to know about you. You can choose a different theme; however, there are not a ton of different choices. But you can change the background color to have a more unique page from others. Depends on what all you want others to see on your account.

You can put anything you want to up at Twitter; well don’t put up those obscene pictures. But maybe you just want to vent about something that happened to you. Or you love some Xbox or other games that you want everyone to know about. Almost anything can be posted on Twitter.

Maybe you have a new product that you’ve tried and it didn’t work the right way. Warn others out there to save the money you spent. Or just blog some nonsense it might actually be pretty entertaining to others. This is how a lot of the bloggers out there have been noticed. They just start writing and people pull up something and find this funny stuff that they might never have found before.

Twitter is just a great way for you get to know other people in other states, or countries. You can make some lifelong friends online. Or maybe even make a love connection finding someone who has the same interests as you. All kinds of things can happen on the internet. Maybe you’re a writer and you’re trying to get noticed, you never know who might spot your work and want to have you work for them. Perhaps you have a book that you’ve completed and someone sees the blurb that you put up on Twitter. Some people have connections and may help you to become published.

Really it’s a new way to socially network, and very easy to sign up. Research information through different links on Twitter too. Blog it up and tell others about your days. Do everything you can think of, and have fun meeting those people.

You may learn things that you never would have. Knowledge is out there to be found, and Twitter is a new way to go about that search. Don’t be left out of the loop, get your very own Twitter account and see what you can find out.


How Do You Go About Comparing Shopping Cart Software

How Do You Go About Comparing Shopping Cart Software?

Anyone who desires a successful Internet business understands the importance of a good shopping cart. There are so many shopping carts online now that it can be difficult to wade through all your choices to locate the one that will work best for you.

One way of knowing which shopping cart is best for you is to read shopping cart product reviews that you can find online and in IT magazines. Read about what others think of the shopping carts, make note of the features discussed and compare what is offered to what you need.

Another way to find what is the best shopping cart software for your business is to do some comparison-shopping yourself using a list of what you need in a shopping cart and your budget.

When you have pared down the possible candidates to just a few, then it is time to look at live stores that use each of the candidates shopping cart programs. Notice how easy or not it is to navigate, search for products, add to or delete products from the shopping cart and the features available for the customer. Look to see if the shopping cart software companies offer a customer service and give them a try to see how they respond to you.

When you are paring down your list of possible shopping cart candidates do it by comparing price, feature, and by reading the reviews of each shopping cart. Look for the shopping carts that seem to be up to date on the latest technology, are easily integrated with payment processors and your Website. Make sure you discard the shopping carts that are older or have lower quality.

When investigating live stores that use the various shopping carts that you have pared down your candidates to you want to get a feel for how the shopping carts work when in use. Typically the shopping cart companies will provide a list of several online stores that use their shopping cart. Some of the things you will be looking for are how well the shopping cart blends in with the Website and does each store look different from the others? Actually use the shopping carts on these stores to see how the carts perform.

When filtering out the candidates use a list of the top 3 things that you are looking for in a shopping cart and if a candidate does not have one of the top 3 than cross it off your list. Make a list of the features that are important to you and which ones you cannot do without this will help to narrow down your list of candidates.

If you know you will be using electronic certificates that cross off any shopping carts that do not offer this feature.

Make sure you investigate how good each company’s customer service department is by sending them each an email asking some pre-sale questions and make notes about how fast they respond, if they respond with a canned reply or really give you individual attention.

Do the candidate shopping cart companies have technical support? Take a look at the FAQs and index of help topics to see how helpful they are and if they are easy to understand. Download the user guide and review it to see if it is understandable.

Read shopping cart review from respected sources to see what is recommended. See if you can find user reviews on each of the shopping carts that you have decided are the biggest contenders for your money.

Once you have your list narrowed down to just 3 or 5 shopping cart software companies than it is time to look at the total cost of using each shopping cart, and also look at what the strong points are for each of the remaining carts.

Look at price, features and support and make your best decision.


Social Networking on Twitter

Social Networking on Twitter

Social networking is the way you meet and great friends online. It’s a hot topic in most locations. Social networking sites are popping up all over the place, so you will need to be careful which you choose to post on, and where you should avoid. One place that you need to sign up though is Twitter.

Twitter is a fantastic social networking location. Find old friends, or invite some of your friends by sending them an e-mail. Is Twitter the newest and best social networking places? Well not being an expert about social networking, it still seems that this site has so many cool things. You really should check it out and get online with others.

Checking a topic that you may enjoy, say “cooking” and pull up others. Trade some recipes and get some fantastic ideas of what you can cook for that special get together. Or you may like a certain sport, pull it up and look at who else is interested in that. Meet people from all over the world, and lifelong friends. Heck some people could possibly find their knight in shining armor. With a social networking site you really can never tell what may happen.

Although Twitters choices on themes is a bit short compared to other sites, you are able to make the theme more unique by picking your own background colors. Make something that will make a person eyes ache, or go with the good old normal looking profile. Whichever you pick you can always change it later.

Twitter has some big name celebrities that are on their site too. How do you know it’s not a fake? Well most of them are legitimate, but there still may be a few that slip in there acting like they are someone they are not. This however, happens all over the place. It does seem like most of the big names on Twitter are themselves. What a blast to add your favorite celebrities to your following page. Even if you never talk to them, you will still get updates when they change their status.

What you make of Twitter is how much you go there. It’s hard when your busy working all day, when you come home you don’t always feel like going on the computer. And at times even if you get on the computer you may not check all those sites you belong too. If you don’t go often though, how will you meet people? Set aside a bit of time that you can go find a few people to follow and others will follow you too. It can create a great friendship.

Twitter is a quick sign up, maybe 10 minutes at the most, and you don’t need to pay anything to join this site. You will find the process of getting on Twitter is so easy that even a younger kid could join. Twitter does seem like a very clean site, not all those naked pictures, or bad things going on. There might be a few words here and there though, but really compared to some other places this place is fantastic.


WordPress Themes and Styles

WordPress themes are styles and files that work together to form layouts that you see on WordPress blogs. Kubrick theme is used the Default Theme in WordPress for its innovative design and use of tags for people to customize their websites. Soon after that, custom themes come into the scene. Custom themes offer plenty of choices for users to take advantage instead of using Kubrick theme all the time.
Users are able to create their own unique WordPress websites without having to resort to Default Theme. The possibilities to more beautiful designs are endless if more time is spent in creating high quality blog layout designs. Instead of tweaking Kubrick theme, it is advisable to make your own design through available tutorials in the Internet.
Although Kubrick theme can be tweaked too, it is horrendous to read through long list of tutorial pages. Beginners are easily confused with the alien IT languages used in changing Kubrick theme that it is almost not possible for beginners to tweak Kubrick theme without giving up half way. Custom themes are so much easier to use and are available in readily downloaded form.
Another reason to choose custom theme is custom theme provides alternative template for specific site features such as category pages and search result pages without cramping everything into one column. Sometimes people would love to have things to click on their websites. This means that personalization is a better choice if people want to increase readership.
Using only Kubrick theme means that you are going to stuck with it whole year. It makes your website looks so boring and not well- updated. You can solve the problem by switching to custom theme. It is also easier to switch between two site layouts to allow users to change site layout according to occasion or season. Some people purposely switch to festive theme when festive seasons like Christmas and New Year are approaching.
You can also design WordPress themes as a service so that others can enjoy your design through public release. This is especially true for graphic designers who created many different themes as charity to others through their free websites. Users can take advantage to further customize the themes if no copyright is stated. If it does, all users need to do is creating design that has the some elements of the copyrighted design to make it truly a new design. It is that easy to make your own custom theme.
Building your custom theme rather than just using Kubrick theme helps you expand your knowledge in web building. It is an opportunity to learn more about CSS, HTML and PHP. To those who are already good in the mentioned IT knowledge, it gives you the opportunity to put your expertise to work. You will be surprised at your level of creativity once you lay your hands on customizing your site theme.
Kubrick theme is not a bad theme. Nevertheless, we need to create something new to make our sites less likely to resemble each other. Therefore, it is time for Kubrick to retire to give way to more exciting and interesting themes.


Twitter Try it

Twitter: Try it

Twitter, a new way that you can talk to millions plus people. A sleek looking alternative to the other social networking sites out there. You may not have as many theme choices as some other sites, but you can change up the background colors that will fit your wishes better.

As a Twitterer you can do just about anything. Have fun looking up different subjects from Wicca to Shoes. Meet people from all over the world. Write a blog to vent those daily issues you can’t stand. Others will follow you, which means they are interested in what you do, and want to be a friend. You of course can choose who you follow, and believe it or not, there are a lot of famous people here too. Shaq is on Twitter and to a big basketball fan they can click and follow what he posts and talks about. It’s just a really neat thing for people to be able to learn things about others.

Maybe you have a project that you need to write about another country. Go and see if you can find some Twitter people who live there. What a way to make that report even better than normal. You will wow your teacher or professor and have information that others will not find in books. Why not take advantage of something that will only help you score a higher grade.

You are able to add widgets or design your own. Some people can come up with some really excellent ideas for widgets; it’s always nice to check out the new ones that have been made. Add them to your page and have something that will make your page a bit different.

Perhaps you have a product or a website that you would like to promote put that up on Twitter and your followers will see it and check it out. Plus those people who are doing a search and hit on a keyword you may have. Well you can see the possibility of having a bunch of people come and check out what you have on your site.

There are many reasons to use Twitter, a fun way to connect with others in the world. Your own unique look on your profile by changes the colors if you want too. Plus just meeting some nice people, or a mate, you never know where you might meet your Mr. or Mrs. Right! Twitter could be the place that it may happen at.

Be sure to check out the Twitter page and see what all the hype is about. Don’t worry if you don’t post a lot, looking at what others has posted is fun too. There are so many advantages to meeting people online. Heck it’s a great way for a person who hates going out to have friends too. You may even meet one day or just talk through years and become really close with someone. All this can happen by just going to Twitter and getting signed up. Check it out now and make some new social connections.


7 Big Benefits to Creating Your Next Small Business Website With WordPress

7 Big Benefits to Creating Your Next Small Business Website With WordPress

Which of these choices would you prefer?

A website that requires custom programming costing $3000 or more, requires a knowledge of complex programming languages in order to make even simple changes to the content, and requires a complete redesign (again costing thousands of dollars) if you decide the look is outdated?

Or a website that is built on free software, allows you to easily update content yourself and you can select from thousands of clean, professional looking designs that can be added to the site in a matter of minutes?

No brainer, right?

Meet WordPress.

WordPress, originally used solely for blogs, has morphed into an incredibly powerful Content Management System you can use to easily and inexpensively create a very professional and functional website for your small business.

Here are 7 benefits to using WordPress for your small business’ website:

1. It costs nothing! Not one penny! WordPress is available for download at WordPress.org at no cost – you won’t even have to give up your email address. To host a WordPress site yourself, however, you will need to find a hosting company. That’s generally not free. But it’s not expensive either. For just $5 – $10 a month you can host your WordPress site at any number of quality web host providers. Many of them include Fantastico with your hosting plan which is software that lets you install WordPress in just a few clicks without even having to download the software.

2. Ease of Use. Using WordPress is really quite simple. Yes, especially for the technically-challenged among us, there will be a little bit of a learning curve. However, there’s no shortage of quality WordPress tutorials online to help you get up to speed quickly. Once you get the hang of things, adding content is a snap. It’s no more difficult than using a word processing program. And you don’t have to know how to write code or do anything vaguely technical in nature to maintain your site.

3. Themes. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of themes available for WordPress. A theme is basically a template that changes the look and feel of your WordPress site (a theme can also alter the behind-the-scenes options to make WordPress even easier to customize and use). Some of these themes are free, others you have to pay for. You can also have a custom theme designed so your site meets your exact specifications.

With themes, it’s easy to get a clean, professional looking site without paying a lot for custom design work. And if one day you decide you don’t like the look of your site – no problem. Find a theme you like better, activate it in WordPress and you instantly have a new look and feel to your site – all without having to change the blog posts or pages on your site.

4. Plugins. Plugins are software the extend the capabilities of WordPress to do pretty much anything you want. Using plugins, you can track site visits, add social bookmarking to your site, automate backups of your site, fight spam, create contact forms, improve site security and a lot more. And, with few exceptions, the plugins are absolutely free.

5. Search Engine Love. Google (and the other search engines) love WordPress. Using WordPress can give your search engine optimization efforts a big boost. And if you take advantage of some of the SEO-related plugins available for WordPress, the search engines will really think your site is the bee’s knees.

6. Technical Support. WordPress does not offer tech support for you to email or call with your questions. However, have no fear, there are still a ton of options for you if you have an issue you need addressed. You can turn to the forum on WordPress.org, which is a very active community of WordPress users who are always willing to help those having problems with the software. In addition, there are a bunch of other websites, message boards and blogs that you can turn to for advice. There are also plenty of wordPress experts for hire to assist you. Whatever issue you may encounter, help is always close at hand.

7. Control. Hosting your own WordPress website puts you in control of your web presence. Need to update your content, add new posts or pages? You can easily do it yourself. Want to update the appearance of your site? Find a new Theme, upload it, activate it and you’re done. Don’t like the hosting company you’re using? Find another and move your site – there are plenty of good hosting companies around.

So there are seven strong benefits to using WordPress for your small business’ website/blog. Without a doubt there are reasons why you may WordPress may not work for your situation and hiring a programmer to develop a custom site is the best option.

For most small business owners, however, WordPress will provide all that you need to get a professionally looking website that you, and the search engines will love. It’s a highly functional, flexible and cost-effective option that is hard to top.


Why You Should Start a Membership Website

Why You Should Start a Membership Website

Membership websites have been around since the internet began and they’ve always been very popular forms of revenue for webmasters. There are many reasons why you would benefit from starting your own membership website and we’re going to look at some of those reasons today. Membership websites are now more popular then ever due to software programs coming out that makes setting up a membership website a breeze. There are also over a dozen payment processors to choose from to process your member’s payments which help make things easy.

Basically you’ll be required to set-up your website and then from there you’ll only need to promote it and add updates. There are many choices you need to make when you’re setting up the website in the early stages. You’ll need to decide what you want to offer in the member’s area, and you should be using more then one type of content in your member’s area. For instance if you have a webmaster membership website you should have articles, reports, eBook, software, templates and anything else you can think of. People like seeing lots of options in the member’s area, even though they won’t use most of it they like knowing that you offer enough value for the money. Once you’ve chosen what’s going to be in your member’s area you need to get it done and add it in. You also need to set-up your payment processor and decide whether it will be monthly, yearly or one-off payment. This is strictly preference and you can choose what you want, but generally you should choose monthly.

With monthly recurring payments you’ll be making a stable income from your membership website and this is the goal. There is no point marketing your membership website and then selling one-off payments because then once the crowd joins you won’t make anymore money and you’ll still need to update it. I would go with monthly recurring payments and make sure you offer enough weekly updates so that your clients want to stay a member.

Once you have a membership website with members and recurring payments rolling in you’ll only need to work on updates for the website. This could be outsourced at this point in time since you’ll be making good money and then it’s on complete auto-pilot. You won’t need to do anything except whatever promotions you want to do, and whatever communication you want to make with the members. You should play a role in the communication because people like to talk with the owner and many people will also have questions. You should just make a forum and that will make it very easy for everyone to communicate.