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So what exactly is a RSS Feed

So what exactly is a RSS Feed?

As a blogger you need to know what an RSS feed is and you need to know how to use your RSS feed to your advantage to increase your earnings. A lot of new bloggers have no idea what an RSS feed is, and many veteran bloggers know what it is but have no clue how to utilize it. There are thousands of internet users who subscribe to RSS feeds so that they can read all the updates in one central RSS reader. If your blog doesn’t utilize an RSS feed then you could be losing potential readers to your blog. We’ll now take a look at what exactly an RSS feed is and what exactly it does.

• RSS feed are dynamic which means they update automatically without doing anything
• You can easily read and review a number of websites at once
• Easily sends out information to all of your readers
• Can replace content on websites and offers automatically updated content
• Can offer fresh content for the search engines on your website
• You’ll notice higher ranking in the search engines

An RSS feed can be used in two main ways which are to either offer your readers updated content so they can always be aware of your updates and also to offer fresh content on your website. You can run websites off of RSS feeds which automatically update and this means that owning the website would basically be hands-off except for promotion.

You can also make your own RSS feeds and use them to create great backlinks for your websites. Many places allow you to post RSS feeds and this will then update with the most recent posts from your website. This will allow a wide range of people to find your blog and can lead to a lot more revenue. You can even find RSS directories in which instead of submitting your homepage you submit your RSS feed. Then you have a place on the directory where you posts automatically update, so everyone who visits the directory can potentially turn into a new visitor to your website.


How to Add Banners to a WordPress Website

How to Add Banners to a WordPress Website

Being able to monitze your website is the ultimate goal for your website.

Making Money!

My first advice is to be careful with making it all about making money. If you are building a blog it is important to remember that its about the content, not about the ads. I would highly recommend that you focus on building great content and traffic before you even consider adding any type of advertisement on your site.

The main reason why you don’t want to add ads to your site is you simply don’t have any traffic, so why even have ads if there is no one to click. The best advice I can give you is to focus on building solid content and driving traffic to that page.

Once you have a ton of traffic which you have built value with, begin slowly adding banners, Google ads, etc. I have seen to many new bloggers start to throw ads all over there site, hiding their awesome content. The visitors is there for your content not the banners, always remember that.

Now that is out of the way, you have a ton of traffic and your ready to add a banner to your site. Be tasteful, don’t turn your site into a banner crazy site that could turn your visitor away in 1 second flat. I only have one banner on my site with only my strongest affiliate… Keep it clean and simple.

You will find in this WordPress Quick Tip a very simple plug-in which will allow you to add ads to your site. It’s very simple and easy to do.


Learning How to Use a WordPress Blog For Your Business

Learning How to Use a WordPress Blog For Your Business People blog everyday. Internet marketers blog for money almost 60% of their time online. It is pretty obvious that blogging has become a part of everyday life and people are seeing the opportunity to use this leisure activity for money. But blogging for profit requires knowledge and skills on how to use the blog of your choice. For example, if we are to look at WordPress, many bloggers do not know how to make money out of their WordPress blogs or WordPress web sites because they do not have the knowledge of all features that are available to them. In order to be able to succeed in earning profits through blogging, the first thing you need to do is to learn how to use it to its full potential.

Why is this important? Should not learning about your niche, product, and other internet marketing lessons come first? Well, no matter how much you have gained in terms of knowledge on internet marketing and blogging, you will never succeed if you do not know how to use your blog properly. Many people make this mistake when using WordPress and/or other web platforms, which is why it is important to download a WordPress home study course or watch a WordPress video tutorial before anything else.

The money will just come flowing into your account once people see that your blog is one of the most interesting reads on the World Wide Web. Bloggers want millions of readers from all over the world to read their blog, so if you want to be a part of this and actually make that dream come true, start developing a strategic internet marketing plan that will help you earn money through WordPress. But with so many WordPress tutorial products being sold in the market, how will a blogger or a web designer with no experience and no knowledge on blogging for profit be able to succeed?

Though you will find more useful information from the chosen product you have decided to buy online, here are some tips to help you get started: Research and make a list of the top WordPress tutorial products that you think will help you understand perfectly how to use WordPress and most importantly how to make money out of it. The search engines are there at a click of a button so start searching now! Look for the product that uses the simplest language in explaining what WordPress is all about and how to use it.

This is very important because these products care about how difficult learning WordPress can be, so if you are a beginner, this tip is going to come really handy for you. Do not just settle for the WordPress guide. See if the author offers updates on video or print and subscribe to those updates either through e-mail or RSS feeds. Blogging, though a virtual activity, changes with the times so it is important that you know the latest techniques before other bloggers do.


WordPress Social Bookmarking

Wordpress Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking has become very well known and many bloggers already understand how they can benefit from the use of social bookmarking sites, but then there are many who are clueless when it comes to finding and understanding the techniques to market there blogs. One of the best methods to market your blog is through the use of social bookmarking sites which can be found all across the internet, with more then 500 of them now it’s not hard to find a few. Many of them don’t attract much traffic and also don’t have much use which is why most people stress only to use the important ones. Now I also believe this is true, especially when you’re using your own time. I usually submit to about ten social bookmarking sites after every one of my posts to build backlinks and traffic and it definitely helps. Now if I were to be paying for the social bookmarks then I usually try finding someone who will submit to one hundred of the sites because then I will gain many backlinks in the process.

A lot of the social bookmarking sites offer do-follow backlinks which means they count to the search engines and the page rank juice will push to your domain. This can help increase your page rank and also helps give you backlinks in the search engines. Some of the bookmarking sites don’t offer do-follow links though and instead they give no-follow links which don’t offer any benefit in the search engines. You’ll still get traffic from these sites though which is why a handful of them have remained popular. Ideally you should submit to a minimum of five social bookmarking sites daily for your blog posts and I would recommend you to use.

– StumbleUpon
– Digg
– Reddit
– Propeller
– Del.icio.us

These five are among the most popular options for social bookmarking and millions of people use the sites. They rank very well in the search engines and can help you get higher search engine rankings and traffic. With such good benefits for blog owners it’s a surprise to me that not everyone is utilizing the social bookmarking marketing technique. Now I understand it’s time consuming but when you can benefit from higher traffic and more backlinks in the search engines its hard not to use the twenty minutes daily to submit your posts to these wonderful sites.

If you’re looking to achieve a higher amount of traffic to your blog then there aren’t many other superior methods when compared to social bookmarking and you should take the time to get registered with some of the popular sites and start bookmarking your posts. Once you become familiar with the submission process it also becomes a lot quicker for you to be able to submit posts and within a few weeks it will seem routine to submit your posts and you won’t even notice it.


WordPress Marketing

Wordpress Marketing

Blogging nowadays is a lot more then just jotting down your opinions and feelings onto a webpage in hopes of people finding it. Now you can take your blogs fate and rest it in your marketing skills and tactics. Every month there are new social networks being opened up for bloggers to interact with each other and to help each other with traffic. Many networks offer traffic trading programs for bloggers which can benefit your blog tremendously depending on which you choose. Sites like EntreCard and MyBlogLog are top picks for these types of programs. Besides traffic trading you can also market your blog using social bookmarking sites or social networking sites. Websites like Digg and Propeller allow you to submit each blog post to there website to receive a backlink and also traffic. People can vote for your post on whether they like it or not and you can receive very nice amounts of traffic from these sites if you have good content. Youtube is becoming huge lately to and many bloggers are using the Youtube platform to voice there opinions on topics relating to their blog topic. This helps them generate traffic to the blog and with millions of people using Youtube each day bloggers are beginning to adapt to marketing through video.

As you can see there are almost unlimited options when thinking of how to market your blog. Forums can be a great place to interact with people and the signature line can house your blog URL which will over time attract clicks and traffic. When you’re marketing your WordPress blog you should make sure that you try utilizing all the possible options that you can and make sure to get your link out there. Becoming active on other blogs is one way to do this and you should comment on the blogs in your niche that have traffic to get your name and blog out there. Often after you comment for a week or two straight the blog owner will take notice to you and may even offer you a link exchange. The more you get yourself and your blog out into the market the better chance you’ll have at obtaining traffic.

Article submissions are popular also when marketing your blog and especially in the beginning stages of your blog. Submitting to websites like EzineArticles can not only boost your traffic but it can help to get your blog indexed in the search engines. When you utilize article marketing make sure you include deep links into your articles and not just the homepage. Deeplinks are actually more important then homepage links and the more deeplinks you can get the more search engine traffic you’ll receive. It takes months to rank in the search engines but once you do the traffic will be worth it. Once you obtain the rankings in the search engines that you wanted you’ll need to continue marketing to keep those rankings.

Blogs have been known to help people get search engine traffic due to the many plug-ins available, and frankly it’s simple for anyone to do. Longtail keywords are easily attainable using WordPress and you shouldn’t have problems getting traffic from your longtail keywords. The most important part of your marketing when using WordPress is your keyword selection. You want to make sure that you’re targeting highly searched terms but with the least amount of competition. Using programs like Wordtracker will help you find keywords and keyword phrases for you to optimize on your blog.

Make sure you also use all the great plug-ins that will help you with the SEO of your blog and overall help your marketing efforts. There is plug-ins for choosing your search engine title, keywords and description which is a mandatory plug-in in my opinion and will help you rank for the terms you want to rank for. There is many more plug-ins you can utilize but I won’t go into great detail about them right now.


Why Have a Professional Build Your WordPress Website

Why Have a Professional Build Your WordPress Website?

Once upon a time the WordPress CMS (content management system) was designed for blogging sites, which could be created easily by the bloggers themselves. As the platform became more robust over the last few years, WordPress has come to be considered as the basis for traditional and e-commerce web-sites as well as just for blogs. It can be the perfect way to go for
your business if you use a professional web developer.

The Advantages of a Professionally Built WordPress Website

For a simple personal blog site, where graphic design and flexibility are not so important, you may be able to get by with a do-it-yourself site that is hosted by WordPress. However, such a hosted site (“”yourbusiness””.wordpress.com) is not recommended for your business. Your business should have a professional set up a
self-hosted web-site, with its own domain (like “”yourbusiness””.com). You will be able to display ads, have more control of SEO (search engine optimization) and have all the flexibility you need into the future.

While the WordPress development platform is fairly easy to learn for someone with web programming experience, a do-it-yourselfer, with no programming experience is very likely to have trouble tackling this endeavor. The professional who is familiar with web development, can navigate the nuances and get you a better, sharper result in far less time. And, if you do attempt to build this website, and you get stuck, then a professional can generally come to the rescue.

Your Site Can be Up and Running Quickly

The beauty of this type of web site, that is based on a CMS, is that a professional web developer can build your site in a straightforward manner from a starting theme and customize it for your needs. Then you, the not-so-programming-savvy site owner, can add content and post updates with relative ease.

Your web developer can get the job done generally much more quickly than with traditional programming in HTML or php or JavaScript. Yet, this professional will have those web languages at their disposal, if needed, to make customizations not supported by WordPress or your starting theme. Also, if you want to have your existing traditional web-site ported to WordPress, then knowledge of traditional web development languages and techniques is a must.

You get so many advantages right off the bat via the myriad plug-ins written for WordPress by independent programmers. Your web professional will know how to utilize these plug-ins to the fullest for your company’s site. The following, can be done very quickly:

– Adding protective backup support- Great web metrics like Google Analytics- Traffic enhancers like SEO- Photo and media galleries- Being able to easily print your web-pages in print-friendly format

What is the Cost to Create Your WordPress Website?

The cost of creating your site will depend primarily on five things:

1. The number and size of the web-pages2. Does your content exist in publishable form3. How fancy you want your graphics, photos and other media4. Whether you will have an e-commerce site (i.e. be selling things)5. Is this a brand new web-site or will it be created from an existing site

Say a website for a small law office has a few pages of credentials and biographies of the counsels plus contact information, with 15 total web pages. This site would typically cost a lot less than a website that is a virtual store with a two hundred page catalog, a shopping cart, etc.

Making Your Site Better Over Time

One of the great advantages of a WordPress site is that it is fairly straightforward for a web professional to take your simple website and add the latest features over time. After a while, you may want to change aspects of the site, such as how it looks, its navigation or to add e-commerce (if not already there). The original designer/developer or another professional can get the job done much more quickly than if the web-site were built with traditional programming methods.

What Are You Waiting For?

So if you want a new website for your business, then you should consider having a web professional build one that’s polished and maintainable. This will help to attract and keep your customers’ attention.


Why use Sideblog in WordPress

Why use Sideblog in WordPress?
For the blogging community of WordPress, it is well-known that there are lots of plugins available for your blogging experience. It would be impossible for one to utilize all of them and not all are suitable for your taste and style. Thus it takes time to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each of the plugins and whether they are serving the purposes they were built for. Some of the plugins are known to make your sites wonderful, while there are some that are just disasters.
One of the popular plugins is Sideblog. It is a small blog that sits in your sidebar. Here, you can post short entries on anything such as personal updates, recommendations of websites, links or updates of your blog.
Why should you use a Sideblog? There are several benefits for using Sideblog. You will be able to obtain more frequent updates. There are active bloggers who update several times a day, however for those who do not there will be a period of inactivity of their blogs. The only update they are getting is from the comments of the readers and visitors. A Sideblog will be useful here as it allows you to break up the inactive period.
For those who do not have sufficient time to post up a full blog post, Sideblog is useful as it allows the bloggers to post up short and quick updates. This is helpful to those who have a thought or update to share, but the amount of time is limited.
There are some readers who only read from RSS, and thus they may never have visited your blog although they may be loyal readers to your blogs. A Sideblog is separated from your main blog post feed, and thus readers will check in often to read the posts on your Sideblog. This will not only increase the number of visitors to your site, but also giving them a chance to leave comments or ad clicks.
With Sideblog, you will be able to add links to other sites that your friends are blogging, even if they are non-related to the contents of your blog. It comes with options such as preventing the search robots to search the Sideblog, and thus Sideblog allows you to add non-related links to your site. With this, you will be able to gain more friends by linking your sites to theirs and to link to friends that you have made, but cannot be linked from your main content.
Sideblog also allows the bloggers to show some of their true sides. In the blogging community, professionalism is important and bloggers work hard to retain this in their posts. This leads to good quality of articles they produced. With this plugin, a blogger will be able to show a little more of their true self. Sideblog is more personal compared to the main contents of a blog site.
The reasons to why should you use Sidebar plugin in your blogs are listed as above. There are positive feedbacks from the blogging community on this plugin.


Why WordPress is So SEO Friendly

 To start with this article, defining WordPress would be relevant. WordPress is a publishing platform available in the Internet for free, particularly serving people who wants to create Blogs. It is one marvel of modern technology that lifted journalism to greater standard.

What is a Blog? What is Blogging? This is the modern way of writing multiple topics such as description of proceedings, individual diaries and commentaries. Why modern? The answer is simple. It is available and created on the Internet. Other materials such as graphics and videos may also be posted.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is an operation and plans of obtaining higher status (position) in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). There are people who do these jobs and they are called Search Engine Optimizers.

The point of what they do is to make sure that your blog will be listed on the first page of the SERP, or if not, the succeeding first few pages. In this sense, millions of people looking and searching for your blog would find it on the spot or by just clicking these first couple of pages of SERP. If your blog is very far from the first couple of pages of the SERP, then less people will be able to read it. Most people are satisfied with what they may find on the first pages of SERP.

What are the reasons why WordPress is so Search Engine Optimizers friendly? One aspect that people need to look into before building a website or even a blog, is the Search Engines. For bloggers out there, WordPress uses dissimilar roles which allow it to be search engine friendly. For example distributing pings to extra sites, creating categories, classifying your posts, use of h1/h2 tags and others. Because of t he availability of these different functions by WordPress, Search Engine Optimizers can easily structure strategies and help users increase the level of their blog ranking on the Search Engine Result Page.

WordPress is SEO friendly because every post may have Meta and Meta tags images routinely created if the correct plugins are set up, the blog writing routinely generates a RSS feed, every post has an exclusive heading, and it has commonly restructured content that is typically interactive and creative, sites are frequently in print with quite fresh system,

Moreover, blog is set up by a static face page or an energetic pages like the customary blog, both post may be frequently tendered to RSS Feed aggregators whenever you have the correct plugin, everyone post could be presented repeatedly to the blog index, every post in the WordPress have a search engine responsive URL whenever you post in your blog, and every post can demonstrate the most recent X figure of posts inside that groups by only including up a plugin headed for WordPress.

Barriers in Technology and all industries will always be present and perhaps, would never go away. Surely, WordPress is still finding for enhancements and improvements, to amplify the good service for its users, one of them is to make the WordPress even more SEO friendly to the web users.