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Expert WordPress Base Package Review

Expert WordPress is the newest blogging software and training system to hit the net this year. If you are unsure of the steps to creating your own niche targeted , optimized and monetized wordpress blog, then this is the system for you. Simple enough for the beginner yet complex enough for even the most experienced blogger.


So what exactly is a RSS Feed

So what exactly is a RSS Feed?

As a blogger you need to know what an RSS feed is and you need to know how to use your RSS feed to your advantage to increase your earnings. A lot of new bloggers have no idea what an RSS feed is, and many veteran bloggers know what it is but have no clue how to utilize it. There are thousands of internet users who subscribe to RSS feeds so that they can read all the updates in one central RSS reader. If your blog doesn’t utilize an RSS feed then you could be losing potential readers to your blog. We’ll now take a look at what exactly an RSS feed is and what exactly it does.

• RSS feed are dynamic which means they update automatically without doing anything
• You can easily read and review a number of websites at once
• Easily sends out information to all of your readers
• Can replace content on websites and offers automatically updated content
• Can offer fresh content for the search engines on your website
• You’ll notice higher ranking in the search engines

An RSS feed can be used in two main ways which are to either offer your readers updated content so they can always be aware of your updates and also to offer fresh content on your website. You can run websites off of RSS feeds which automatically update and this means that owning the website would basically be hands-off except for promotion.

You can also make your own RSS feeds and use them to create great backlinks for your websites. Many places allow you to post RSS feeds and this will then update with the most recent posts from your website. This will allow a wide range of people to find your blog and can lead to a lot more revenue. You can even find RSS directories in which instead of submitting your homepage you submit your RSS feed. Then you have a place on the directory where you posts automatically update, so everyone who visits the directory can potentially turn into a new visitor to your website.


Learning How to Use a WordPress Blog For Your Business

Learning How to Use a WordPress Blog For Your Business People blog everyday. Internet marketers blog for money almost 60% of their time online. It is pretty obvious that blogging has become a part of everyday life and people are seeing the opportunity to use this leisure activity for money. But blogging for profit requires knowledge and skills on how to use the blog of your choice. For example, if we are to look at WordPress, many bloggers do not know how to make money out of their WordPress blogs or WordPress web sites because they do not have the knowledge of all features that are available to them. In order to be able to succeed in earning profits through blogging, the first thing you need to do is to learn how to use it to its full potential.

Why is this important? Should not learning about your niche, product, and other internet marketing lessons come first? Well, no matter how much you have gained in terms of knowledge on internet marketing and blogging, you will never succeed if you do not know how to use your blog properly. Many people make this mistake when using WordPress and/or other web platforms, which is why it is important to download a WordPress home study course or watch a WordPress video tutorial before anything else.

The money will just come flowing into your account once people see that your blog is one of the most interesting reads on the World Wide Web. Bloggers want millions of readers from all over the world to read their blog, so if you want to be a part of this and actually make that dream come true, start developing a strategic internet marketing plan that will help you earn money through WordPress. But with so many WordPress tutorial products being sold in the market, how will a blogger or a web designer with no experience and no knowledge on blogging for profit be able to succeed?

Though you will find more useful information from the chosen product you have decided to buy online, here are some tips to help you get started: Research and make a list of the top WordPress tutorial products that you think will help you understand perfectly how to use WordPress and most importantly how to make money out of it. The search engines are there at a click of a button so start searching now! Look for the product that uses the simplest language in explaining what WordPress is all about and how to use it.

This is very important because these products care about how difficult learning WordPress can be, so if you are a beginner, this tip is going to come really handy for you. Do not just settle for the WordPress guide. See if the author offers updates on video or print and subscribe to those updates either through e-mail or RSS feeds. Blogging, though a virtual activity, changes with the times so it is important that you know the latest techniques before other bloggers do.


Why is WordPress Blog Better than Blogger

Why is WordPress Blog Better than Blogger.com?
Here, we are comparing WordPress Blog with Blogger.com and out of these two, there is only one winner that stands out. These are the two most well-known blog hosts in the blogging community. Both of these hosts provide free hosting services for quite some time and it is their unique features that distinguish the better one. It is their services and features that influences our decision to choose which blog host. Thus to start the competition, their features will be compared to come up with the winner.
Free and Tailor-made
Both are free blogging hosts and allow the users to create as many blogs as they want. With optional paid upgrade, users can utilize additional features to improve their blogs.

Blogger is Google-owned while WordPress used open source project. WordPress offers more flexibility and reliability as compared to Blogger, and it is very useful especially to more advanced blogging community.

WordPress and Blogger both offer a variety of brilliant themes for the users to choose according to their own theme and needs. Themes are useful in giving a blog its uniqueness as compared to other blogs, and even the fastidious users managed to find a theme that suits them from these two hosts. Both of them provide features that allow users to design their own web page.

WordPress has limited customization compared to Blogger in terms of additional coding. Blogger allows access to coding allowing more customization than WordPress. However, WordPress counter this weakness by allowing the users to change themes as often as they want in an instance. WordPress are constantly upgrading their themes based on feedbacks from users which enables users to select from a larger variety of themes.

Speed and easiness of blog creation
WordPress only requires 2 steps in starting up the blogging process and can be done within a couple of seconds. On the other hand, Blogger needs 3 major steps with longer time required to start blogging. WordPress wins over Blogger with it simple and fast start-up.

Defense against spam
Automatic Spam Protection in WordPress is a reliable protector against spam for published blogs. However, Blogger only protects against spam in the process of blogging, and not for published blogs. Thus, WordPress is better.

WordPress offers notification of feedbacks from the visitors. This helps the blogger as feedbacks are a source of improvements. Blogger on the other hand do not provide such service.

WordPress has importing feature which allows the users to import their previous blog posts in other hosts such as Blogger to WordPress. Apart from this, there are a few other importing options as well.

Page management
Page management enables users of WordPress to post up as many pages as they want in a blog post. Blogger again do not have such a features.
Additional features
WordPress has added features such as Words, Spell-Check and Autosave which are similar to those in Microsoft Word. This allows the users to edit their text blogs and check for mistakes without the need to read the whole post after writing. Autosave is important when power failures occur as it allows users to save the work and not losing everything. These features are definitely a convenience to the users and provide security over their works.

It is an easy win for WordPress over Blogger with their features which provide simple and easy to understand steps in creating blog posts. WordPress definitely has advantage over Blogger in terms of attracting larger number of users due to their unique features not provided by other web hosts.


Updated WordPress.com – Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Blog

Chris Abraham walks you through how to join the fastest-growing and most elegant free blogging services, WordPress.com. Go from the simple acts of joining all the way through set up and administration. Become a blogger in less than and hour. Most folks only need the first 15 minutes to get you started. Chris is a professional blogging instructor. Enjoy! All of you have been asking me to update my step-by-step tutorial on how to use WordPress.com as a blogging platform — please check it out and please let me know what I have missed.


Why should you use plugins for WordPress

Why should you use plugins for WordPress?
The default WordPress comes with only basic features. Thus to make your blogs more colourful and attractive, there is a large variety of plugins available to suit what you want and your taste. These plugins will not only enhance your experience as the owner and the blogger, but also to make it more pleasant for the readers to read your blogs, leave comments or to link to your blog site.
Some of the useful plugins for WordPress users are listed as below. One of the useful plugin is WP Cache. This plugin works by caching WordPress pages and storing them in a static file for future use. It is very useful especially if you have a site with low performance server or high traffic. Instead of loading and compiling the whole PHP code before building a page from the database, WP Cache will use the files stored in the static file when needed to save more time.
For those who are selling things on their blog sites, WP eCommerce is an useful plugin. It is easy to use and you can setup the shop within a few minutes through the Admin panels. It is a shopping cart plugin for WordPress users who are selling products or services on their blog sites. There is a wide range of setting for your product or service such as downloadable products, promotions, coupon codes or product variations.
Intouch Ajax contact form is another plugin for WordPress blogs. This contact form has been known to be useful and it filters all spams. Apart from filtering all spam messages, it has the option where you can customize the email subject, addition of form fields and thank you messages. It allows you to insert a custom-made contact form and the information will be sent via email.
Ajax Post Rating plugin adds a 5-star Ajax rating system to your pages and posts. It allows readers to rate your pages and posts either daily, weekly or monthly. Another similar plugin is Ajax Polls. This plugin is very flexible with lots of features. Other option available for this plugin is it allows you to archive the polls and the layout is customizable via Admin panels.
Another useful plugin is Ajax Comment plugin. It is a simple but effective comment plugin as it checks whether all fields are filled correctly, makes sure that there is no duplication of comments and it has flood protection capability too.
Digg This is another WordPress plugin which detects incoming links from Digg.com website to your WordPress posts. It will then automatically display a link to the post from Digg.com so that people will be able to digg your story. An email will be sent to the admin of the site once a dig is recognized.
The above are only a few of thousands of plugins for WordPress bloggers. It is worth the time to research around to search for plugins that will enhance your blogging experience. Plugins are a necessity not only for the blogger, but also for the readers.