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How to create powerful backlinks

How to create powerful backlinks
There are several ways to create backlinks that increase your reputation in from of search engines. Nevertheless, not all your back links give you sufficient relevance but there are some of them that are very important to impact your PageRank as well as your traffic. I often like study everything I can about back links because in search engine optimization they are a core point and a vital tool. SEO is all about how you use back links and its impact in your web traffic. The most significant thing here is what is the best way you can create back links that are very effective and powerful.

The first thing that could come to my head is purchase these links in order you can give the impression you are acquiring them manually and free. Really pay for links is one of the best solutions you can afford but definitely it is not the unique way to get powerful back links. In first place, you can use social networks to build powerful links. Can you imagine how powerful could be a link if you get a celebrity follow you on Twitter? Articles Directories such as Ezine.com are very effective in the art of creating powerful and relevant back links that boost the traffic to your website. Ezine is a very powerful and high-ranked website that receive thousand visitors everyday. You can get the most out of article directory sites like this and increase your profits and visitors everyday.


Guaranteed SEO Benefits With WordPress Plugins

Guaranteed SEO Benefits With WordPress Plugins

There are many ways to gain guaranteed SEO benefits for your website if you are using the WordPress CMS, some more effective than others. Most of your benefits will be with off site SEO but there can be some on site SEO advantages. People reading this article may or may not be aware that the majority of your SEO benefits will come from off site SEO, back linking is a huge one, especially if you are anchoring your back links with the correct text. Here I will not go into this aspect of SEO however, this article is more concerned with how you can improve on site SEO via WordPress plugins.

As you are probably already aware there are thousands upon thousands of WP plugins that all claim to benefit you in some way, not all are made equally however and sorting through all the garbage to actually find something of real use is extremely hard work, especially if you are new to WordPress and all the plugins that are available. I cannot claim to be an expert on every single plugin available, the number to be tested is just too many and would take a lifetime to test individually but the following list shows a few of the plugins that I find are most useful for my personal needs and do give me guaranteed SEO advantages of one description or another.

Your list may vary depending on the reason why you are building a WP site but I think most people will find the list to be of use for the basics plus a few added extra bonuses. While some of these plugins are not directly related to SEO they may help you to avoid disasters that will ruin your sites credibility with both search engines and visitors alike so do not be fooled by the simplicity of what some of them do. While on site and off site SEO are very, very important the integrity of your site as a whole does come into play. If your site goes down or is slow or littered with links that go nowhere these problems will all add up to a bad site that both man and machine will dislike and avoid. One more point that you should bear in mind when installing plugins: Do not over do it! I bring up page speed further into this article, one of the things that will slow your site down is a lot of plugins.

Certain plugins are non optional, a sitemap and a database backup are for example 2 things that you absolutely need but if others are going to be of little use to you, forget them! Use your head in regard to what you need for the function of your site. Never install a plugin just for the sake of it, only use them to improve functionality! WordPress plugins with guaranteed SEO benefits The first thing that any site needs is a sitemap, you don’t need to be a coding expert and create your own thankfully with ‘Google XML sitemaps’. There are other sitemap plugins out there but this is one of the most trusted out there and something that no WordPress site should be without. ‘Yoast breadcrumbs’ is a great breadcrumb plugin that will leave a trail for your readers to be able to find their way around with greater ease. If set up correctly it will also help with internal SEO as it makes the text bold for the current page in the breadcrumb trail and also allows to set your own anchor text for both the homepage and blog page. The ‘official Statcounter plugin’ is another great piece of kit for your website, while it does not offer any immediate guaranteed SEO benefits the information that can be garnered from Statcounter.com is invaluable in your future SEO decisions.

Where are your visitors coming from? Where do your visitors go from your site? What keywords are attracting visitors? With this information and more you can start to make future plans, see what is working and see what is a wasting your time. It is well documented that Google now takes into account the speed that your website loads, feeding cached versions of your sites web pages is a no brainer when you take also consider that visitors may also click away if your page takes too long to load.

Help to improve page speed by using the ‘W3 total cache’ plugin. If you also have a lot of things going on in your sidebars you may also consider ‘WP widget cache’. Something that every WordPress site needs is a backup system of some kind. I recommend ‘WordPress Database Backup’. Depending on how active your site is you can set the plugin to Email you a complete backup of your site anywhere from every 900 seconds to bi monthly. Guaranteed SEO benefits? Well… How good is it for your SEO if your site crashes and you have to start from scratch? Ever had your content stolen from your site via your RSS feed?

Then you will like the next plugin. It’s called ‘RSS footer‘, a simple yet effective plugin that shows a link on the post that they stole which leads right back to your site, if anybody scrapes your feed content the guaranteed SEO benefit is that you get free keyword optimized back links and maybe a few visitors from the thieving gits site.:-D Bonus! ‘Broken link checker’ Ever been in a rush and put a link into a post or page that is not correct only to find out days or weeks later? (Do you have some that you didn’t find at all come to think of it!?) This plugin will monitor your site and report any links that are not working so you can correct them immediately. Google hates broken links and your visitors won’t like them too much either, neither should you if you want your site to do what you want it to do and direct visitors where you want them to go. How often do you finish off a page or post and notice mistakes?

You go back and correct them and then you make a couple of improvements and tweaks to the page, hitting the update button every few minutes to put it right… Bad!! Every time you post or update one of your pages WordPress automatically pings the Pingomatic site, if you are repeatedly pinging all the time your blog can get banned from the update sites for ping spam. Cure this with ‘cbnet Ping Optimizer’ which will only allow pinging when you actually publish for the first time. Pinging on an update will be disabled hence protecting you from being labelled as a ping spammer. Best of luck with your WordPress site, I hope this information was of use to you.


Make Money like the Top Bloggers

Make Money like the Top Bloggers

Very few people expected that blogging could give them profits which
could encourage them to dump their regular jobs for it. However, it is
also a fact that most of the top bloggers had a humble beginning as
they did not start the blogs with the profits in mind. Nevertheless, the
blogs created by them were able to attract huge traffics which in turn
resulted in great profits for these bloggers. So what did these bloggers
do differently to make these mounds of money?

This article aims at discussing some strategies which were used by
some of the top bloggers for making money:

Create a blog on a niche of interest

All the top bloggers were able to make money through their blogs
because they were passionate about it. It is very crucial to determine
on a niche which is of great interest to you and many others. This will
ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the niche of the
blog, which in result will encourage you to add quality content to your
blog which will inevitably attract people with similar interests.

Create blogs with WordPress or Blogger accounts

Most of the successful blogs can be found with WordPress or Blogger
accounts. One of the reasons for the huge popularity of these blogs is
that they are more SEO friendly and hence receive more hits and

Always add Content and value to your visitors

Even if your intention is to commercialize the blog, make sure that the
blog has content and ads which are of value to the visitors of your
blog. A blog which is able to draw the interest of a loyal audience will
result in increased traffic, which can play a vital role in heightening
your profits.

Pay regular visits to popular blogs on the same niche

Be interested in blogs on the same niche. This will result in increased
knowledge on the niche. Leaving comments on those blogs with back
links to your blog will result in increased audience for your blog. One
must understand that almost always, higher traffic leads to more and
higher paying ads which implies more profits for you.

Try selling advice

If you have considerable experience as a successful marketer, then
you can try selling advices in the form of full consulting packages. On
the contrary, you can also sell brief advices for a relatively lower fee.
This will almost inevitably result in increased cash flow, more content
and boosted traffic.

Spread your wings by creating blogs on different niches

If you are already the proud owner of a relatively established blog,
then it is high time that you start another blog on a different niche.
Placing the ads of these blogs on the established blog can result in
traffic for those blogs as well, which in turn will earn profits for you in
the long run.

It is very important to mention here that if you are interested in
making money like the top bloggers, then it is quintessential to
cultivate an attitude like them. Almost every blogger who has made it
big in this industry has dedicated a lot of time and effort to make their
blogs a hit. Like in any other job or industry, hard work is a must for
making it big in the world of blogging.