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Thinking about various business possibilities to expand your business, a thought comes to your mind. Why can’t I publicize my online business alongside my offline products and services? Yes in real it is possible with a bit of planning and proper knowledge about market center. You can increase your leads by marketing to an audience that is not always accessible online. Offline businesses that partner with you can even generate referrals for you.

Just as with online joint ventures, you will want to find a business that is within the niche you are promoting. For an instance if your business sells computer software, then joint venturing with a fashion industry would not make as much sense as partnering with a local IT company or software store. You have to do a good research before you venture on.

Some things have to be kept in mind when you venture your offline business with online set up.

First, write a “tip booklet” that conveys all the information about products and services of your business. As with the free giveaway strategy you use in online joint ventures, apply the same theory to offline partnerships; ask the offline companies to give away your booklet to anyone who makes a purchase. Not only will this lead to more hits to your sites, but you are guaranteed a lead that already buys items in your niche and therefor may buy from you for their future needs or wants.

Designing a “printed flyer” will give exposure to your products to major markets. So long as it has all the information anyone could need to get to your site easily and the benefits you offer, you are driving targeted traffic to your webpage. You can again enter into an offline joint venture with a local store in your niche to place the flyers in the customer’s hands as they leave or enter the store.

Finally, find a popular store that sells computers. Often times they have to have some sort of pages up on their screens to show the customers the visual clarity. Strike a deal with them to post your website on those screens. A joint venture such as this will surely hike up your traffic.

Once you have found a business offline that you would like to joint venture with, get in touch with them with your proposal efficiently citing the benefits and capital they will be earning through this. Do complement their business but do not over-do anything. If done with proper skills, you will further your chances of creating a profitable web campaign as well as a successful joint venture.


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