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Success with Joint Ventures

The net is constantly changing and news is occurring every minute. A good affiliate marketer knows the value of breaking news on his traffic and revenue. Once breaking news hits, it is only a matter of minutes albeit seconds before the natural search engine traffic is generated from inquiring minds. The quick ability to create a squeeze page, a marketing campaign, and choose the best products are key to capitalizing on the news frenzy. But do you have to be out of the rat race if you cannot do any one of these things efficiently?

Entering into a joint venture can be very much like having contract employees at your disposal. The difference in some cases would be that if you prosper, so do your partners thereby motivating them to do an even better job than a regular paid employee. Perhaps you have the idea and cannot implement it properly. Or you know which campaigns will convert well if only you had the proper squeeze pages. Gone are the days of putting those ideas on the back burner until you learn the methods yourself; joint ventures allow you to put your ideas into action right away. As you let more and more time pass between your idea and its implementation, you risk someone else thinking it up and putting it into action before you. Why would you set yourself up for failure like that? A joint venture is more marketable to potential partners because they know that everyone involved in the group wants to prosper and will work hard to see that they do. Unlike employees who work for their pay, members of a group venture work for their profit; the harder they work, the more they profit. What better motivator is there?

The key to success with joint ventures is the build and goals of the team. If you have a team member who is not a team player, you will find it harder to be as productive as if you had a member who is working for the better of the team. Knowing and outlining what you want from the group is key to maintaining focus and direction. As news is always changing, efficiency is key to any joint venture success story. Not only do you get things done faster, but you also have more help in testing other venues quicker. Instead of having to test everything one by one, you can split the tasks up. More time to focus on the next campaign or generating sales is more money in your pocket.

Success with joint ventures can rely heavily on the product or idea that is being marketed, but is usually dependent on the makeup of your team. Finding partners that will help you rather than hinder you is a simple enough of an idea. So while you may want to help your best friend make money online, you may want to find a dependable partner with skills that will actually help your endeavor to enter into a joint venture with.


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  1. conversionation June 18, 2010 at 4:44 pm #

    @RebeccaDenison: Nielsen & McKinsey join forces, take on social media research – this could be an amazing panership

  2. hillmanwill June 30, 2010 at 4:48 am #

    update: Joint Venture: Promotion Deal With Panership Businesses!

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