Steps to Dominating a Niche with Blogs

´╗┐Steps to Dominating a Niche with Blogs If you want to dominate a niche on the internet with blogs nowadays it’s completely possible and although it will require a lot work the payoff is huge. Not many webmasters or companies can say that they dominate there niche and it’s very difficult to do, but with the right planning you could do it. The first thing you need to do is choose your niche, which should be something you enjoy and are familiar with. Don’t choose a niche that is overcrowded with webmasters though because then ranking your blogs with become a lot more difficult and in some cases nearly impossible. You don’t want to compete against any big companies for search engine rankings, because most of the time there budget is a lot larger then your budget is and you don’t need that hassle. Once you a narrow down a niche that isn’t very competitive then you need to begin planning out your exact plan so that you can simply follow through on the plan. Also don’t expect to be dominating a niche in a week either as it takes time and hard work. The number one reason why webmasters don’t succeed is because they give up without allowing their websites enough time to establish themselves and earn money. Step One The first thing that you need to do is establish an authority blog, which should cover the entire niche. Your niche should be small enough that you can have an authority blog ranking for many of the terms in the niche. You should spend a couple months establishing this blog before moving much deeper into your network of blogs. Once you have some traffic and rankings then you can begin to expand. Step Two Once you have your authority blog established then you need to know break down your niche into anywhere from three to ten categories. You’ll know create a blog for each of those categories and begin adding content to them as much as possible in the beginning. Content is important on blogs and you need as much of it as possible so never think you’re writing too much. The traffic you get from these blogs should be targeted and could earn you some good money. Step Three In this step you’ll be creating small blogs that simply consist of only a few pages a piece. These blogs will be used to promote the different products in your niche. These are the small websites that you’ll be sending your blog traffic to in order to convert them into customers. Blogs can build up great search engine traffic and this is the best traffic to sell products to which is why you should send all your blog traffic to these websites. As these blogs age you’ll also begin getting traffic from search engines for the keywords you targeted. As you can see if you follow these three simple steps then you’ll be able to dominate a niche within one year pending the competition isn’t to stiff. You’ll need to of course spend long hours building links and traffic to the blogs in order to have any success, but if you do the work then the money will follow. Nothing is handed to you on a silver platter in the online world so always be willing to work for what you need or else find a typically 9-5 job now before you waste anymore time online.


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