Steps to Building a Mailing List

Steps to Building a Mailing List

All successful webmasters are always talking about how valuable a mailing list is, but most of them neglect to teach everyone how to build a mailing list. Nowadays you can choose between both free and paid services to build your mailing list, and I’ll leave it up to you to choose your mailing list software. You will need one though so make sure you pick one and get familiar with it so you know what you’re doing. A mailing list is great to have because then you can email them all at once with promotions, specials and anything else you want to as long as it isn’t spam. If you have a big enough mailing lists then you can make thousands of dollars off each email that you send out. You generally send out an email to promote a product to sell as this is how you’ll make money. One key thing to remember is not to email your list to often as then they’ll unsubscribe and you’ll lose potential profit.

Once you have chosen your mailing list software you need to set-up a form on your website so that people can join your list. You’ll want to mention what you’ll offer in your newsletter emails so that people will want to join it. You can also offer a free report or eBook to people so that there more likely to join the mailing list. Many websites out there focus on just list building and there simply one page websites that giveaway something free in order for an email and name. You can do this on your website by creating a new page and setting up a little article for people to read. I find that you should always try offering something for free in exchange for the reader to join your mailing list as most people need a reason to join anything these days.

After you’ve set-up your subscriber page with the free gift and mailing list form then you now need to promote this page and build some links for it. Of course your website traffic should be able to clearly see on every page that you have a free gift offer in exchange for there email. The more noticeable the better as you want your readers to know it’s there. Apart from your website visitors you should also submit the new page to social bookmarking websites. This brings in a lot of traffic and since you’re offering something free many of them will submit there email for the freebie. You can also submit articles to article directories and in the resource box make sure you notify people that they can receive a free gift by going to your page and submitting there email.

Having a mailing list is so important to earn revenue online nowadays that I recommend everyone begin working on there mailing list immediately. Even if you don’t have much traffic right now that’s alright as you can still build your list slowly. You don’t need to send out emails until you reach at least one hundred subscribers though as you want to make it worth your while. If you wait though then you’re just throwing away potential people who would sign-up for your list and you can’t afford to do this. I suggest you get a mailing list software program as soon as possible and begin building your future.

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