Social Bookmarking is Vital for Bloggers

Social Bookmarking is Vital for Bloggers

If you blog nowadays then you already know how hard it can be for you too get the traffic you need at your blog, and I’m sure you’ve been scrambling for methods on how too get some traffic. Well since blogging has become so popular, so has social networking and one of the ways social networking has become so popular is through social bookmarking. There are thousands of people that are using social bookmarking sites right now too get their websites noticed, and millions of people are finding sites through these bookmarking sites. There are some sites that have most of the traffic, but you shouldn’t limit yourself too only those because there are many that offer do-follow backlinks which as we already know is very important.

The more do-follow backlinks that you build, the better your page rank and search engine rankings will get, which results in more organic traffic. Organic traffic is typically hat converts too money which is why you need to be doing social bookmarking. You will also get some good consistent traffic from your social bookmarking projects and although most of the traffic is junk some will convert to readers. This will of course depend on your blog and how much work you put into your design and content.

You have to remember that things take time when blogging, and if you ever want a successful blog then you need to begin working now. There are thousands of webmasters that are working everyday on their sites, so if you want too compete with them you need too make sure you put the work in. If you don’t have time to put the work in yourself then you will need to hire people to do the tasks or use software. You would be surprised at what software is available for social bookmarking, and there are a couple of programs out there that work wonders. The best one is called social bookmarking demon, and they are coming out with a new update soon. The software is a desktop application which makes it simple too use and you don’t need to have it on your server this way. If you use this software it will cut the time to bookmark your posts by 1000%.

It doesn’t matter how you do your social bookmarking as long as you make sure that you actually do it, and not procrastinate about getting it done. You should submit every post that you make, which means that you should be using these social bookmarking sites everyday. It should only take a half hour too get all of your bookmarking done with a software program, which means that it’s very quick to do. There are lists all over the internet that cover the many social bookmarking sites around, you should look for the ones that offer do-follow links and also niche sites. There are many niche social bookmarking sites which will give you more valuable links then the general sites.

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