So you have a WordPress blog

So, you have a WordPress blog. But instead of just working for the blog (writing in it, fiddling with the HTML codes to make it look good), you can also make it work for you. Did you know that your blog can bring in the big bucks? Well, now you do. The question is, how?
That question will now be addressed.
First things first. When I say that your blog can make money for you, I don’t mean the page where you self-publish whatever you like. No; plugins – also known as extensions – are what I’m talking about. Of course, the plugins have to be embedded in your WordPress page in order for them to be seen, and when they can be seen, only then can they work.
Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get to the most interesting part of this article – monetizing your WordPress.
One of the most common methods of monetizing your WordPress is by allowing advertisements on your site, for example: adding AdSense ads to your blog. AdSense is a Google-run advertisement application which you can apply to embed in your page. It generates an income for you – the page owner – on a per-click basis, which basically means that advertisers pay you based on the number of times that ad has been clicked on; or a per-impression basis, where they will pay you based on the amount of traffic you have on your site.
Another money-making method is to market services, products, etc, on your WordPress site by way of using a shopping cart plugin. This plugin allows you to sell things and receive payment through the internet! There are a few available shopping-cart plugins for example Jason R Brigg’s YAK for WordPress which would link your product to the code of your blog entry, making the entry’s code the product’s identification number. It also provides modifiable payment options such as cheque or credit card, or the types of PayPal one might like to utilise.
Speaking of PayPal, it is actually yet another way to make your WordPress (and your readers) become your source of income! However, this method might work better if your blog experiences high traffic, as it is the donation method. That’s right, you can make money off of your site if you add a PayPal plugin where your visitors may make donations either with their credit cards or by electronic debits from their bank accounts. There are many plugins which would enable you to add a PayPal Donate Button to your page. Easy PayPal WordPress Plugin and PayPal Donate WordPress Plugin are two such plugins.
We have now come to the conclusion of the sermon; I’m sure some sort of enlightenment has occurred somewhere between the beginning of the article and this sentence, and the wonders of monetising your WordPress page have been exposed in all their monetary glory. I kid, I kid. Joking aside though, it is now time to view your WordPress blog as more than merely a space for self-published opinion-airing. With the right plugins, it can actually make you money!

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