So what exactly is a RSS Feed

So what exactly is a RSS Feed?

As a blogger you need to know what an RSS feed is and you need to know how to use your RSS feed to your advantage to increase your earnings. A lot of new bloggers have no idea what an RSS feed is, and many veteran bloggers know what it is but have no clue how to utilize it. There are thousands of internet users who subscribe to RSS feeds so that they can read all the updates in one central RSS reader. If your blog doesn’t utilize an RSS feed then you could be losing potential readers to your blog. We’ll now take a look at what exactly an RSS feed is and what exactly it does.

• RSS feed are dynamic which means they update automatically without doing anything
• You can easily read and review a number of websites at once
• Easily sends out information to all of your readers
• Can replace content on websites and offers automatically updated content
• Can offer fresh content for the search engines on your website
• You’ll notice higher ranking in the search engines

An RSS feed can be used in two main ways which are to either offer your readers updated content so they can always be aware of your updates and also to offer fresh content on your website. You can run websites off of RSS feeds which automatically update and this means that owning the website would basically be hands-off except for promotion.

You can also make your own RSS feeds and use them to create great backlinks for your websites. Many places allow you to post RSS feeds and this will then update with the most recent posts from your website. This will allow a wide range of people to find your blog and can lead to a lot more revenue. You can even find RSS directories in which instead of submitting your homepage you submit your RSS feed. Then you have a place on the directory where you posts automatically update, so everyone who visits the directory can potentially turn into a new visitor to your website.

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