Six Kinds of Resell Rights

Six Kinds of Resell Rights

There are a variety of resell rights. Resell rights run from the simple right to resell an item to others to the more flexible rights that let you change an item, give it a new name, and other rights. Every one of these rights can be purchased. Below is an overview of the basic kinds of reseller rights.

1) Give Away Rights

This allows you to give an item to others as long as you don’t charge them anything for it.

2) Royalty Rights

These rights are similar to that given to authors and publishers. Every time you sell an item, you have to give a certain percentage of the money earned to the original owner..

3) Resell Rights

These rights not only give you permission to sell the item to anyone you wish, but you keep all money made on the sale.

4) Basic Resell Rights

With these types of rights, you again keep all money made from the sale. You have permission to sell the item, but whoever buys it from you is not allowed to sell it.

5) Private Label Rights

This is the most flexible kind of resell rights. With these, you can put your own name on an item as if it was yours to start with. You can change it, rename it and claim it as your own. You also have complete control over its sale and what rights you prefer to sell it with, if any.

6) Master Resell Rights

With this type of right whomever you sell a product to has the ability to turn around and sell it to someone else. The unique aspect of these rights is that they are separate from the product and can be sold alone or attached to the individual product.

The above shows the great variety available in resell rights. If you take the time to learn about each of these, you have opened up yet another avenue for earning money.

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