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Six Great Business ideas

The business starts with one thing, An Idea. Turning these non-tangible ideas into money making businesses is the key to being a successful entrepreneur. In this article, I’ll focus on a few ideas that any one with a PC , an internet connection, and some commitment can try.
Here’s a the entrepreneur start-up ideas:

1. EBay for Profit
Try starting up your own home based business by selling things on eBay. The obvious thing to do sell items you no longer need. This however is not a very sound business plan as you will soon run out of things to sell. One of the keys to sell on eBay is to sell at the right price. If you can sell things cheaper than other people can, you are onto a winner.
Try finding a wholesaler who would sell you a product for a very cheap price if you buy in bulk. Then sell on eBay and your own website for a profit. They key here and is often the hardest part, is to find a descent wholesaler who will sell you your desired product for a price that you can make a profit from, while undercutting your competition.
Learn the tips and tricks that will allow you to maximize your eBay profits!

2. Information is King
Information is something people will always pay for, especially if the information is hard to find. Find a topic that has a severe lack of information available online, yet a lot of people are searching for. Do your research on that topic and write an E-Book on it, trying to answer most of the questions you think people might ask about the subject.. If your E-book is the only one available on the topic then you can sell it for profit.

3. Open Up Shop
You could start your own online store. The number of people buying things online increases each year, and is the largest and most widespread market in the world. Think about what you would like to sell, can you make the product yourself, or do you need to buy the product in via wholesale?. If you manage to find the right product and market to the right customers, you are onto a winner entrepreneur start-up.
Start-up costs needn’t be costly either, there are many ecommerce store software solutions out there. Some of them are free so do your research.

4. The Ever Growing Web
The Internet grows continuously. And so does its user base. A service that would always be needed Web Design. You could consider becoming a web designer, and if you don’t have the relevant skills, you could learn. There will always be a steady stream of ‘newbies’ who don’t understand how the Internet works, but still need a website to share their hobby or to sell a product.
You could fill this ever growing need. And i can vouch for the amount of money you can make!. I made almost $3000 designing a website for a client last year, and have made several small websites for a couple of hundred dollars each, which only took me a few hours to build.

5. Can I get some Service here?
Do you have a skill or ability you can sell?. Many people will pay for your services. Are you good at SEO (search engine optimization), marketing, consulting … The list goes on and on. If you have a service you can sell which will help people, then there is money to be made. Believe me, people will pay for it. Many business’s don’t have the time to do a lot of things so they out source a lot of work to people supplying services.

6. Affiliate Marketing
Millionaires have been made using affiliate marketing and is my #1 entrepreneur start-up idea. Affiliates have helped companies sell millions of products, without ever actually having a product to sell themselves. In the world of affiliate marketing, you sell a product for someone else, and when you make a sale you get a commission on the sale price. You can get a list of companies who offer affiliate programs from sites like ClickBank and commission junction and its really easy to implement.
Commissions can range from 5 per sale to 75 and higher, so there is a vast amount of profit to be made here if you apply yourself and market the product correctly.

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