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 To answer this question, we need to define what WordPress, Blog and SEO are. WordPress is free journalism over the Internet. It is an entity in the Internet that allows a person to express himself by creating a Blog. A blog simply means writing online individual journals, feedback, commentaries, and while maintaining it on a Website on the Internet.

There is a couple of this online journalism on the Internet and one is BlogSpot, a competitor of WordPress. There have been comparisons between the two Website by users. Both have tactical features that make each individual unique from each other. However, this article will explain more on WordPress and why it is so SEO friendly.

Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO as explained. This is the application of optimizing and maximizing the accessibility of your site or blog on a Search Engine by strategies and tactics. A Search Engine Optimizer is an individual who performs these functions.

SEO function is to assure that a Blog or site on the Internet will come out on the first couple of pages of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) using strategies and discovering other means of obtaining this goal. This is significant because Search engine categories rely critically on the rank and number of links to your blog while they launch the positioning and the optimum technique to attain links that are by customary suggestions from other bloggers or web site holders.

WordPress which is defined on the first part of this article seems a favorite among several SEO who are keen to work on this site. Why is WordPress so SEO friendly? There are a couple of reasons why.

WordPress is SEO friendly because a plugin can be predetermined to strongly produces a XML sitemap which is proposed to Google, MSN and the likes as soon as you issue your post. This plugin will also advance your sitemap to Yahoo if you install it by going to your Yahoo API which can be obtained free of charge, and a plugin can be set up to energetically generates a sitemap for your guests.

Moreover, WordPress can also be adapted to supplement many different customs and a lot of these enhancements will connect to the common functionality of making visitors and SEO to bond more on the site. The confident figure of inbound link by WordPress is auto-generated with every post by pinging the blog index and compliance to RSS Feed aggregators. WordPress has numerous plugins that will gather stats on your guests. (A number of these will actually swell your file and make it a little sluggish behind your load period so you are advised to only implement those that you really wanted.)

Last but not least, WordPress is an interactive Website that is search engine responsive, guest friendly and is easy to put in content without as much as thinking too much about SEO since it has in-built or added functions. Rest assured that the people behind this site are doing all they can to enhance and develop the online journal to be more user responsive and definitely, more SEO friendly.

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