Promoting your Website through Social Media

Promoting your Website through Social Media

In this day in age you need to utilize social media as a website owner if you want to reach out to the most amounts of people. Social media websites make up the highest visited websites on the internet so if you can reach out to these massive crowds then the potential for making money is endless. There are two forms of social media that every website owner should utilize at one point or another, and the sooner you implement these tactics the quicker you can build your traffic and earnings.

The first form of social media advertising is through social bookmarking websites. These websites are abundant nowadays and there are literally hundreds of them all over the internet. You don’t need to submit to all of these obviously, but you should find a list of the most visited ones and make sure you submit to them often. You’ll always get a rush traffic from them and the more viral your content is the more response you’ll find on the social media websites. The goal is to gain votes and get listed on the high traffic pages of these social media websites, which is a lot easier said then done. With many bots out there that cheat the systems it can be difficult to land a front page listing, but if you ever do then you can expect large amounts of traffic to come from them. You should generally post to social bookmarking websites every time you add a new page to your website. It takes minutes to submit a webpage to a social bookmarking website so the time investment is definitely worth the traffic you’ll receive.

The second form of social media advertising you use is a lot less crowded right now and there is also more potential for finding clients using this method. The method is video advertising and as you know websites like Youtube receive tons of traffic on a daily basis. There are hundreds of video sharing websites out there that you can submit your videos too, and although time consuming it’s worth it. Once your video is live on the video sharing website then it’s generally fine to sit there and receive traffic for months to come without having to worry about doing anything else. The more viral your video is the more traffic you’ll get leaking to your website obviously, but any video is better then no video. A lot of webmasters don’t know how to make videos so if you can do this then you already have an advantage over most webmasters. Most of us need to outsource this type of work and even though it’s costly I still find it worth the money.

Social media marketing and advertising is only becoming popular now, and if you think it’s already popular then wait to see how it is in three years. You need to implement these tactics into your website now before it becomes too late and too many people use them. There will always be room for these mediums of marketing, but once there crowded with webmasters then the potential for profit becomes lower. It’s always better being a leader then follower, so don’t want for everyone to jump on the social media bandwagon and start using the methods now before everyone else.

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