Niche Blogging

Niche Blogging – What Exactly Does It Mean?

As blogging became more crowded and more blogs were being created everyday there came a time when there were to many general bloggers around and many smart webmasters decided to start creating blogs based solely on niche markets. A niche blog is a blog that is narrowed down in topic so that it doesn’t fall into a general category. An example of this would be instead of having a celebrity blog you would have a Paris Hilton blog. As you can see you’ve went from the entire celebrity niche which is too big for person to blog about to just Paris Hilton niche which is easier to blog about and remain on top of all the news. As you know some celebrities have enough news that a blog could be updated everyday with new content and there are also some celebrities that have thousands of search engine searches everyday. This means that by narrowing your audience down you cut down on some traffic possibly, but you’re also going to have a more authority blog by making it in a niche. Many niches to this day don’t have an authority in the niche and that simply means there is still opportunity for more people to take control of a niche market.

There are niche markets everywhere and for every topic you just need to use your imagination. One important thing to remember is not to make your blog to narrow of a niche though because then you simply run into problems with content. It can hard to constantly update a blog about a certain tool or something so instead of blogging about a brand of hammers blog about all hammers. Hammers would be considered a good niche because you’re narrowing it down from the general niche of tools. You can take anything basically and make it into a smaller niche and the reason it’s smart to do so is because you can make a lot more money. Many internet marketers talk about how important it is to get targeted traffic to your products and lead offers and the best way to get targeted traffic on the internet right now is through a niche blog.

If you think about all of your traffic should be targeted because frankly I don’t know anyone who’s looking for clothes find there way onto a blog about hammers. It simply doesn’t happen and if it does then it’s a mistake obviously and it won’t a visitor who stays very long on the blog. All the traffic you get should be people interested in hammers, this means you know have a bunch of people interested in hammers coming to a blog you own. Lights should be going off in your head right now, because by having people at your blog interested in hammers you can now sell hammers on your blog and make a pretty penny.

It could take months to build up the readership on the blog before you start making money but once it starts coming in you’ll be set for a long time to come. If you choose like hammers then if you market yourself properly you could ensure income for life because people will always need to buy hammers. The fact is more people are moving online to buy products and if you can make a niche blog about a certain product then you could be in for big money. Don’t choose a product that gets upgraded every year though because then all the work you do is a waste once the upgrade comes and people stop wanting the old version.

There is an unlimited amount of money that can be made for bloggers who begin narrowing their efforts down to niches and if done properly it’s a goldmine. There is also a lot less work when you create a niche blog because often times it doesn’t need to be updated to often, basically only when there is something going on in the niche of the blog which could be once a week or even once a month. You’ll want to post at least once a month so that you can ensure your blog maintains its traffic and revenue though. When you begin marketing your niche blog you should try finding directories that are specifically related to your niche as they will be valued higher then general directory submissions. Also try obtaining links from other webmasters that already have blogs or sites in your niche, this is a sure fire way to get the search engines you want to see in the quickest amount of time. Remember to stay natural with your link building campaigns though or else you could face problems down the road once the search engines catch on.

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