Never Buy or Trade Traffic for Your Blog

Never Buy or Trade Traffic for Your Blog

No matter what niche of blog you have there always seems to be a traffic exchange system where you can either trade or buy traffic. Now for the most part you never want to trade or buy traffic for your blog simply because it’s a waste of money. You only want to change trade traffic if the other traffic is coming from another website or blog that is similar to yours and offers good traffic. If it doesn’t offer good targeted traffic then there is no reason why you would want to trade traffic with the website and you should stay away from it because it won’t help you out.

If you trade all your hard earned traffic then your blog visitors will be leaving your blog and you’ll be receiving visitors from the website you’re trading traffic with. Now if the website you trade with is a toplist or something then the traffic isn’t going to be worth exchanging traffic to get. You need to determine which trades will offer you equal or more traffic for your traffic, and the traffic needs to be targeted. There is no reason sending away your targeted traffic to get junk traffic in return that won’t amount to anything.

Now for those of you who have been thinking about spending money on buying traffic I would advise against doing so. You don’t want to buy traffic for your blog because the only reason traffic is for sale is because it isn’t good targeted traffic. If it was targeted traffic then you would never see people selling traffic by the thousands for dollars. The reason they sell their traffic though is because there traffic is garbage and they make more money by selling it then trying to convert it into sales. Now you could try and hope to convert the bought traffic into sales, but for the most part you won’t even see one sale from any traffic you buy. Unless you find someone who is selling some private traffic that is targeted and converts then you shouldn’t buy traffic.

Some people buy traffic to try and boost there website stats before selling it, but the problem with this is that it won’t help you. People will want to see the referrer stats and once they see that the traffic has been bought then they won’t want to buy your blog or if they do they won’t pay much. Buying traffic seems dodgy because the only reason people really do it is to boost their stats and other webmasters don’t like buying blogs with bought traffic.

Buying traffic from bad areas can also cause your blog problems in the future with the search engines. The more unnatural stuff you do the more likely the search engines are to find something wrong with what you’re doing and penalize you. The last thing you want to do is get penalized by the search engines so make sure you follow the rules. Stick to building links and getting organic traffic and the revenue will begin to build up. Buying traffic is just a waste of your money and you shouldn’t spend time even considering spending your hard earned money on useless junk traffic.

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