Mistakes Bloggers Make When Building Links

Mistakes Bloggers Make When Building Links

Most bloggers have finally realized that if they want to rank in the search engines competitively for any term then they are going to need to build lots of content and links to their site. The problem now is that a lot of bloggers are beginning to build links but there not doing it effectively. It doesn’t take much learning to start link building more effectively it’s just that most people don’t share the information that you need and it can hurt your rankings.

The most common mistake people make when building their links is that they don’t use any anchor text or they use an anchor text completely irrelevant to their blog. Now a link is a link, I’ll admit that but if you plan on ranking for any keywords then you need to use those keywords as your anchor text. You should also make sure that you’re using an anchor text when you post links and also make sure that the anchor text is a keyword or phrase that you’re optimizing your blog for. Over time as you build links with anchor text you’ll start for ranking for the terms you use as anchor text and this can bring in tons of targeted traffic to your blog. You should make sure to switch up your anchor text’s and use a handful of them when you build your links so that it seems completely natural.

The next mistake people are making when building links to their blog is that they are only building the links to their homepage. Now building links to your homepage is great and all, but you need to also build links to your blog posts and pages. These are known as deeplinks and are highly valuable when it comes to search engine rankings. If you can write good content then this will result in the most deeplinks as people use your material, but you can also submit to deeplink directories and article directories. All article directories allow deeplinks and if you submit enough articles to popular article directories then it can begin to really increase your search engine rankings.

Both of the above mistakes are becoming very popular and that’s not a good thing for bloggers. If you’re currently building your links and you’re using one of the above common mistakes when doing so then you need to adjust how you’re currently building them and start building them as mentioned. It’s quite simple as long as you what you’re doing, and links can be built fairly quickly on blogs so there is no reason why not to have lots of backlinks pointing to your blog pages. If you’re currently building links without making the two common mistakes above then that’s great and you’ll definitely be on your way to creating a better blog in no time. Blogging is all about building content and links so if you can’t do both then there isn’t much point of even blogging, because there are now millions of blogs out there and if you can’t build your blog up to rank well then it will be eaten by the crowd.

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