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MEWEBHOST shows how to install WordPress automatically via your cPanel using the “Fantastico”. For more WordPress Tutorials visit MEWEBHOST.COM offers the best hosting solution for your WordPress blog. MEWEBHOST’s new HyGRID hosting platform gives you unlimited disk space, bandwidth and MySQL databases. Video Transcript: In this video, learn how to install WordPress automatically via your cPanel with Fantastico Deluxe which is offered free by most cPanel hosting companies. And this is the main Fantastico Deluxe screen, and if you scroll down, you’ll be able to see that besides the WordPress application that we want to install, you will also find a lot of other useful open-source free PHP scripts that you can install to your server; for example, OS Commerce; ZenCart; and even several Wiki scripts; and also some forum scripts. So you’re going to install WordPress just click on WordPress . Next, click on New Installation. Okay, so this is the main setup or configuration screen for your new WordPress blog. And there’s just a few fields here that you need to fill up, but the most important is this field here that asks you which directory you want to install WordPress on. So for most cases, if your website is dedicated to just that WordPress blog, then you’d want to install the WordPress software in the root directory, whereby you leave this column entirely empty, but if you want to install WordPress to a particular folder on your website, for example, if you

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