´╗┐Methods to get tons of backlinks

Getting backlinks has become much easier these days with the advent of social networking and social bookmarking sites. Social networking sites will be giving you a profile page and in that page you may add details about yourself like your name, hobbies, interests, and also your website. And this is something that makes webmasters attracted towards these sites – yup, I’m talking about the “website url” thing. This is an easy way to get free backlinks. Social networking sites are generally of high authority and getting a link (even if it’s from an inner page), is still of great importance.

On the other hand, a social bookmarking site will allow you to create a profile page and also to bookmark your favorite sites.This way, creating a single account, you can get backlinks to unlimited sites of yours. Not just that, if you stay active at these sites, then you’ll be getting free traffic as well. Members who are active will get a lot of hits to their profile. And this will prompt others to visit their bookmarks. This way, it will be providing you double benefit.

There are thousands of social bookmarking and social networking sites at the moment. If you go on creating accounts in all these sites, then you’ll never reach the finish line for sure. That’s because new ones are born every day. It’ll only waste your time. So, just concentrate on sites that is with good pagerank and traffic. A link from a high authority site is worth more than – even tens or hundreds of links from a low authority site. So, create accounts in high authority, high traffic sites, this way, your sites will be benefiting in two ways :- they’ll be getting a quality backlink and also free targeted traffic.

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