Making Use of WordPress Plug-Ins

Making Use of WordPress Plug-Ins

A lot of bloggers don’t make proper use of the many WordPress plug-ins that are available to them and when you don’t utilize them your work becomes a lot harder. There is hundreds of different WordPress plug-ins that can make your blog more SEO friendly as well as more interactive, and you should be using a large number of plug-ins for each of your blogs. Some plug-ins is almost mandatory in the minds of bloggers and I’m going to list some of the more useful plug-ins that you can utilize.

– All in One SEO Pack
– Google Sitemap Generator
– KB Robots Text
– FlickrRSS
– Feedburner Feed Replacement
– Add-This
– WP-Contact Form
– Related Posts
– Popular Posts
– Ad-Man

There is many more plug-ins that can be useful to your blogging experience but typically you should make sure that you’re using the plug-ins listed above. All of the plug-ins can be found on lists throughout the internet by doing a simple search in Google. Simply type the name above and WordPress plug-in and you should find the plug-in mentioned above.

I personally utilize all of the above plug-ins for all of my blogs, and the only one I really don’t use on all my blogs is the FlickrRSS which posts pictures to your sidebar. I only use this for entertainment type blogs and that’s about it. Once you have all of these plug-ins set-ups you’ll notice more traffic coming from the search engines and will also allow for easier navigation and interactivity between users and your blog.

Making your life easier with the use of plug-ins is one of the reasons why so many people are now switching to blogging platforms for their websites and if you don’t utilize the helpful plug-ins then there isn’t much reason to blog. Blogging is ideal for people without programming knowledge which is why the plug-ins is so abundant for WordPress. If you struggle setting up sites, by using WordPress and WordPress plug-ins you’ll be able to change that around quickly. Plug-ins is very simple to activate and use on WordPress as well and most of them come with instructions in the folder file that you download. If you have problems installing I’d check their first and if there isn’t instructions then you could search for them on Google as many places list detailed walkthroughs for many of the popular plug-ins.

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