Make My Own Website – Efficient WordPress Websites With WP Super Cache

Make My Own Website – Efficient WordPress Websites With WP Super Cache

Online visitors are in a hurry. One of the important questions is how to make your own website run smoothly. It does not matter, if you have a large or small WordPress website, there is a probability that your site responds with delay.

This is because when a visitor searches for specific information, the result is found by sorting through the website’s database and generating the content to display. To improve this process, you should use the WP Super Cache plug-in.

Caching is a method of create a static copy of your website in a temporary place. This technique allows quicker response when a search for information is done. The location of cached information is always the first area to look upon. Therefore, if the needed information is cached, your website can immediately provide information being searched for.

This static copy of your website is available to all of your visitors. More or less a 100% of the users in your website are served with cached information. And because of this, the search mechanism will not overburden your server.

This allows for processing of other important tasks by the server. Thus, your website can be loaded on an explorer in the most efficient way possible because your server can be fully dedicated in doing only that.

The major benefits of employing WP Super Cache plug-in your website are:

It frees your server of processing tasks because a cache file can be used in replacement of searching through the whole database.
A server with correct load can be expected to perform well even when there is high volume of traffic in your WordPress site.
Users of your website will never experience any form of slowing down since the memory in your server can be used to balance system processes.

WP Super Cache plug-in is very easy to use. You may think that its purpose is quite complicated but the installation and usage is not. Simply follow these steps and make WP Cache plug-in immediately work in your WordPress website.

Before installation, you should make sure that no other version of this tool is installed as plug-in. If there is one, remove it first before installing the new one.
Download the latest version of WP Super Cache.
Install WP Super Cache
Right after that, go to the plugin’s configuration section (under Settings/WP Super Cache) and change the status to ON.
On the same screen, in the “”Mod Rewrite Rules”” configuration section, update the rules by hitting the button there.
There are also instructions how to update your /wp-content/cache/.htaccess file (just easy copy and paste)
Save the settings and you are ready to go.

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