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If you have been to a webmaster forum like DP, v7n, Netbuilders etc, then you’ll surely be knowing what is a signature. For every post that we make, we’ll be able to promote our signature links. So, if the total number of our post count is 1000, then our signatures will be seen in 1000 places – in other words those signature links would have got 1000 backlinks!

Backlinks are one of the key aspects that decide the page rank of a site. And for increasing the page rank, webmasters buy signature links from others members. At DP, a maximum of four links can be placed in the signature space. So, at DP, through every post, you can promote 4 signature links. And if you want to make some money out of it, then you may sell signature spots.

How much will we be getting by by selling signature spots in webmaster forums? The price is decided by the reputation of the member and through the number of posts the member has made. According to the current situations, if you are with 3000 posts in DP, then you’ll be getting about $15 from one signature spot. And if you are selling all the four signature spots, then you’ll be getting $60 per month. And if you post in forums regularly, then the next month, you’ll be getting more depending on the number of posts that you’ll be with then.

But, if you make unnecessary posts in forums, then you’ll be banned within minutes! Keep that in mind. Moderators of the forums will ban you the same moment, if you are found spamming the forum. So, do things this way. Only make a post, if its gonna benefit someone. This way, you’ll might be getting reputation points also. So, there is double benefit in posting useful posts. Even if you are not with huge number of posts, still you may get a decent amount by selling your signature spots. And that’s, if you visit the forum regularly and help others with useful posts. This way, you’ll be noted by others and hence the chances are high that you’ll be getting more offers than others.

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