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If you are thinking of making money by blogging, then you should be with a lot of blogs. With just one or two blogs, you won’t be getting anywhere near to even $ 100 per month. But before you think about making money this way, you should be having experience running at least a single blog in the past. If you are already having a blog of your own, then it’s okay. Otherwise start with one blog, and keep blogging for at least a month, before you follow what we are gonna mention here.

It’s better to start with 20 blogs. These 20 blogs should be about different niches. Articles should be posted in these blogs on a daily basis. If you are good at blogging, then it’s better to post an article in each of the 20 blogs on your own. This way, after a month you’ll be with 30 posts in each of the 20 blogs. And if these blogs are with decent traffic, then you would be able to sell links in them. On an average you’ll be getting at least $ 10 per month from a blog. So, from 20 blogs you’ll be getting $200. If you sell, like 10 links in each of the blogs, then you’ll be getting like $50 from a blog. And if that’s the case, your monthly earnings from the 20 blogs will be around $ 1000.

One thing to remember before creating blogs is that – the domain names should be good ones. It can help you in getting higher page ranks for your blogs. A high PR blog will help you earn more money online, per month, than a lower one. You should also do a lot of promotions to your blogs. Getting backlinks can do miracles to your blogs. So, go for it, if you think you’ll be able to do it on your own. Otherwise hire someone to do it for you.

And if you are putting adsense, in the blogs, then your earnings will be even more than what we have mentioned above. After you continue with such a plan for about 3-4 months, you’ll be with the money to hire workers to do all these things. From then on things will be pretty automated – and you can concentrate just on earning more and more money out of the blogs – without doing all those time consuming works.

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