Link Building for Bloggers

Link Building for Bloggers

Its tough even deciding on where to begin with discussing link building with all of you but it’s definitely something that needs to be addressed amongst all of us bloggers. Link building is the single most important aspect of blogging apart from your content. We all already know that content is absolute king when it comes to blogging and you won’t retain visitors without good content, and you also won’t see too much search engine traffic. If you have your content figured out and you got a steady stream of traffic beginning to pick up on your blog then you might be considering a link building campaign. There are lots of ways you can build links as a blogger and all of them I feel are vital to maximizing your exposure. If you only focus on getting one type of backlink then you’ll be missing to be much exposure that you could otherwise be getting if you just planned your campaign out. I always make sure I have a solid plan written out before I begin any link building campaign, and I also accompany the written plan with an excel sheet to record the data. I like knowing how much I do each day so that I can add it all up at the end of each month to see how my campaign did and to see if I noticed any results. If I notice results that for the better then I usually keeps the same plan for the next month minus a few tweaks. If I notice that the results have worsened from previous months then I will re-look through my data and make needed changes. Having everything written down allows for it to be a lot more organized and a lot more effective.

Once you have your plan of attack laid out then you can begin building the links throughout the rest of this article I will aim to teach you multiple methods of getting backlinks now so you can begin planning.

– Social Bookmarking
– Article Marketing
– Blog Posts
– Directory Submissions
– RSS Feed Submissions
– Adwords
– Blog Reviews
– Blog Comments
– Bought Links

There are tons of ways to naturally attain links for your blog and you need to try and incorporate as many of the different options as possible when working on link building. Link building is a constant trait of a blogger so make sure you’re willing to spend at least a half hour each day building links before you begin blogging. Building links I find is the most strenuous part of blogging, but it needs to be done so either you need to spend the time doing it yourself or you need to hire someone who can do it for you. Hiring someone isn’t always that bad, but typically you shouldn’t hire anyone to work on your blog before its making profit because you don’t know if it will even make money. I generally will wait until I see some traffic and a couple conversions on a blog before I really start pushing the link building and content.

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