Is Buying Links for your Website Safe

Is Buying Links for your Website Safe

Many webmasters frequently get into discussions with one another about whether or not it’s safe to buy links from other webmasters. Now although the search engines frown upon this type of stuff it’s completely safe for you to buy links for your website. As long as you don’t make the links look unnatural then you’ll be completely fine in the search engines, but if you do have unnatural links then you could be looking at getting de-indexed from the search engines.

If you begin buying links in blog networks and other spammy areas of the internet then you’re going to be placing a risk on your website of being punished. I personally wouldn’t recommend buying blog network links that are all associated with each other because they’ll be deemed a link farm and your site will be punished for having a link on them. You should only spend money on links that will help your website increase in the search engines and also page rank. You should be looking for links with high page rank that will move you up for the keyword used as anchor text and also will help increase your sites page rank. You could also buy links with high traffic, but these are harder to find and most of the time the cost outweighs any potential profit you could make which is the point.

There are many forums where you’ll find people selling links on their blogs and websites. Both offer great links and you should try getting both blog and website links. Try to avoid sitewide links when you’re buying links because you don’t want it too appear like a bought link. Ask the owner of the website to place your link on the homepage only. You may also be able to find some webmasters selling links on inner pages of their blogs and websites, which are also great for buying as long as they have page rank. You should be able to pick these inner content links up for cheaper then homepage links as well, and they will send the same amount of link juice so it’s a great way too save some money and purchase more links with. If the page where your link is going doesn’t have page rank then it isn’t even worth looking at too buy because there won’t be any benefits from it.

You’ll also need to make sure that you’re checking out each individual website before you buy a link on it. You’re spending your hard earned money on links so you first want to make sure the person you’re buying the links from is trustworthy. Many people sell links on monthly and yearly terms, but then a week later the link will be taken down by them. Try to avoid these webmasters as there only a huge waste of time and never result in anything good. Things you should look for before buying a link on a website is things such as how many backlinks it has, the page rank of where your link will be, cost, is the domain dropped and what niche it is. Only ever buy links that are relevant with your website because the search engines give far more value to relevant links then links that are opposites of each other.

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