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Let me state right off, that I\’m not a marketing \’guru\’. In fact, I\’m not sure what a \’guru\’ is other than it sounds like a large hairy beast. Come to think of it, I guess I am a \’guru\’.

But back to the issue, when you first go on the web and begin checking out some sites, possibly some affiliate programs, most will state \’we have an automated marketing system that will do 99.5% of the work for you\’. Really? Then what do you need me for? Hmmm. What usually happens is you\’ll start marketing the same site that 10,000 other people are marketing on the Click or Hit Exchanges, Safelists, FFA Blasters, Auto-surf site, email-blasters, etc. etc.

From what I have experienced it seems that many people who have had some level of success with these types of programs, have created their own system or way of marketing the program that works great, but usually by the time you get around to using it again another 10,000 or so people are using it and it\’s power is diluted.

Another key factor is that many of the people who are successful have massive lists that they can market to which sort of guarantee\’s some degree of success. I am not knocking them in fact they have usually spent a good bit of time and money building these in-house lists.

The point is many of the programs make it seem as simple as breathing to be a success at Internet Marketing and they tend to fail to mention the talent, hard work, determination, and all the other factors that make someone successful at Internet Marketing. I wish it might be that easy, so then maybe I could be a \’guru\’.

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Bill works in the Healthcare field and has been involved in World wide web businesses for many years.
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