Internet Marketing – How to get an Internet Marketing Education Without Spending a Nickel

Do you want to create a passive income? Are you bewildered by all the educational Marketing products out there? Are you on a low budget or trying to escape from a massive debt load?

Well, I answered a large \”Yes!\” to all the above, especially, the last one

My job sucks. I can barely make ends meet and I have some medical problems which make a \”normal\” working lifestyle very difficult.

That\’s why I become an Affiliate. I refer people to a merchant\’s site and make a decent commission. I run ads on Google linked to the product.

It is a really easy way to make money but there is a learning curve involved. Without a solid understanding of World wide web marketing, pay-per-clicks and affiliate programs you could waste a lot of money. I did. At first. But, then I discovered a way to get a free education. You can do it, too.

Five Easy Steps to Valuable free Information

1. Search the net for marketing products in the areas you are interested in ie: Affiliate programs, Search Engine optimization, Keywords, website building etc.

2.Find the sign-up for their free newsletter or ezine. All the Marketing Pros have them (but you might have to allow popups on some sites)

3. Sign up for the ezine or join the affiliate programs.

4. Repeat the process.

5. Check your inbox.

Now, you might be thinking: \”Hold on a sec, there Dave! Aren\’t these guys just going to pitch the hell out of me for stuff I cannot afford? What is in it for me?\” All the Web Gurus have to face these questions everyday.

How do they stop people from unsubscribing? How do they keep them coming back?

Lots and lots of free stuff! They reward their readership on a regular basis because they know \”Buy! Purchase! Purchase!\” is not going to… sell.

I receive about 40 newsletters from the Uber Affiliates and the like. It\’s astonishing the amount of free info I have acquired. They give away reports and ebooks. They give away How-to\’s and tutorials. They give you free e-courses and informative interviews.

It\’s a great headstart on your new marketing career but they do not reveal everything. That\’s when you can judiciously spend your hard-earned dollars on some of their products. It has saved me thousands!

So, if you are a running on a shoe string, have the time to read and assimilate tons of good info, and are willing to separate the wheat from the chaff… this method is for you.

Oh, and you have to like get something for nothing. That is key. 😉

There is gold in them thar emails!

Why would anyone buy information or an ebook on the web when they can find it for free?

It takes time to search and acquire all this free information and, as they say: time is money.

If you find a product that will immediately provide you with the solutions you need (and you can afford it) I suggest you think about buying the information. I buy as many marketing ebooks as my budget grants.

About the Author

David Parton is an Outlaw Marketer Wanted in Four States…of Mind. He is the Publisher of the Outlaw Traffic Secrets Ezine and was Last spotted at his hideout:

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